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Heymix 65W 3 Port GaN Charger $32.99 (2C+1A Port) Delivered @ Au Select via Amazon AU


Delivery is free with orders over $39 (Note: $39 is the price before discount)

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Real product picture. size and certification


Tks for purchase. Maybe the FBA will out of stock today afternoon( Mar.12), But we will sell by FBM from our AU STOCK. It will dispatch in 3-5 days.

Tks very much.

#Mar 12th, 11:44 Pm International plug is out of AU stock… So can't be a gift after this time order. Pls Notice

45%OFF HEYMIX GaN 65W 3 Port GaN Charger (Black or White), SAA& RCM Certi, AU PLUG = $32.99 $59.99【Buy Now】

Pls confirm check with 45%OFF Coupon


  • 【One is Enough】Three devices can be charged quickly at the same time with 2 type c ports (Max 65W/65W) and one USB A port (Max 60W); Compatible with virtually any device, from Phone to Tablet to USB C Laptops and more. Suitable for working from home.

  • 【Universal Fast-Charging】With 65W high power output and quick charging protocols support for Apple/Samsung/Huawei/Xiaomi, this USB-c adapter charges your 13” MacBook Air to 100% in just 1.5 hours and iPhones 2.5 times faster than the industry standard.

  • 【Incredibly Small Volume】HEYMIX GaN tech concentrates 65W of powerful power in the compact size of a palm, which is 50% smaller than the old 65W charger, portable enough to carry anywhere. The streamlined Gallium Nitride power system ensures a smaller and lighter charger with higher charging efficiency.

  • 【Safe & Reliable】SAA and RCM approve. Built-in intelligent chip enables the smart adjustment of output voltage, current and power via HPS technology when multiple devices are charged at the same time, higher charge conversion efficiency, lower temperature, and safe for use.

  • 【What You Get】HEYMIX 65W Two-Port Mini Quick Travel Charger with AU. 30-Day Money-Back and 180-Day Free Replacement. Notice: The Heymix GaN Charger may compatibility with more than 95% of devices. Some device manufacturers before 2018 include their own charging encryption protocols. we have perfect aftermarket service, u can free return and full money back. If u have some problem while using, Pls contact us and we will improve our product.


C1 C2 A
65W X X
X 65W X
X X 60W
40W 20W(FOR IPHONE 12) X
40W X 22.5W
40W 5V2.2A 5V2.2A

Notice: The Heymix GaN Charger may compatibility with more than 95% of devices, Some device manufacturers before 2018 include their own charging encryption protocols. Some devices will not get full power delivery or can not charge at the same time by 2 ports. If you have some problem while using, Pls contact us and we will improve our product. We have perfect aftermarket service, u can free return and full money back. Pls Charging with an e-mark or good quality PD cable.

Currently not supported: Lenovo Thinkpad Carbon, Lenovo X1, Unofficially PD adapter cable


【New Arrival 12%OFF = $40.47】60W 5-Port (1C4A) 60W Charging Station + 1.5-meter Detachable Power Cord with AU-Plug (SAA Certified)

Pls confirm check with $10 Coupon

Space Saver: This USB Charging Station helps save space at work or home, organizing and charging multiple devices with efficient amp support.

  • One for all: Multi-Port Charging: 5 ports pump out 60W of power, Turbo Charging Tech max to 78W (device low power only) — enough for the whole family to simultaneously charge Laptop or Smart devices at the highest speed possible. Universal 100V-240V AC input ensures the wall charger connects even when you’re traveling abroad.

  • Super Powerful: Fastest Charging Technology QC 3.0 + USB PD: The newest USB charging technology allows charging up to 4 times faster than standard chargers (up to 85% in 30 minutes). Charge any USB C device at top speeds with the Power Delivery port (Max: 60W), while 1 QC3.0 fast charge port (Max: 18W). 3 Intelligent identification of charging port, max output 2.4A, could charge all 5V like iPhone/iPad/Samsung Tablet/Power Bank, etc. at full speed.

