AMD Ryzen 7 5800X CPU $644.67 + $9.37 Delivery (Free with Prime) @ Amazon US via AU


Ever so slightly cheaper than the Newegg deal.

Also ever so slightly cheaper than the cheapest 5600X on Amazon (who the heck is buying those?)

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • And to think an extra 100$ gets you a ps5 or series X. Maybe it's time to hangup the keyboard and mouse :(

    • I've always found comparisons like this to be weird, since the whole point of PCs is that it can do a whole lot more than consoles. Consoles are great value for people who are only looking to game, but despite how much I play games I'd still be very bored if I only had a console and no access to a PC :P

      • That's true but since most people already have a laptop or two for work, it's not like a desktop is needed for anything but gaming these days? Don't get me wrong, I was playing PC games in the 486 days and my first console was a PS3, but it is getting difficult to justify gaming PC prices now that ps5 and series X are really good. I think this may be my last PC build.

      • you can also download the pc games for free too.

    • Hmmm…I never thought of that, but you're completely correct. Maybe I should change the way I think when the 5900X combined with the almost non-existent 3070 is well approaching $2500.

      Just wondering can you actually use the PS5 like a computer, browsing the internet and print documents etc?

    • Not comparable, why try to suggest it is?

      Consoles are not a valid os sensible alternative to a PC.

      Until a console can do all a PC can do then you're just making a fool of yourself.

      Consoles are only of any use if you only play console games.
      Lot's of people out there don't want to be tied to a limited platforms titles.

      You mention in another comment that some people have 'a laptop or two for work', that's just stupid.
      a) Not everyone has a laptop.
      b) Even less have 2 of them.

      A laptop can not do what a capable desktop can do.
      A console is extremely limiting.
      Only having a proper PC opens the full world of possibility.
      And don't make out I'm suggesting this is for everyone, i'm just countering your stupid point that this CPU is in any way comparable to a console.

      • If you want to have all your eggs in one basket, fine. But for the price of a mid tier gaming pc these days you can get a decent notebook+ps5+series X.
        Which comment is stupid now?

        • Your comment is stupid.
          You literally missed the point entirely.

          A console can not do what a gaming PC can do.
          A notebook can not do what a gaming PC can do.

          Titles like ARMA3, Microsoft Flight Simulator (console version will not compare to the PC version), X-Plane, Digital Combat Simulator and many many more.


          Can't spell it out any better.

          Repeating myself "Consoles are only of any use if you only play console games.".

          So suggesting a console as an alternative to this CPU is just downright stupid.

  • I love this CPU so much. Maintains 280hz in Fortnite leaps and bounds ahead of my old 3600. This thing is an absolute work horse and runs any program/game I throw at it with speed and ease.

    This is such a good price too - I paid $750 for mine when I was desperate and the OzBargain in me doesn't even feel bad because of how good it is.

    The only negative I can think of is that it runs very hot and boosts aggressively so you'll need a good cooler. I had to swap out my 212 black edition for a Fuma 2 and it's been happy days since :)

    • If you're trying to squeeze the last percentage of performance out of the CPU then a bigger cooler helps, but this CPU is totally serviceable with a hyper 212 style cooler. Yeah it might run hot, but it doesn't matter, that's just how the boost algorithm works. It tries to use every last drop of thermal headroom it has available.

      • I agree. After reading how Ryzen is smart enough to configure its' boosting habits to the cooling capacity, I decided that the 150W max rated TDP of the 212 was pushing it too close to allow this thing to spike in temperature boosting constantly in games. Maybe that's just me being a nervous Nelly, maybe it has some logic to it. I was happy enough to spend $50 for the upgraded cooling and peace of mind.

        • I have a budget cooler (ID COOLING se 234 ARGB) on my 5800x and it runs it surprisingly well, provided I do not stress test my CPU. If I do that the boost clocks drop back almost to base clock. During gaming I have rarely seen it go above 80 degress at pretty much full boost clock (more or less). Considering ditching the RGB entirely and going all black because I just found out Scythe are making a black edition Mugen 5, which is just about the best cooler that can fit inside my NR200P case.

