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Buy 3 Ecopia (Car or SUV) Tyres, Get The 4th Tyre Free @ Bridgestone


Get the 4th tyre FREE on Ecopia car and SUV. You can get same deal offer at your local Jax Quickfit or Bob Jane. Safe driving.

Bridgestone Ecopia HL 001 comparo

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  • Same deal at Costco too - might work out cheaper but you'll have to compare.

    • I get a Costco price (when 4 for 3 is on) then go to MyCar (formerly Kmart) who guarantee to beat. Saves me a ton on tyres.

      • We are looking to change our car tyres. Just wondering how the price beat works in Mycar? I have done it lobby time ago. I think the difference was quite minimal?

        • A saving is a saving, and most Costcos aren't overly close. Just call mycar up, ask for a quote on your given tyres, and then ask for a price beat.

          I think Costco do use something other than compressed air in the tyre too, I'm sure someone here will know, so maybe if they're close go with them, either way whichever deal represents the best value to you.

          • @pakkapie:

            I think Costco do use something other than compressed air in the tyre too

            Nitrogen and free tyre rotations and flat repair

            • @CVonC: I'm happy with a 78% Nitrogen and 21% Oxygen mixture in my tyres.
              Not sure why people think they need 100% Nitrogen in their car tyres….

              • @zathras: i am extremely OCD about tyre pressure so its not an issue for me

                However i would purposefully recommend it to people who are extremely Lazy and don't often check their tyre pressures , the same type of people who drive around on 25 psi or lower because they had not checked their tyre pressure in like 6 months… because they either didn't know how or someone did it for them and they had forgotten or life just got in the way.

                people need to realize tyre pressure is …extremely important and not just "lol im gonna go add air to my tyres bro this is fun"

                Reason being it takes ALOT longer for the pressures to dissipate over time and maintains general consistency better.

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                • @TheBarbarian: @TheBarbarian:

                  All tyres lose pressure, everyone should check their tyre pressure at least every month or two.
                  But if you think tyres with pure nitrogen leak a lot slower, I think you've miscalculated.

                  If you want to measure gas molecules, you need really good eyesight and a tape measure graduated in trillionths of a metre. As it happens, a molecule of nitrogen gas is 300 trillionths of a metre across, and oxygen is 292. So Nitrogen is only 2.7 per cent bigger than oxygen. That’s not much - they might as well be twins.

                  If someone feels good because they've paid extra for Nitrogen, I wish them all the best.
                  But I will never waste my time and money seeking out Nitrogen for my tyres.

                  I think we can agree though that correct tyre pressure is very important, and is necessary for safety and extending tyre life.

                  • @zathras: Now see here good sir , i see you got your information from a simple copy-paste from HERE but the information is not entirely innacurate so ill just snatch this from there also if you don't mind

                    "On average, the nitrogen-filled tyres lost an average of 0.042 psi every week. Air-filled tyres lost 0.067psi every week. So here’s what this means: Every 15 weeks, the air-filled tyres lost one psi, and every 24 weeks, the nitrogen-filled tyres lost one psi. "

                    So basically even though the difference is so small in terms of molecule size , my point remains whereby if you fill a tyre with nitrogen it does take longer to lose pressure overall and it does maintain consistency in pressure better overall , and when we are talking about losing enough PSI to actually require re-inflation , lets work with 4 PSI as i feel it is a fair number to work with. 60 weeks to lose 4 PSI (standard air) vs 94 weeks (Nitrogen). that is quite a substancial amount of difference in time that would require your average joe to get on top of things a little easier.


                    • @TheBarbarian: I would halve your example numbers to 2 PSI (30 weeks air vs 47 weeks nitrogen).
                      If anyone waits even 30 weeks (which is over 6 months) between checking pressures, they are asking for trouble.

                      So before you open the champagne to celebrate your checkmate, maybe read to the bottom of the page you hyperlinked.

                      "The biggest problem with nitrogen is the one they never mention. The bullshit pseudo-scientific claims, grossly overstated by the assholes peddling it for their own commercial benefit, is that it motivates people not to check their tyre pressures regularly."

                      "There’s quite a few problems with that. Such as: you pick up a nail in the tread. The tyre starts slowly to go flat. You’re driving down the highway. It blows out (because high-speed running underinflated is the main cause of blowouts). You veer into an oncoming truck. That’s bad."

