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Dyson V8 Animal Extra $599 C&C /+ Delivery @ JB Hi-Fi


Dyson v8 animal extra handstick vaccuum
Seems like a good price.
Have been tracking this model for some time and have had 2 orders cancelled for lack of stock / incorrect price in the 550-600 range.

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  • Good guys has beat it by the $2. Is this the latest model?

  • Waiting for a deal on Samsung Jet 90 Complete

  • Can get 10% cheaper with 10% off HIM gift cards on promotion at the moment.

  • I am still using a DC59, but in the market for a replacement. Was considering the Dreame V11 for around $400. Has anyone tried both Dyson V8 and the Dreame? Just wondering if worth the extra $200. (I suppose the fairer comparison would be Dreame T20 which would allow user replaceable battery but that is around $600 if I'm not mistaken).

    • I have the Dyson and recommended the Dreame to my my mum who was looking for a new vacuum. They are very comparable. If you don't care about the branding, get the Dreame and save the $$$.

  • Had my Dyson V8 motorhead and stick replaced 1 year outside the 2 year warranty no questions asked. I would definitely recommend it based on the quality of their products and after sale support.

  • Honestly, I don't recommend Dysons anymore. I had 2 in the past, Dyson V6 and then the V8 Absolute Plus and the battery life is just rubbish. The battery dies after 2 years after the warranty expires and then you need to fork out another $100 plus for another battery replacement on an already expensive vacuum. Just my 2 cents but I be repurchasing Dysons again in the future.

    • You can get aftermarket batteries for around $30 on eBay and Amazon. Reviews say that they work just as well, if not better than original battery

      • True! Thanks for the suggestion, I might have a look at this option for my Dyson V8… just would have expected a better battery life for a vacuum so damn expensive!

        • Really depends on your use. I’ve gone through the original and a replacement genuine Dyson and both lasted around 3 years. I was told 2-3 years are standard for batteries in general so they are on average and not due to any particular fault.

          This time I’ve decided to give the aftermarket one a go. If it only lasts a year then I’m still up on $$$ value at $30 per year vs $33-50 per year. But only time will tell.

          Having said that I wouldn’t be sad if the v6 died and I had to buy a new vacuum haha

  • I have the Dyson V6 and bought my parents a Dreame. We swapped them just to compare as I have been considering replacing my V6 if it dies. The key things I find as the main differences are weight on the wrist (my mum much prefers the Dyson as it’s much more comfortable and feels lighter) and ease to manoeuvre around corners and go around objects (Dyson glides and also is much easier to turn). Battery life is better on the dreame though so depends if that’s something you need as I know how frustrating it can be to have it die out on you when you’re 90% done with the house and just want to finish vacuuming rather than coming back to it hours later. Unfortunately for my wallet, for the two key reasons that make a world of a difference to me, I’ll be sticking with the more expensive Dyson.

    • The reviews of the Dreame on ProductReviews has multiple mentions of the unit not lasting more than 2 years, which is concerning…
      Anyone else have their unit last more than 2 years?

  • Get a Dreame T20 instead. Better value for the money.

    • Hi where do you get the Dreame T20 batteries…? I get that T20 is more expensive than V11 for this reason, but can't seem to find a link for a battery currently