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Samsung Galaxy S21 256GB $999.20 (25% off) or $949.20 with $50 Voucher Delivered @ Samsung Education Store (Membership Required)


Now the same price as 128GB. A plus considering non-expandable storage. As in previous deals; an .edu email address is required for access, and there is a $50 voucher available for email sign-up. I believe the same deal is running for S21+ and S21 Ultra (256GB for 128GB price).

Happy hunting!


As pointed out by @sacs2k1 and others, this also includes a free wireless charger. The package includes a 240V USB-C wall plug which isn't included with the phone. Bonus! I can't seem to edit the title, maybe the mods can help.

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          well yeah. did you read the article in its entirety?

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        I've read the articles and seen the videos. The performance of the Exynos still doesn't stand up to the SD888 in an extended gaming session (as an example). The heat increases, battery drains and the performance lags. Benchmark scores are not the same as real life usage.

        Watch this instead - preferably from the start, otherwise you can watch from the Sustained Tests here: https://youtu.be/rsLJLk3nx8k?t=152.

        Sure the performance of this years Exynos SoC has improved considerably, but is still not there (yet). Maybe 2022 will be its year. But I still am not convinced I'd want to spend $1K+ on a phone that is not performing as well as its American counterpart (including still taking not so great pictures), with everything else being the same and the SoC being the only difference.

  • Get the plus or Ultra If you want great battery life.

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    I've had Galaxy mobiles since the S7, the touch issues scared me off the S20 but was going to get the S21. Can live without the headphone socket or charger, but removing the expansion slot just kills it for me. Why do that for a device that can record video in 4k or even 8k is beyond me.

    • As someone who records in 4k/8k, I understand that microsd's and the included interface are too slow for that.

      I also know that having an awkward microsd slot in the sim slot is annoying because its only a matter of time before it becomes full and then its a problem.

      There are three modern ways to do it

      External Hard Drive/USB, either native USB-C or with the adapter.

      Secure sync to your home computer/server, when traveling I sync everything back home so its safely backed up.

      Sync to Google Photos etc, but stuff like this costs money.

      • +1

        Well, the latest microsd cards support 8k just fine (eg https://havecamerawilltravel.com/photographer/fastest-micros...), and there's nothing to stop you recording video to the faster internal mobile memory then later moving it to the microsd….

        But fully agree that synching to local then replicating that out (in my case to a NAS that uses drives in a RAID format to protect against single disk failures) and then replicating that to a cloud service (so I have three copies - local, nas, and cloud) is a good way to go. Removing the microsd feature (that probably cost a few cents to have but was a stand out feature for some) just seems weird. Personally I use it more to save music and videos to watch when remote (eg on the plane - not happening so much now I'll admit) or on car trips (so not using up my mobile data).

        • -1

          microsd cards do, but the interface does not. Its possible for a phone maker, especially Samsung to put in a fast enough interface, but then the other problem would be lack of recording direct to SD anyway, which you can't generally do.

          The time it takes to record 20GB, then transfer 20GB, I could just as easily plug it a USB-C Drive or sync it overnight automatically.

          I'm pretty sure microsd has a royalty fee? Either way I think its old technology these days, especially as a little usb-c drive will do the trick.

    • the touch issues scared me off the S20

      What where the touch issues?

      • Well, to be more specific it was with the S20FE which I was thinking about to avoid the exynos and get the snapdragon chip on a locally supplied device. The problems the S20FE had were it "either took too long to recognize the touch input or sometimes it ignored the touches and swipes altogether. For some users, this issue resulted in ghost touches as well". I understand these issues have been addressed in firmware updates although some people still report they are having issues albeit it's less of a problem.

        • -1

          Oh right, yeah the S20 FE did seem to have some issues at least on the early ones. The S20 I had was a great phone. Fast and responsive. Everything just worked. Except for the COVIDSafe app - that absolutely wrecked the battery life.

          I used to care about having an SD slot back when phones were 64GB, but now that the 256GB is reasonably-priced, I don't mind it not being there at all. My last phone had 128GB. I put in my usual 128GB micro SD, and realised i never used it in the year I had it.

          I can understand how it'd be important for people who record lots of 4K video, but surely they are keeping a backup of their photos and videos either on Google Photos or their computer? If it's backed up on Google Photos in full 4K it can be auto-deleted from the phone. Or it can be stored in 1080p on Google Photos and the full 4K one copied to their home computer.

    • +1

      What sign up fee?

      • Oops thought it was another outlet. What's this $50 voucher then?

        • +1

          If you sign up for their promo emails for the first time, they'll send you a $50 coupon to use on the store.

      • The cost of education lol

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    does anyone know about when the S21 FE will be released? I'm guessing quite a while away?

    actually just comparing the S20 FE 5G to the S21 base model, i feel like S20 FE looks pretty good

    • Yep they match pretty evenly, considering that the S20 FE 5G gets snapdragon here. The main differences are size, cameras and the optical vs ultrasonic fingerprint sensor.
      You're right though I would guess the S21 FE won't come until late this year, if it comes at all.