  • Fully Protected: Certificated by UL/FCC/CE/RoHS/Intertek/SAA. Protection systems for charging overnight: Over current protection, over-temperature protection, short circuit protection, heavy-load protection, over-voltage protection, automatic recovery, let you charge with total peace of mind.

  • What You Get:1 x 60W 5-Port USB Charging Station, 1 x 1.5-meter Detachable Power Cord (SAA Certificated), 1 x User Guide. 30-Day Money-Back and 60-Day Free Replacement.


Best price every day, Good performance, Fast delivery & Easy return via Amazon service. There is nothing to worry about.VIEW STORE FOR MORE

  • Best price in Amazon AU
  • Amazon AU STOCK
  • Free postage via Amazon Prime
  • Any problem easy return in 30 days & full money back, 60 Days free replacement

If have any questions or any problem with products, Pls leave a message to me or contact us by Email, [email protected]. We will reply it in 24 hours.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • +1

    Don't know if this charger is good or not. It has GaN so going to purchase and see if it is good. Let's hope it supports super fast charging on Samsung.

    • i'm interesting to know if this will do super fast for samsung. Specs list pd 3.0 and PPS so am hopeful, but have bought others from amazon with that claim and they couldn't do super fast.
      Please update us if it works

      • +1

        It super fast charges my S21 Ultra.

  • +3

    These are great chargers, bought the last one, this one has an extra UsbC port, should be good

  • Will it be safer use this to charge Samsung Note10+?

    • +7

      probably safer than charging a Samsung Note 7 with it

  • Hey Rep - I ordered this 10 days ago for $41ish - anyway to get difference refunded?

    Yep this is a great charger - It's like an elongated phone charger (so slightly awkward but still heaps more travel compatible) but I've PD charged a pixel 3 and an iphone simultaneously or a macbook and a phone and handles both really well!

    • +1

      Pls contact me with order

      • I bought the one with 2 ports at 38.99 last week, can I but this instead and return the first one?

        • +1

          Pls leave a private message to me with order number

          • @auselect: The first order that I made? Or with the new one?

            • +1

              @AirJordan23: Order the new one?
              If not, leave the older order.
              If order the new one, two order number pls

  • Thanks, bought one lets hope it works well.

  • +1

    I just called Amazon about your product. Stopped charging my lenovo two days ago, was delivered on 29/12/2020 and hasn't even last three months.

    I had to fight Amazon for a return and refund.
    To the others, I would cancel and get something better quality.

    • Unfortunately like the vast majority of stuff these days, it's a China rebrand. These guys obviously aren't an OEM.

      I personally prefer quality, but the vast majority of people don't. You either spend $60 on an anker, or this for $30. Most people roll the dice and buy this.

      • +2

        Yes and no. I agree on your stance but —-

        Yes, it's a Chinese rebrand. I bought this from AliExpress too from — was about $18.75 USD ($25 AUD) pre-tax pre-forex-fee. I had to wait over a month and half to receive without tracking and there is no Australian consumer electronics testing/standards clearance.

        So at $32.99 that is tracked & delivered in days not months, with assurance that if there's electrical fault as it's sold through Amazon Australia & an Australian company, you are covered for an additional $8.

        I agree Anker is a quality product — but when you buy from Anker from Amazon, what makes you so sure you'll be getting an original Anker anyhow? Doubt anyone will take the time to ripoff HEYMIX as there's no concurrent listings/3rd parties, no shared inventory pool.

        • -1

          Did you notice the name of this brand? FUKABO 😟

          • @jcaust: Some prefer FUKABO, and some prefer to be an Anker.

      • +7

        I personally prefer quality, but the vast majority of people don't. You either spend $60 on an anker, or this for $30. Most people roll the dice and buy this.

        I think confirmation bias plays a role. Someone might read that one report above by he11bent and assume that Heymix failures are higher than average, even though there's no data to back that up. They just assume cheap = crap so clearly this cheap one is crap.

