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Jilungin Dreaming Hemp Gin 700ml $86.16 (Was $107.70) + Shipping from $9.95 @ Spirits of France


Enjoy 20% off the unique Jilungin Dreaming Hemp Gin

About the product:

Through a finely wrought blend of Australian native botanicals with the cannabis terpene Limonene, capturing the flavour of our deep, complex and conflicted emotions about this beautiful country.

Both aroma and taste are super fresh. On the nose, an aura of the Kimberley’s Twin Lakes region comes to mind, scents of jilungin and wild lemongrass bringing forth a refreshing coolness reminiscent of a wetlands breeze on a hot summer’s day. Citrus elements of finger lime intertwine with cinnamon myrtle, awhile a heavy dose of juniper and coriander keep the spirit firmly entrenched in the traction of a truly classic gin.

On the palate, exotic notes of spice interact with a deep earthiness. Hemp’s naturally nutty flavour interacts with native botanicals to bestow an almost hazelnut quality upon the gin, brightening up a rich fullness to the mouth feel. Add tonic to your glass and experience the uniquely colourful bouquet of Native Australian wildness.

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  • +6 votes

    Cannabis Gin

    Lose your license twice at the same time…

    • Haha, I don't think anyone who uses any drug is overly concerned about MDT's, I know several heavy cannabis users and as far as I'm aware none of them have even been roadside tested.

      • I'm near retirement and have been saliva tested on occassion. I couldn't understand it - it's a young persons vice, not at all like we matured in the 60's and 70…OH

        Just remembered. As you were…

        • Love it! I didn't try anything until I was well into my thirties, and the MDT thought has come and gone a few times, but I've not been breath tested in the last decade and never been RBT'd and I drive every day. I suppose the only time it concerns me would be travelling on holidays etc. into large metro centres where maybe it's more popular, but a suspension just means my wife has to drive me around, assuming I don't just section out anyway with my zero offense history.

  • DUDE

  • Now I can get high while getting high. :P

  • What’s the point if it doesn’t have any of the fun stuff

  • capturing the flavour of our deep, complex and conflicted emotions about this beautiful country.

    Bong water flavour

    • "We've scoured the northern new south wales hinterland for the best botanicals Nimbin can provide. We've combined these with small batch industrial strength hooch from Beenleigh and the freshest artisanal bong water from Byron Bay to provide an experience that will make you say 'Damn I wish I'd just bought a fiddy from that dodgy kid down the street instead'."

      Cannabis Gin: "Yes, we were high when we thought of it. Why do you ask?"

  • Canna gin seems like a bit of a gimmick.

    @Rep - what notes does it provide? What strain is it infused with?

    I know there's no THC but what makes it a canna gin?

    All the details listed just sounds like another gin infused with botanicals.

  • Hemp gin, not cannabis

  • I wonder if there would be a way to mix edibles with alcohol somehow.

  • So this doesnt get you high?

    Dead set WTF is the point…just drink regular gin

  • Previous misleading title had put this company on my sh*tlist- poor form from the rep here. Gimmick and there's much better gins at this price point. Hard pass.

  • Written by Warren in marketing…a special kind of wankiness.They're doing the same spin with Scotch now too.Save me from this mellennial targeted crap…..