  • Genuinely curious, if I am looking to do a new build and dont already own an AMD mobo, why would I pay the premium for this over an i9 10850k from shopping express for $569?

    5800x = 8 Cores, 16 Threads @3.8GHz
    10850x = 10 Cores, 20 Threads @3.7GHz

    The i9 seems to beat this chip in nearly all gaming benchmarks as well?

    • Given the stock shortages and the great pricing on Intel CPUs lately, I'd be definitely going the Intel route atm.

    • With the way the CPU market is at the moment, I would recommend Intel for value for money. I love Ryzen CPU's but the value for money is not good at the moment. I built a PC for my dad with an i7 10700F that cost me $380, whereas my Ryzen 5800x cost me $700 at launch. Over $300 difference for both 8 core CPU's is insane, luckily I dont mind paying more personally.

    • Not really convinced the 5800X is any slower than the 10900K in gaming or non gaming tasks. It's a bit faster in single thread heavy tasks and about the same in multi-threaded tasks.

      The AM4 motherboards are cheaper and generally better, which makes up for the difference in price.

      It can get a lot more performance out of the same power consumption. To get the most out of the 10900k you have to have the largest air coolers, or water cooling, the 5800X can get by with a modest air cooler.

      Also some people with say a 2600X on a B450 motherboard might be looking for an upgrade.

      If you're picking this or the 10900k for just gaming you're doing it wrong anyway, there's much cheaper CPU's that you to the same place. The difference between a 5800X and 5600X is virtually nil in gaming. Same with the 10700k/10700F/10600k

      • Many people running 10900k at all-core 5.1G-5.3GHz, then 10900k/10850k are much better for non-gaming tasks with lower price. Yeah, the power efficiency and required Z490 would be issues.

    • then go with intel, cheaper, better and faster shipping

  • So whats the deal with warranty for items sold through but supplied / transacted via Amazon US?

    The warranty disclaimer confuses me whether standard ACL applies or not. I thought it wouldnt considering the purchase is fullfilled by Amazon US?

    • I don't know what the official answer is. What I know is when I've dealt with warranty items AU staff did not want to get involved at all. They pointed me in the direction of US customer support. I have always been within Amazon US rules when I needed warranty support. US staff did help within the Amazon US rules. No idea what would happen when ACL may still apply but Amazon US rules, and US laws, put the claim out of warranty period.

    • Yeh that was my thinking too which puts me off purchasing either this or the Newegg deals. If it was for myself, maybe id take the risk (although probably not), but it is for a family member, so I would feel much better with full Aus warranty.

    • You want that warranty.
      At work we had a 1-week-old AMD CPU fail this week (3900X). It was using the stock cooler, and hasn't been under load.

    • Of course Australian law still applies. The supply was made to a consumer in Australia.

      The real question is who is the supplier. That is, who would you seek a remedy from?

    • You can still make warranty claims, as long as you ship it back to the US. Source

      • Yeah I had to ship my mobo back to gigabyte USA California for a RMA. Cost $130 in shipping and used shipito.

        • I think it may be more expensive to buy from US if the item fails as the cost price+return shipping total would be higher than local cost price + any local shipping (if needed). So all things going well it can be cheaper to buy from overseas, but if the item fails it may end up being more expensive. Doesn't stop me from buying some stuff from overseas, but not everything. Local warranty can be great.

          Does Amazon US have to honour ACL? I am not sure if they do… I don't know, I am not a lawyer. If Amazon US refuse to honour ACL then it may be difficult to enforce it. To take them to consumer affairs or a local court? Lol

          • @g1: No they don't have to honour Australian consumer law they honour USA consumer law when you buy from usa. To RMA you have to have a fake USA postal address so you use a postal fwd service like shipito which were great. I bought a high end mobo so it was worth the $130 for rma postage.
            No way would I buy a mobo or GPU USA again but CPU most probably.

  • How much if you pay with PayPal.

  • Thanks! used suncorp GC's for another 3%

    Never had an issue returning items/ warrenty etc with amazon for the past 10 years, but i haven't done so in recent times, past 3 years