How to get notifications?

Hey all

I'm sure there must be a way, but I can't find it.

I have my android phone on me all day, but work prevents me from looking at it every 10 minutes unfortunately. I'm on the lookout for a Sony Tv deal at the moment, and missed a couple in past few days. Often by the time I look deal has expired or out of stock 3 hours.

Is there a way to get proper android notifications
As in when deal with words I have taggged comes on, phone goes Bing!!

I've read articles that talk about this, but no solution. Appreciate any suggestions or instructions you can offer.


    1. Search for the term you want to be alerted of, eg Sony KD75X9000H. This part is important, if you make the search too broad you will get unrelated notifications, if you make the search too specific you may miss alerts you want.
    2. Click '! Create Alert'
    3. Ensure you have 'web' clicked for event alerts here. (I can see you already have that set)
    4. Download the official OzBargain App
    5. Login to the OzBargain App and you will now receive your OzBargain notifications via Push Notifications on your phone.
  • I've found this app to work well for specific sites if the price changes you get a notification.

    As far as ozb, I think you can subscribe to stores or even keywords. I'm not sure exactly how you would do it, but I have had emails for the term 'ready made meals' with deals for youfoodz etc.

    Edit: Worked it out. Go to the search box. Enter your search term. Click on create alert. make sure is set to email not web in settings.

  • You could get a smartwatch and just read your notifications on the watch face. People will think you're just checking the time. And when you check notifications while in company people will think you need to leave soon, so it has some other benefits too.

  • You can get an rss feed and then use some kind of app to get notifications

  • Set up email notifications for search alerts. You can toggle it on under My Account>Subscriptions>Events. Although I don't think it's instant.

  • What is the difference between search alter with :ozdeal vs the one without?

    • ':ozdeal' will only search deal posts, one without will search everything (including forum posts and competitions).

  • Thank you so much. But my app notification does not work, email notification does.

    • In your subscriptions tab you need to turn on web instead of or as well as email, to receive those notifications via OzBargain. Currently your event notifications, which include search alerts, are set to email only.

      • Thank you so much. Now the hot deals do not get notification. Is that normal?

  • Thank you for this great response. Quite a bit to digest.

    I've just downloaded the Ozb app, the specific search criteria looks really promising as there are a few specific things I'm after. I can put quite specific criteria

    And I get so many notifications from lots of apps on my phone, I think this weekend I need to cull a lot so I am motivated to look when I get a notification. Then the idea of that notification on my Fitbit
    Brilliant. A productive weekend coming up I think.

    Thanks again. Really appreciate the responses.