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Samsung Galaxy Note10+ 256GB Telstra Version (Aura Black) $999 + Delivery (Free C&C/In-Store) @ JB Hi-Fi


Not the cheapest it's been, was $899 a month or so ago at JB

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    better than rrp but not a deal imo, as ur said it's 899 before and even 59x from the telstra 12th month contract (and immediate termination)

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    This should be the price of the note 20 ultra

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    ngl might aswell either get an s21 on a discount or save a few hundred on s20 fe

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    Interesting that the Note 10+ has been holding onto a high price even though it's over 18 months old and there's newer phones like Note 20 and S21's.

    • from what I read they cheaped out on all the premium features in the note20/s21 lineup, so even though the note10 is older, its more comparable to the ultra series of note20

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    Great phone. Even better with the $594 Telstra cancellation deal.

  • Why would you buy this over a s20 FE? (apart from pen)

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      Better build, better batter life (real world use) larger screen, more reliable, S pen, doesn't overheat, glass back vs plastic. more brightness then S20FE screen, Gorilla Glass 6 vs GG3 on the S20FE But the S20 FE has 120Hz and a 25% faster CPU/GPU along with a newer battery.. both are good but more people are happier with Note10plus its got way better reviews.

  • Sorry, not a deal

  • Single Sim only.

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