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10% off Kayo Sports, Binge & Spotify Gift Cards @ Australia Post


Came across this on the Australia Post website, 10% off Kayo Sports, Binge and Spotify gift cards.

Just grabbed one from the local store. Looks like it can be purchased online as well with free shipping.

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  • Can u combine this with the telstra deal

    • So pay $4.50 per month instead of $5 ?

      What a cheapskate…

      I like your thinking…

    • Yep. I'm on the $15/month deal via Telstra and my subscription has just been coming off the gift card balance.

      • +1 vote

        You should switch to the $5/month deal…

        • Pray tell how!? I'm on Boost and I just can not get it to work!

        • Don't think I'm eligible unfortunately, I never had the NRL or AFL Live Pass service. Sad times

          • +3 votes

            @Super Saiyan:

            I never had the NRL or AFL Live Pass service.

            Have you tried?

            I know someone on Telstra mobile postpaid who didn't have AFL live, but still got the deal.

            The activated from their phone, with wifi off, and selected 'use phone' to activate the deal.
            The chose to pay be credit card so it didn't go through Telstra billing.

            • @jv: Well that definitely sounds promising. Cheers mate, will give it a go tonight

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                @Super Saiyan: Just click on the link from the original post deal using 4G on your phone.
                Select activate by phone (not Telstra account)
                and cross your fingers.

            • @jv: I did "the method", removed Kayo, turned off wifi and went to the link. Never even asked me to log in, just said "you are not eligible" and there is no option to use phone number. Unless I am doing something very wrong, its no dice.

              • @jaymzrsa: Sounds like you were already logged into the Telstra account.

                Maybe clear all cookies in your browser, and remove Kayo and AFL app if you have it installed.

                • @jv: Did it in incognito :-(

                  Edit: Tried with my wife phone too. Does not work, it does use the phone number without you having to ask it now. Guess I'm just one of the unlucky Boosters

      • Can you just get a telstra sim to get access to the $15 month, and then just pay for it with cards on Kayo?

        I have an optus account, but I would get a telstra sim for a month or 2 if it dropped the price of Kayo down for the year.

    • So annoyed with myself for not signing up to that deal. I recently switched to the kogan after getting that cheap 90day sim-card. A few days ago I remembered the Kayo deal, and tried logging into my telstra plus to activate the Kayo offer, only to realise I was no longer a telstra customer. Grrr.

      • Grrr.

        Do you have a friend or relative on Telstra mobile who don't want Kayo?

        Just activate through their phone but set up the account under your name with your credit card.

  • Deviating a bit here, but has anyone been able to confirm whether Kayo is quota free on Telstra?

    • -1 vote

      I don't think so.

      Why would it be?

      • Because AFL Live and NRL Live were unmetered for Telstra/Boost users and Telstra is providing Kayo as a replacement for AFL/NRL Live.

        • Telstra have always had offers for Kayo, but it's never been unmetered…

  • What precisly have you tried as im on boost and was able to get the $5 a month deal?

  • Is there any way to get spotify cheaper than buying discount cards?

    I have seen previously people using vpn and setting up paypal accounts overseas but I think this loop has been closed by the 14 day os thing Spotify introduced.

    • Just join as a family with 6 in total brings the price down.

    • I am still using Indian premium Spotify family account.

    • I used the YouTube VPN Argentina tip. YouTube has its own music app, which I now use instead of Spotify. So for $1.69, I get their music app plus YouTube premium which I use as a podcast app effectively.

      There are some Spotify exclusives that you won’t get (e.g. Joe Rogan) but between the above and Apple’s podcast app, I have enough music and podcasts for my needs.

    • used a VPN to signup to a Phillipines PayPal account and then got a Philippines Spotify account.

  • $100 Kayo cards were $85 last time I was at Costco.

    • Which Costco?

      • Docklands, but I would be surprised if it wasn't all of them.

        • Moorabbin had them for 85 the other day when I went in.

          I'll be going in to get one this week, but keep in mind if you use the Herald Sun trick to get it for $200 then you can use 1x$100 ($85) voucher and you have to pay the rest by card.

  • To those learning about Telstra's $15/month deal here, it is indicated on their page as applying to "Telstra consumer customers" - but no, it's only post-paid.

    Fortunately Kayo point this out on their page (thank you), otherwise I would have probably gone through 4 chat bots and 5 assistants working out why it it was failing. I was ineligible with both pre-paid and home phone accounts - meaning I must be a Telstra business customer.

  • Does anyone know if the Spotify giftcards can be used to pay for a family subscription?

    • I'm pretty sure you can. On the Spotify screen there is a redeem option

      • +2 votes

        It didn’t used to be allowed for family - I was wondering the same thing but from reading the Spotify forums the redeem button will let you redeem a gift card, but only allow it to be used if you downgrade to a single account.

    • The Card is redeemable for full price standalone Premium subscription months only via spotify.com and cannot be redeemed for discounted or group subscriptions (such as student discounts, trial offers, Premium for families, or offers combining Premium with other companies’ products or services).