                      "But if you checked the pressure before setting off, you might notice three tyres at 32 psi and one at 18 - and it might motivate you to enquire why. And save your neck. (Bear in mind you generally can’t see serious under-inflation in a radial tyre - you need a pressure gauge. Or strange mental powers. Or onboard tyre pressure monitoring.)"

                      "Even if that disaster blowout doesn’t happen, wear rates skyrocket when a tyre is even a little under-inflated. And, if you’ve got one under-inflated tyre, good luck executing a stable emergency stop or swerve-avoid-recover manoeuver around a child or one of those vermin from the Coat of Arms. It’s just not gunna happen safely, because grip is the other big casualty of underinflation."

                      "These nitrogen advocating mongrels are not selling you nitrogen because it’s a tangible benefit to you. It’s not, because a bunch of scientific luminaries who built the technical world we enjoy and take for granted tell us it can’t be. (If you listen.) This is not a matter of opinion - it’s a matter of scientific fact, or fantasy. You can believe nitrogen works if you want, but that view is up there with the sun rising in the west tomorrow morning."

                      "Nitrogen is not a benefit to you. It’s a benefit to the shitheads selling it. It’s a quick cash injection up front, on top of those new tyres - and it keeps you coming back to the same retailer, for more. Neat marketing, huh? The last thing these nitrogen-snake-oil-selling mongrels want is for you to buy your next tyres elsewhere. Peddling this crap is a way of getting you back again and again. It’s relationship building, and it’s a house built on foundations of intelligence-insulting bullshit."

                      Drops the mic and walks away

                      • @zathras: Picks mic up , stares vehemently at you. then pegs it in your general direction.

                        Don't get me wrong i would never put nitrogen in my own tyres for the simple fact i make the effort to check them , alot of people however don't regularly check their pressures and thats where the bulk of the problem lies and you could argue somewhat that nitrogen filled tyres that people pay for do add to this problem because of the additional increase in false sense of security but my point remains that it still does take longer for tyres to lose air pressure and still by default provides the person who purchases the nitrogen a little more "lee-way" and arguably more time before they need to be re-done.

                        Like yes , it is a money grab but it is not quite snake-oil as you so put it. it does serve a purpose , in reality with people who have common sense its a pretty shitty purpose i agree but the fact remains it still works.

                        Additionally most people don't actually "feel" pressure loss unless it becomes significant (6 PSI+) in their cars unless they drive sports cars with low profile tyres so the disconnect between when you should check them and inflate them is further divided , also pairing the fact that most modern day luxury cars (Mercedes , Lexus , Volkswagen etc) design their cars so they ride ever so comfortably on the road your average john or jane can't tell the difference if the tyre pressures are low or high.

                        Again my main point was i feel it is a good thing to have for people who don't regularly check their pressures , i am not advocating that they "should" buy it nor that they should neglect the duty of checking their pressures but that it simply has a place in the world whether WE like it or not.

                        We obviously have our differing opinions on this and we most definetly won't see eye to eye on this one but i am willing to respect your opinion and just simply agree to disagree and walk away.

                        • @TheBarbarian: I think in principal we are generally agreeing that maintaining correct tyre pressure regularly is important.

                          I just can't excuse someone from doing that basic regular maintenance simply because they use only nitrogen.

                          Don't get me started on Tesla Autopilot….. :-)

      • I don't think mycar stock Bridgestone

      • Costco does tire alignment?

        • I did change my tyres last week at Costco Docklands and they did not do the wheel alignment, we have to do it separately.

    • Costco also participating in the $50 cashback on upto 16" Michelins and $100 on over 16"

      • We are looking to change our car tyres and just wondering if you or anyone else can give some suggestions. got a quote from Costco for both Bridgestone and Michelin. Our current tyres are Bridgestone. We drive on the highway a lot and we are wondering if Michelin will be better and quieter?

        • Depends on the range you are buying. There is no better tyre you can buy for a performance car when it comes to Michelin Pilot Sport 4S, but for lower tier tyres I have nothing to compare to.

          I went from Pirelli P Zero to MPS4S and the difference was night and day, the grip, the noise, the life and the wet performance is insane on the Michelin but I also drive a car with 375kw. I am not sure if you would really notice much difference but I would personally rate Michelin the best.

        • Just get whatever. All tyres are same for beginner drivers. Everyone is a beginner just that some have been beginners who have been driving for 30 years. Occasionally people are intermediate drivers because they practice and hone their technique constantly by doing track racing in the wet and constantly doing defensive courses and practicing their skills.