        Anker costs more so it must be good, right? There are plenty of faulty Anker chargers as well, but if you've already made up in your mind that Anker is better, you'd ignore all those reports and still think Anker is superior.

        I'm not vouching for this charger as I haven't used it myself, I'm just pointing out that we can't conclude that this charger is crap based on one user report.

        • Oh for sure! Every bit of electronics is susceptible to failure, and it's really impossible to know failure rates without having access to a company's QA data.

          With just using representative names, I was just saying that people prefer to pay less. I mean it's more complex than that too, "too cheap" is a thing also, but yeah.

          As a company auselect are pretty great at service too. One of thier docks blew up my charger, so they gave me a new dock and new charger!

      • I want sth to charge a surface laptop 3 with the usbc. What would work well, and what type of usbc cable do I need?

    • Thats a bit concerning, as I just placed my order. What Lenovo did you have, was it one of the ones (Thinkpad Carbon, Lenovo X1) mentioned by the OP?

      • Lenovo Yoga 730 13IKB
        Worked well till two days ago when it stopped charging it. Took the laptop home and worked fine with the original charger.

        • sorry to hear the news, amazon are normally quite good with their refunds/returns.

          • @ShootingStar3388: If you see how often I order from Amazon. Yet that was a first, had to tell them that they fulfilled it, Australian Warranty laws apply regardless.

        • Is the charger totally dead (ie doesn’t charge any other type of USB-C device) or just not compatible with Lenovo? /curious

          • @tommypickles: Won't charge my Lenovo at all and my S21+ is just normal charging. Have tried other USBC cables as well just to make sure.

            • @he11bent: Ah that sucks :( sorry to hear. Must be weird that it works then doesn’t, especially if it seems to continue to still function albeit limited for other devices.

              Sounds like it’s a good opportunity for OP to receive your faulty unit and do a diagnosis and/or update their description.

    • Thanks for a genuine feedback

    • It does state in the original posting "Currently not supported: Lenovo Thinkpad Carbon, Lenovo X1, Unofficially PD adapter cable"

      ie. Yes, check the description to ensure device compatibility.

      • Except mine are none of those listed. And as I said, it was charging it fine till two days ago. I plugged in my S21+ plus and noticed it's not Super Fast Charging anymore as well.

    • What do you mean by having to fight amazon for a return?
      if it's faulty you just say it's faulty. Are you saying they were questioning you about whether your product really was faulty or not?
      i've never had that happen

      • +1

        They tried telling me that the time period to return the item has expired, I couldn't.
        Had to then bluntly tell them it falls under Australian Warranty laws, that the product is faulty.

        The guy then goes off the phone, comes back and spouts bulsshit that they'll make a one time exception and they'll send me a return QR Code, which I have received.

        I get about 1-4 boxes a week on average from Amazon, have been a Prime member the day they offered it, so this was rather surprising BS to go through.

    • Mine lasted 2 weeks. I’ve just contacted OP and about to arrange a return via Amazon.

  • +4

    OP, What happened to the 100W GaN you were about to advertise on special?

    • +1

      That was for a cable if I'm reading correctly.

  • Does it have international adapters or just the AU one?

    • The travel set with adapters costs a bit more

    • The one i got from the last deal has a folding Type A plug with a (good firm) Aussie plug adaptor that clips on.

      • Yes, I also have the Baseus GaN 65W charger.

        Form factor is about the same as this Heymix, but the included adapters and the way they snap into the body directly is leaps and bounds better than just putting a generic AU adaptor on the Baseus' USA folding pins.

  • What usb c cable is needed to send 65w?

    • +1

      Normal 3A enough. 20V3A=60W

      100W must 5A USB C cable. 20V5A=100W. 100W cable must pass by E-MARK

  • Would this be able to utilize Oneplus Nord's WARP/ Super VOOC charge? Supposedly the phone can charge at 65w

  • Do you have the 2C+1A Port that comes with international adapter? I can only see the 1C+1A with international adapters.

