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[VIC] Free Public Parking from Friday (5/3) 12pm until Monday (8/3) in Melbourne CBD


To celebrate the long weekend, car parking in Melbourne’s city will be free

The parking will be free in areas with green signage from 12pm on Friday until 11.59pm on Monday March 8.

Drivers will still need to obey the time limit on the signs, but will not have to pay.

Disabled parking restrictions, clearways, no standing zones and residential permit restrictions still apply.

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City of Melbourne
City of Melbourne

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  • Soooo…

    Parking will now be free on Saturday.

    Most spots are already free of charge on Sundays.

    Monday, being a public holiday, is open slather.

    • Most spots are already free of charge on Sundays.

      But still time limited…
      Pretty useless if you want to come and spend a few hours in the city…

  • At least they've done away with having to print some nonsense and stick it on the dashboard like last time. And yeah really saturday only.

    • Yeah but let's be honest that's in favour of inspectors and not drivers. One central point to check all parking and most likely connected to the web that alerts inspectors of higher chance to book someone.

  • Wow. Amazing.

    I wonder why did they take away the label of the most liveable city…

  • That's about $8 saving per hour

  • Free parking means you spend half a day trying to find a spot

  • The City Of Melb has gone mad with culling a lot of on-street parking in favour of bike lanes. They can keep favouring this, it just keeps detracting a lot of us from going into the city centre. I think some of these pro-bike lane supporters forget that Melb has 4 seasons in one day. These bike lanes better be used rain, hail or shine to make it worthwhile.

    • How many people do you think actually drive into the city vs using other methods?

      This Transport Strategy Discussion Paper - Walking discusses the mode of transport vs allocation of space, and it shows that 89% of trips within the huddle grid are made on foot, not car.

      Yet over 65% of the available space for movement is road and parking link - page 39 of report

      Seems pretty poor that such a large percentage of available space is dedicated to car which only deliver just over 11% of the total people around the city.

      EDIT: And cities like Copenhagen and Amsterdam experience far worse weather than Melbourne does and seem to do just fine

    • Maybe you can spend this time away from Melb CBD to get a bit more educated and well-travelled

    • They killed Exhibition St, used to be good for parking, now all bike lanes for cyclists that don't even pay road tax

    • There was way too much car traffic coming into the city anyway, so this is a good thing. Switch to a more sustainable means of transport or don't come. Cars were getting way more space than they deserved for the value they bring in. I guarantee the number of cyclists who use it will be greater than the handful of cars that get to park in that space, regardless of weather. Still plenty of off street parking available, as there should be.

  • Thanks for passing onto us your feedback. We will jump straight onto it and aim to get back into contact with you in the next 48 hours so hang tight we will be in contact with you soon. Your reference number is 9000662213.

  • Free Parking already started, meters and PayStay app not taking payment.

  • Cool free parking….if you can find one

  • Raises parking to $7 per hour and removes lots of parks

    "Why won't people come into the city?"