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[PC] Twitch - Free - Blasphemous/Bomber Crew Deluxe Ed./Tengami/Boomerang Fu/SkyDrift (Prime subscription requ.) - Prime Gaming


More great games claimable for free for those of you that have Twitch/Prime Gaming subscription.


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  • Thanks Lysander, Bomber Crew is a great game. I have the standard version on Steam

    • Yeah, the little bits I played were great fun. I like the fact it does not take itself too seriously and the graphics are pretty cute.

  • They look like 'mobile style games'

  • Nice, blasphemous is legit af

  • Most games on there are rubbish but Blasphemous is a fantastic Metroidvania title. Highly recommended!

    • They've had some decent games in the past, it seems to run about 20% are worth downloading

      Looking through my library, I've got

      • Darksiders
      • Darksiders II
      • Devil May Cry HD Collection
      • Enter the Gungeon
      • Hotline Miami
      • Overcooked
      • Oxenfree
      • Pillars of Eternity
      • Psychonauts
      • Shadow Tactics: Blades of the Shogun
      • Sherlock Holmes: The Devil's Daughter
      • Civ 4 - Complete Edition
      • Stealth Bastard
      • SteamWorld Dig
      • SteamWorld Dig 2
      • SteamWorld Heist
      • Superhot
      • Tales from the Borderlands
      • Banner Saga
      • Banner Saga 2
      • The Escapists
      • Tyranny
      • Void Bastards
      • Yooka-Laylee
      • Yooka-Laylee and the Impossible Lair

      (and over 200 games that I didn't list)

      Obviously some older games there, and may not be to everyone's taste, but as an add on to a service you've presumably got for other reasons it's nice to have

      • Are you talking about the free games from Epic ??

        I haven't seen any of those from Prime Gaming, most of the stuff they give away is D-grade and doesn't even have a positive rating on Steam.

        • No.

          Every single one of the games I listed has been given away with Twitch/Prime Gaming.

          I know the perception is that most of their games are not that good, and it is true to an extent, but they do include decent stuff from time to time.

  • Boomerang Fu was in a recent Humble Choice. It's a great couch coop/vs game, lots of laughs.

    • ~did you get it for pc or console? if the former, how is it with pc controls? Cos I was excited for overcooked then felt it was very awkward on pc…

      • Indeed. I'm looking for a good deal for OC2 on either console now.

      • Buy a controller maybe? Can be useful for a bunch of games. If you have any old console controllers around there may be options to get them working with a PC.

      • PC but I play via Steam Link on my TV with two xbox 360 controllers and a PS3 controller. I couldn't say if the kbm controls were any good, sorry.

  • Got me all 7 games, cheers op!