    • Thanks for the reminder. Costco worked out $120 cheaper than the 3 for 4 price at Jax, Bob Jane or Bridgestone.

  • Can anyone comment on Ecopia HL 001? Is it good?

  • Which should I get for a small sedan?
    Need something lasting with good grip and if possible quiet as well.

    • Possibly wait for the deal with Turanza Serinity Plus

      • is Turanza Serenity miles better in terms of longevity or performance? or both?

        In the market to change tyre as well.

        • I heard from people here and from mechanic, Ecopia is cheap brand from Bridgestone, Potenza or Turanza is more premium.

          For longevity, it is depend on your driving style.
          But for performance, you will not go wrong with Potenza. But I heard this will not last long, 30-40k km max.
          If you want the tyre lasts long, definitely go with Turanza, probably more than 50k km. Turanza is like combination of longevity and performance, good grip and better handling in wet conditions.

    • Just don't get Linglong tires.

  • From reading the review, you can get a set of 4 of the review winner - Continental PremiumContact, versus the three for price of 4 Bridgestone Ecopias and save $10 to boot.

  • beat me to it - saw it this afternoon, and booked in for fitment Saturday after they order my size in :) Bob Jane was cheapest for me without attempting a price match so going there… 4 tyres for $411 fitted - not bad for a well known brand. absolute cheapest no name chinese brand was like $340 ish so happy to pay $71 more for Bridgestones

  • I've got the Ecopia on a sedan and SUV. For driving like Miss Daisy it is ok, but going around corners with any slight suited you can feel the tyres are not coping and they will squeal/ lose grip. I was going for eco and longer wear.

    I use to run Bridgestone Potenza RE001/2/3 always great tyres and handled spirited driving well.

    For me never Ecopia again.

  • I found tyre business has ridiculous margin in it. Last time I thought this deal was very attractive, then I did a bit of research and found the deal was just so so as these tyres are actually the low end of Bridgestone. So I went to https://www.thetirelab.com/, found the good but cost-efficient tyre, then get my local Beaurepaires to price match the cheapest online price I can find. At that time, tyroola was doing 20% off, so I ended up getting 4 tyres at Beaurepaires for around half of their normal price. My point is, don't get carried away by this buy 3 get 4th for free deal. Check the review first.

    • Yes the ecopias are the entry level Bridgestones, but each brand has to have an entry level tyre right? If you want a better performing set, grab the Potenzas as mentioned above or Duelers depending on the application.

      • I simply don't understand how beginners would want "performing tyres"? What performance? Doing wheelies when you go shopping? Perhaps doing a burn out at the local roundabout? Pretending that you are knight rider?

        • I think you are on the wrong track… "burn outs" and "wheelies" would be the opposite of performance given they involve low traction.
          Performance tyres "perform" better in same conditions. Mainly grip, particularly cornering and in the wet for safety. Yes by default you must have performance tyres if you drive your car hard to avoid dangerous situations, so they are marketed towards car enthusiasts, sports car owners etc, but a peformance tyre will help anyone that is willing to pay for it avoid traction loss and possible accidents. You never know when you may have to swerve to avoid an accident, the last thing you want is to spin out and crash.

          Having said that, entry level tyres meet minimum standards. I am okay with any brand name tyre that meets such minimum standards such as Bridgestone on my roundabout car as I am price sensitive such as these Ecopias.
          Whereas our family car for travelling / highway etc would only get better performance tyres to maximise safety.

    • Ecopia EP 300 - 4.3 / 5 seems ok

    • what was "the good but cost-efficient tyre"?

      • I got the "Good Year 225/55R19 99V EFFICIENTGRIP SUV" after checking the website I mentioned above. Full set for $700, they quoted me for like $1500 or 1600

  • Don't buy this tyre if you value your life. Slippery as hell during wet days.

  • Also, this buy 3 get 1 free is so often and often pretty basic discount. Almost just like your myer 20% super weekend sale.

  • I had Turanza Serinity Plus before in my car and now I have ecopia, go for serinity plus. These doesn’t seem safe in wet conditions and on high speeds

  • These tyres are nice and quiet with a reasonable amount of grip in the wet. They feel very planted. However they are very soft and the sidewalls can get damaged very very easily. Had one of the tyres replaced under warranty after it got gouged by who knows what (tyre got sent back to supplier to get checked). I wouldn’t recommend getting these.

