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Mr & Mrs Mill Coffee Capsule: 1 Tray (120 Capsule) $40, 2 Trays (240 Capsule) $75 + $9.95 Delivery @ K-Fee


Excellent value. Sale Now On.

Any tray (120 capsules) Now $40. Was $71.88.
Any 2 trays (240 capsules) Now $75. Was $143.76

Single origin or tempting blends for your K-fee Capsule Machines. Aldi Expressi machine compatible.
Runout stock with batch expiry April 2021. Only while stocks last. Offer expires on 14/3/21.

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    Aldi capsules are $6 for 16 capsules (37.5 cents each). Yours are 33.3 cents (4.2 cents) cheaper but only one month until expiry (most likely best before and just won’t be as fresh). I’d need to be drinking 4 coffees per day (or two each if you have a drinking partner) to save $5. This is even before any delivery costs ($9.95 for Sydney metro) which wipes out any savings and costs more. I’d need a much bigger saving to buy any over the Aldi capsules.

    • Aldi also do bulk packs (6x16 capsules), which are even cheaper! (Don’t remember how much - wife is the one who drinks them, but is currently on decaf)

      • the bulk packs are (16x6) $29.99 when they are released.

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