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Boost Mobile $300 Prepaid Starter Kit 12 Month Plan $243 Delivered @ Cellmate


Great price for this starter kit at $57 less than the original price of $300

Plenty of payment options accepted too with PayPal, Afterpay, Latitude, Zip, Laybuy, and POLI.

If you require the SIM urgently, please consider using express postage at an additional cost

Sim cards have an expiry of more than 1.5 years

This deal is for customers activating a new number or porting across from another carrier.

-240GB Data
-12 months expiry from the date of activation
-Unlimited standard calls & texts
-Unlimited standard international calls & texts to 20 selected destinations:
(Canada, China, France, Germany, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Ireland, Japan,Malaysia, New Zealand, Philippines, Singapore, South Africa, South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, United Kingdom, USA, Vietnam)
-3600 standard minutes to 30 selected destinations:
(Afghanistan, Austria, Bangladesh, Brazil, Cambodia, Chile, Colombia,
Denmark, Finland, Greece, Iran, Iraq, Israel, Italy, Kuwait, Mexico,
Nepal, Netherlands, Norway, Pakistan, Peru, Poland, Qatar, Romania,
Saudi Arabia, Serbia, Spain, Sri Lanka, Sweden, UAE)

More information on the plan can be found by clicking the link below

With Boost you’ll get 3G and 4G coverage on the Telstra Mobile Network.

Friends if we run out of stock please subscribe to the product and get notified when stock becomes available.

We thank you once again for your continued support

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  • Do these come with the bonus data promo I saw the other day 80gb extra approx?

    • +1

      Bonus data offer finished on 1st March

  • +2

    This is for new users. I bought a $200 sim and was able to get in touch with support team and asked them if they could add that money to my existing account, and it took them like 10 minutes for the whole process. No need to port out and back in.

    • +9

      Yes we are aware that in certain cases Boost has done it however its not guaranteed as we know that certain customers have been refused as well so we request you not to rely on it

      • Sure, i was just posting my experience. It's worth a try before going through all the hassle of porting out/in.

        • Try setting up the sim you have.
          You may find the $200 credit still there on the starter pack

          • @Rrpnothanx: And that's why they are being told not to do it

            • @Tleyx: Hehe.
              Boost didn't even ask for the new simcard serial number when I tried this a few years back.
              Thus I activated the starter pack for my parents.
              Worked a charm.

    • Port out and back in. Keep number and get bonus data. Piss easy.

    • my current boost plan expires in April. Is leftover data retained or lost?

      • +1

        In my case it was lost. But before doing the process, i also contacted tech support and asked them to transfer my leftover data to my wife (also on boost mobile) so maybe before hers expires i will go the inverse prices

  • Are you able to send me a photo of the sim before posting? My plan finishes on March 6th and would like to try and get Boost to simply add the value to the account

    • +1

      Unfortunately we cannot do that however you can choose express and we shall send it out today itself and you should get it by the 6th of March however we cannot guarantee that Boost will let you use it as a recharge
      of late plenty of customers have been refused and we wouldnt advise you

      • Just adding my experience that they were happy to move my service to the new sim via online chat on Feb 25th. I was ready to argue that the sim packaging doesn't say it is for new services only and I thought it was a recharge, but there was no need; they did it no questions asked.

        • +1

          Same here, i had a whole story all made up about but they didn't even ask.

          • @gonzule: My mother called up and had a terrible experience with the call centre representative who was incredibly rude and belittling to her. Fortunately I was able to go on to the online chat in the morning and it was all done in about 5mins and couldn't have been any easier. I found it would never connect to anyone in the evening so I would say try the online chat in the morning (I had very little to no wait time). I think that the online chat uses the Telstra customer service where the boost potentially have the call centre based on my experience.

            • @zippyzedx: Ahhh, yes, i also did it through the online chat, they were super friendly. Good catch!

  • Thanks OP, bought one.

    • Thank you. We appreciate your support of a small business

  • Are you thought of as a 'new customer' only if you dont already have a phone number active with Boost?
    Reason being I have my daughters phone (but registered in my name) under Boost & want to sign my sons phone over to Boost (but it would be in my name as they are both under 16) Hopefully this makes sense???

  • Hello Ellen

    Please pm us your contact number and we shall call you to explain

    If your son is not with Boost mobile then yes you can port him over even though you already have a number with boost

    For eg an individual can have any number of prepaid mobiles registered under their name as long as the correct id is provided

    • Ah excellent makes sense thank you appreciate the response

      • Most welcome

  • Do you have a deal for the $180 12mth starter kit, by any chance?

