Is There a Good Adaptor for M.2 NVMe SSD?

Finally, I bought a Samsung 970EVO Plus M.2 NVMe SSD. Now I found out that my old mobo doesn't has M.2 key. Any suggestion ? Thanks.

I have an extra PCI slot, would something like this be suitable Silverstone M.2 NVMe SSD NGFF to PCIe x4

UPDATE: Got the adaptor, plus it in my PC recognize it straight away. Do some double check from this post Turn out my mobo already in Intel Management Engine (ME) Version 8.1. Will clone the OS to new drive and see if I can boot from it. The BIOS from the post is different than mine, so I went to ASUS site and get a latest possible BIOS update.
No success so far …


  • return it.

    • Already open the box …

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      return it.

      I thought, like underwear, you can't return memory after the package has been opened…

      • With underwear there's a reason for that - other than being arseholes, does the ACL actually let them pull that shit with a SSD?

        Surely if they won't refund the OP could still exchange for a SATA drive?

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          does the ACL actually let them pull that shit with a SSD?

          I wouldn't want to buy an SSD that somebody had already opened.

          There no telling where it could have been…

          • @jv: Certainly, not hasnt been in my underwear … Geez jv

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    something like this or this?

    • How about the one I list up there, I want to utilized its speed too.

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        That should work fine

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          The first one you linked to is NVME to U.2, which is for enterprise level boards. Very doubtful that OP has U.2 on his motherboard.

          The second one you linked to is NVME to SATA, so the drive would be severely bandwidth limited.

          OP needs NVME M.2 M-key to PCI-E.

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              @frewer: Yeah it'll work fine, it's an M.key NVME to PCI-E 4x adapter so you will get the full speed.

              It is 3x the cost of the one I use and linked to below before postage, so you can save a bit of coin going the cheapest option. The cheapest option is fine because all the adapter is, is pass through wires. There's no active electronics on the board, the NVME drive communicates directly with your motherboard PCIE lanes.

              Have a look at the spare PCI-E slots on your motherboard. If there's one with 16x lanes then cheaper one will work fine. If you only have a 1-4x slot available then you will need to get an adapter like the one you linked to.

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    I used this

    This will get you the full speed and it's 3x cheaper than the one at mwave.

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    You may want to double check that your board can support booting off PCIe/NVMe adapter if you intend to use it for boot drive because I believe some boards don't support this

    • Uh oh, that is what Im intending to do, how do I check this ?!?

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