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Asus ROG Strix G17 17.3" 1080p IPS 144hz, i7-10750H, 16GB, RTX2070, 512GB SSD, Gaming Laptop $1949 Del @ Shopping Express

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  • Good to see 17" gaming laptops finally coming down in price. The only contender I'd say would be Dell G7 17, with it's checkered history..

  • Is this better or Dell G7 17?

    • seem to be more expensive than the G7 and have to flock out extra to get a webcam….. just my take

    • Better then Dell in absolutely every way possible, not to mention overheating and meltdown of the Dell.

      • What possible way? The specs seems similar. I do have a G7 since 3 month but haven't faced overheating yet. Just for my knowledge before I recommend this over G7.

    • Warranty for this is 2 yrs, G7 for 1 year

      • Not sure if it's 2 years, purchased the same model but 15.6 from Harvey and they told me 1 year only.

        • wish I could attach a screenshot - noted as "2 Years Limited Manufacturer Warranty" in the listing under 'warranty' tab

        • Asus always has 2 year warranty in AU. For Dell, please correct me if I am wrong, they still need to follow the Australia Consumer Law which laptop has at least 2 years warranty but Dell would not provide tech support for the 2nd year.

    • Both laptops g7 and g17 have same specs. One thing which is most inconvenient in asus is lack of webcam. Heating and performance wise asus is better. Sub 2K makes it tempting but again lack of webcam a big turn down for me. Probably will wait for gigabyte g7 to drop.

  • Anyone looking for Flow X13 ? When its coming to Australia ? Any detailed reviews for thermals especially ?

    • IMO, for 1650 TI, thermals is not that important. I am a bit more concern about the external graphic box which I think only have PCIE 3.0?

  • Not bad… not bad at all. That's a lot of grunt in a sub $2k 17" laptop.

  • Looks like an awesome deal to me! Have been seriously considering this laptop over the past day or so. It gets mostly really good reviews.

    I was originally keen on getting the Dell G7 but read too many reviews saying that it gets really hot and the frame rate drops to 10fps when playing games even after the bios update. Seems a bit too much hit and miss to me.

    I have also been considering spending a bit more to get the Alienware M17 R3 but not sure if it is worth the nearly 3k price tag? Although it is on sale at 35% off so $4499 originally. But the specs on the Rix G7 are pretty much the same.

    • Nothing from Alienware is "worth it" mate. Spec to spec, I can't recall the last time Alienware (Dell in a different case) was ever decent value.

  • Would it be better to wait for this laptop with the 3060? I read somewhere that the RTX 2070 is more or less the same as the 3060 performance-wise anyway so it seems like it would be best to go with the 2070 rather than wait for a more expensive gpu that may only be marginally better. I will be using it for light gaming anyway so id imagine that the 2070 would be more than capable for my needs.

    Im looking at playing games like Dirt Rally 2, mxgp, Need for speed, GTA. How would the 2070 handle these games?

    On another note, the only minor con and it is pretty minor with the strix G17 is that the keyboard is quite deep compared to other laptops. There is a fair gap between the edge of the laptop (or the front) and the keyboard. Again it is pretty minor and certainly not a deal-breaker. It is still an awesome looking laptop that I'm seriously considering buying.

    • Wouldn't the keyboard to edge size be because of the 17" screen? Unless they gave you bigger keys (which would be horrendous to relearn touch typing), I can't see them eliminating that edge space….unless they go the Omen second screen route but not for sub $2k

  • How does the Strix G17 compare to this MSI laptop? Pretty much the same specs and price.


  • I have this laptop. Bought just under two years ago for around $3k. This model has a newer CPU than mine. It's great value for money. I use it for high end graphics playback and video mapping. Have had it running 5 x 4K layers + FX + two 4K outputs and an NDI decode and it still performs. The cooling system is great. Never any issues with it overheating or throttling performance because of heat.

  • Would this laptop be ok to have on my lap while watching videos etc. I tend to sit up in bed with it on my lap to do basic things like emails, youtube etc. It wouldn't get too hot would it?