    • Yes we do but not here atm

      • +2

        Any idea when pls rep?

    • +2

      This is what I'm waiting for too.

  • Bought one, thanks OP,

    • We thank you for your business and support

  • Just want to clarify.. Looking at https://boost.com.au/plans/#Long-Expiry

    • This one represents $300 same pack? and I can port out and port back in after a day(?) to reuse it?
    • There is a comment above about $180 12 month pack but website only has $200 pack with 95 GB data (30GB + bonus 65GB) ? So is that still there as some were suggesting a deal finished on 1st March (could be different)

    Just interested in 12 month pack and trying to decide which way to go..

    • Actually, you have a point. The Boost website front-page is confusing.
      On one line it says "95GB=$180 12 month SIM".
      Then on the next line, it says "95GB for $200. That's 7GB for $17 p/m"
      Boost don't know themselves what's going on.

  • What’s the cheapest 12 months pack that you offer, I just need calls and texts.

  • Thanks OP, purchased.

    • Thank you

  • +1

    Boost operators have the worst customer service experience.

    • Agreed. If it works, its best value service, but if you need any support, then its a PITA.

      • Yeah but after their experience I wouldn't want to go back!

  • Hi! If I am porting over from Telstra, will I randomly be disconnected or will I be disconnected once I activate the sim? Thank you!

    • Nothing will happen till the sim card comes. Then you follow the instructions and you call their activation team and they switch you over from Telstra, for me it worked straight away once I called them with the SIM card.

    • From my experience cutovers can generally take up to 24hrs on a business day. Sometimes they're delayed if personal information does not match from boost end and Telstra's end.

  • will boost be getting 5G, unsure as might get 5G phone in future

    • +1

      Don't expect it any time soon.

    • 5G isn't that amazing.

      I'm usually the first to get on the latest and greatest, my whole house is already using wifi 6 etc but I'm not convinced it's worth paying extra for devices and then for the service. I find 4G works amazing for 1440p videos on my phones, hell even 4k youtube works ok on 4G.

      If I was trying to play esports games and needed low latency and I was tethering my desktop to my phone 5G might make a difference, but I'm not doing that.

      Your situation is obviously different to mine, but I would advise most people to NOT shell out more money for a 5G device or plan.

      • Not amazing? I noticed my Optus phone went into a 5G area last week and I ran a speedtest. Result was 868Mpbs down and 88.5Mpbs up….compared to the usual 40Mpbs down I get. Now that is definitely amazing.

        • What wud u do with that speed mate that u cant with the 4g?just curious.

  • Any issues to expect if porting over from Telstra Prepaid?

  • Hi OP, any chance there'll be an upcoming deal for the $200 Boost SIM card?

  • Just ordered, hopefully, it works out for me. I'll be leaving Circles Life… which I've heard can be a headache!

  • Just wondering if you loose your phone can you get a replacement Sim or do you have to buy a whole new one, thanks in advance

  • Hi everyone,
    Just FYI. I bought the exact same deal last time and when I tried activating, terrible experience. My simcard didn’t get activated. After a day long battle and many phone calls, it finally did. Boost customer service person told me not to buy from other retailers (specially online) except boost service providers and supermarkets.
    Good luck everyone who bought it and please post your experience once you activate your simcard.

  • Can you just recharge with one of these? How does it know you're an existing customer or not? Don't they have a code you can just recharge with or am I wrong?

  • If you have eBay Plus, you use code PLUS4P with a number of sellers, it comes out cheaper, express post delivered for $240.91.

  • And to "recharge" - port out and port back in?

    How long do you recommend waiting before you port back or does it not matter?

  • Just purchased. I will be porting out of my Telstra Plan. Contract ended last month. I've been too lazy to switch but this discount was enough for me to make the move


  • Is this offer on or expired ? Say expired

    • Hello!

      Where does it say expired?

  • Thanks bought

    • Thank you

  • Thanks, ordered a $200 sim.

    • Thank you

  • How long will express post of SIM to Perth suburb take? Next business day?

    • yes

  • When will this ends ?

  • Any chance for international postage?

    • Unfortunately we dont post internationally

  • Can we buy online and pickup at your stores? Live like 5 mins away from your store.

  • I used to be on a Boost prepaid 12 month plan and have ported out to Kogan for 3 months when my boost plan expired. Am I eligible to port back into Boost on this starter kit?

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