    • The link is 2C+1A Port Charger

      • +1

        Yea, so 2C+1A only with AU plug. No international plugs? Do you have 2C+1A option with international plugs?

        • Uh…it's on the way. Maybe wait for 2 weeks.

          • @auselect: can I order 2C+1A now and get the international plugs later?

            • +1

              @wombat9119: OK mate. I will send you the international plugs in 2 weeks. Pls leave a private message with the order number. I will mark it.

              • @auselect: Looks like I just saw this message and missed the promo. Tough luck.

              • @auselect: Looks like I just missed the promo. Its expired. No luck for me

              • @auselect: International plugs….out of au stock. Tks for all

          • @auselect: @auselect: I'd also be very interested in this!

            • @rockpapercannon: OK mate. I will send you the international plugs in 2 weeks. Pls leave a private message with the order number. I will mark it.

              • @auselect: Awesome. Just ordered it and sent you a private message. Many thanks.

              • @auselect: Hi AuSelect, am interested as well.
                Have sent my order numbers as well to you.
                Thanks a lot.

          • @auselect: @auselect: I'm interested in this and will send you a PM with my order number too - thanks!

        • @ausselect, I've just ordered and I too would like to take advantage of the international plugs. I'll send you a private message with my order number. Thanks

  • I had quite loud coil whine from the charger when I was using it to charge a macbook pro. Also seems to drop out every now and then.

    • We are so sry about the problem.
      Maybe some problem with the charger. Pls leave a private message to me. Free return or replacement in 180days. :)

  • So no issues using this for iPhone XR?

    • +3

      No problem.
      Don't like = free return in 30days.
      Any problem = free replacement in 180days

      • +1

        Hey OP, I guess warranty laws don't apply after 180 days yeah?

        • +1

          Although 180days :) But in OZB, contact me in 365 days will ok.

        • -2

          He said 'don't like it', that is change of mind not warranty

          • +1

            @teacherer: Did you even read the third line?
            That's not change of mind situation, that's problem situation.

            • @he11bent: Here's a direct quote

              Don't like = free return in 30days.

              I believe not liking something is change of mind.

              I was clearly referring to the comment from auselect

              • +1

                @teacherer: and I was clearly referring to the 180 days that the OP thinks applies for warranty only.
                Which is patently false.

  • +6

    45% off is a bit of a stretch. CCC shows a jump from a base price of $47 to $60, so more like a 30% discount. May still be a good deal, but negging for the shoddy practice.

  • Hi, code 45%OFF says Invalid? Can you check again please?

    • Coupon out of stock. Pls wait…..reload.

    • I just missed the promo as well

      • reload….pls wait 5 - 10mins

  • Gone?

    I see the full price…

    • reload….pls wait 5 - 10mins

  • It's coming up as $59.99 for me. How do I get the discounted price?

    • Coupon out of stock.
      Reload. Pls wait 5-10mins.

      • Still showing $59.99 for me

        • +1

          Amazon still under review promotion. Pls wait

        • +1

          back 2 stock

      • any update?

        • Amazon still under review promotion. Pls wait. I will leave the message to you

        • back 2 stock

    • +1

      Coupon now available. Get in before it goes OOS again.

  • back 2 stock

  • -1

    Maybe not a fair comparison because of the price difference but This one at $46 seems better to me:

    CHOETECH vs unknown brand
    5 ports vs 3 ports
    QC3.0 vs no QC

    • +2

      Not the same thing.

      This one is a charging station. not wall charger.

      We also have one pls see 【this】

      Choetech: 5 Port / C port =30W / 3A+ QC3.0
      Our Brand: 5 Port / C port =60W / 3A+ QC3.0, Turbo Charging max to 78w total.

      By the way. Our 3 port GaN charger support QC3.0.

      Our brand also approved by UL/SAA/TUV.

      And also we are the new brand and very careful about the customer satisfation.

      • +2

        Thanks OP for clarification, seems like a good deal now :)

      • Actually may I ask the difference between charging station and wall charger?

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