    • If it got gounged it's usually scoundrels who run around the suburbs in Sydney with a screw driver in hand. It's common in Newtown.

  • I am looking for recommendation for Nissan Xtrial, which one is good to go, Ecopia or Dueler (H/T 470)?

  • Just wondering if tyres have doubled on price?

    Bought these around 2014 for a Honda CRV, paid around 150$ a tyre with the 4 one free so all up under 500$
    Asked for a quote recently for a Honda CRV and it came to around 1000$ 🤔

    • yes i've been looking a new set of AT tyres. Low 200's a couple of years ago mid 300's or higher now at the major tyre retailers.

      everyone's buying 4wd's and suv's, perhaps this is just another victim of recent carflation.

  • This promotion seems to come up way too often. They've obviously just built the cost of the 4th tyre into the other 3! LOL.

    • Link please?

      I've been on the lookout for the 'Buy 3 Get 4th Free' SUV tyres from Bridgestone for a while. The last offer listed on OzB was for the Michelin Latitude Tour HP from Jax QuickFit.

      As for the statement "They've obviously just built the cost of the 4th tyre into the other 3! LOL", this is standard business practice so when you need new tyres on the go, you have no choice but to pay for 4 tyres.

      • Link please?
        I've been on the lookout for the 'Buy 3 Get 4th Free' SUV tyres from Bridgestone for a while.

        Isn't the link at the top of the page?

        You can actually just ask for a better price at the tyre places like Bob Jane, Jax etc. That's what I've done each time. Last year, I went to Bob Jane and they took about $70 or $80 off each tyre. They were pretty much $420 everywhere else I'd seen except one place. And BJ did them for $340 each or something like that. I don't remember the exact figures, but it was a significant discount.

        Edit: I looked at the invoice and BJ actually did them for $320 each!

        • Isn't the link at the top of the page?
          That is my link!. Next time how about you share the deal when you come across a good deal to the OzB community?

          "You can actually just ask for a better price at the tyre places like Bob Jane, Jax etc"
          I trust every OzBargainers are already doing this and shop around for the best deal. A good discount from one store is specific to one local store and it does not qualify as an OzB.

          • @pork chop:

            That is my link!. Next time how about you share the deal when you come across a good deal to the OzB community?

            What are you going on about?
            I'm commenting on a deal and you're asking me why i'm not sharing it? I think I keep seeing these Ecopia tyre deals HERE! Or in the ads or something. And to be honest, I have no idea whether they're even a good tyre or not.

            And if you're referring to the special price I got from Bob Jane for my tyres, then you've already answered your own question by saying it doesn't qualify as an OzB deal.

            I trust every OzBargainers are already doing this and shop around for the best deal.

            I think you'll be surprised at how many people don't ask for a "better price" because they think it's fixed.

  • With uber discount which is 25% atm for me, makes it way cheaper at Bridgestone :)

  • Would never recommend ANYONE an ECO tyre product from any manufacturer, ever.

    At the same time i would not recommend EVERYONE a Performance tyre either , i would merely recommend to purchase the best set of tyres that you can afford given the conditions to which you often drive your car taking into account your environment also.

    Tyres are the only things holding you to the road and you should never skimp out even if you feel "its a good deal".

    If you ever got yourself , or a loved one into an accident that could have been narrowly avoided had you chosen better tyres that cost you a few hundred dollars more you would never forgive yourself and it would be extremely likely you would have to suffer a lifelong injury because of it.

    Do your research , stick with big name brands and heavily vet any review of the tyre you are intending to purchase that others have commented on and also ensure the type of tyre matches your vehicle (relatively speaking)

    But most importantly , no matter what tyre you purchase always ensure you check your tyre pressures periodically not just to maximise the life of your tyres but to ensure you are reaping 100% of the possible traction and safer manueverability at all times.

    The biggest factor with regards to tyres however is a person's driving style and what kind of tyre compound that would be best suited for (i.e if you mostly traverse on the highways you want either a hard compounded touring tyre for long distance and longevity or an all seasons tyre , if you are an aggressive driver or you visit the odd twisty road or traverse on dodgy country roads i would recommend performance tyres).

    I can't comment further with regards to how these bridgestone ECO tyres hold up but i have trusted Bridgestone for many years and have used both their Turanza Serenity Plus tyres on my commuter cars and their Potenza RE003s on my sports cars and i have never been let down nor felt unsafe in the mirade of conditions i have found myself in so far.