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    Need a 128gb discount…

  • Too bad they removed micro sd, will hang on to my S10 for a little longer

  • S21 or Pixel 5?

  • +1

    Too bad they removed keyboard, will hang on to my A177 for a little longer

  • This one or s20 FE 5G?

    • This Exynos is good in this one, probably better than the 865 in the FE.

  • I've tried contacting Samsung so many times to resolve my account issues.

    Have my account linked to a .gov.au account that for some reason doesn't want to receive the verification email..

    • I think it's a separate portal, have you tried here: https://www.samsung.com/au/estore/samsung-government-store/

      • "An email has been sent to your employee email confirming your account. Please follow the links in your email to access the Australian Government Samsung Store."

        Waited on for this for days.. would you say it's got to do with Government firewalls?

        • Same boat man, exact same issue.

          • @Bigfuzz: So it must be an active and evident issue! I've contacted Samsung today via FB Messenger, I'll report if I hear anything first.

  • +1

    If my work didnt stop me using a Huawei, i would happily continue using my Mate 20. battery is greta, its snappy, has good camera. Can't complain about anything. like Samung used to be before..now they are just forcing their low quality exynos down our throats.

    • -1

      I had a Mate 20. The software oddities made me go back to Samsung. There are just little things here and there that made it less pleasant to me than a Pixel or Samsung. And wow, talk about aggressive battery management! I had great battery life till I realised it was because apps were being killed left right and centre. I want my smartphone to be smart so I want things like location tracking always running for geofencing, push notifications from various smart devices and apps, etc.

      After whitelisting all the apps I wanted, the battery life went from amazing to average for a phone of that capacity.

      like Samung used to be before..now they are just forcing their low quality exynos down our throats.

      The new Exynos is pretty good, not that the old ones were that bad unless you're a heavy mobile gamer.

  • Has anyone replaced a battery on a Samsung phone? Any idea how much a battery replacement usually costs?

    Have a Galaxy Note 9 that I want to keep alive for a while longer before eventually passing it on to another family member.

  • Wow, purchased a 128GB s21 on the educational store three days ago….

    • +5

      No, i wouldn't have known about this bargain of it weren't posted here. So I'm glad OP posted it!

      I'm in Tasmania, should I ask for all Aldi and Costco deals to stop being posted just because I can't get them?

      • All good man. I was being ironic 😊… And also a bit bitter as I'm no longer a student

        • No worries 😁

          If you're an ex Uni student you might be able to join the alumni and retain your edu email?

          • @mingofmongo: Nah. That's fine. I'm not an alumni. I'll wait for other deals. πŸ‘πŸΎπŸ˜Š

          • @mingofmongo: What's your experience in doing this?
            I graduated more than 20 years ago. I'm not sure if my chances are any good

            • @SillySorjai: I was able to do it at my uni - I also graduated 20 years ago. YMMV though

  • +2

    I have had the ultra for about 3 weeks now and I really love it. It's a great phone.

    As for the battery drain, I've used it all day and I'm at 57% at 8:56pm.

    • -3

      As for the battery drain, I've used it all day and I'm at 57% at 8:56pm.

      That's irrelevant. Lots of people suffer from confirmation bias. They'll read your post then either immediately forget it, or claim you're a fanboi who's lying, or you're somehow being paid by Samsung to say that. :)

  • Help with the voucher.. Put all the details in 3 days ago and nothing.:(

    • You have to follow up on chat quite a lot, but they eventually send it. At least for me that's how it went.

  • Think it might go down a bit more in a few months?
    My Note 8 is still running strong.

  • +1

    video quality for s21 is really poor according to Dave2D's video, it's as if it's 480p or something.

    • Hmm, mine looks fine. Definitely not 480p.

  • Has anyone bought an usb-c headphone jack adapter that works on the S21?

    Been reading around and everyone is suggesting getting a DAC adapter but wanted to see if there's a particular brand/model people have tried and tested.

  • I got the S21 Ultra 512 for $1000 as I work at a major telco. All I can say is it's an amazing device and the battery life so far is really good. The photos are incredible.No issues with build quality or overheating. Haven't noticed issues with the adaptive refresh rate as a poster above mentioned. Loving the phone.

  • I considering
    galaxy fold 2 $2000 or
    Galaxy s21 ultra $1490

    Which one you guy reckon ?

    • If you don't need water resistance I reckon the fold is going to be way more fun

  • Buy a standard S21 or wait for a price drop on X2 Pros after the X3?

  • clearance at ow of s20 at $8xx

  • Pulled the trigger and bought one (base S21). Surprised to see a 'Wireless Charger Trio' worth $127 odd added for free during the checkout. Sweetens the deal a fair bit - specially with a $50 voucher which came through within an hour of subscribing to the newsletter!

    • +1

      @jerome87 / mods - can you please update the deal to highlight the free Wireless Charger?

    • +1

      Just spoke to a rep. The charging trio promo ends at 11:59pm on the 9th.

  • Bought one, thanks OP!

    Bloody good deal as they are having a promo with the free Wireless Charger Trio

  • Tried for the $50 voucher and have messaged them 3 times through live chat since and sent an email. I'm not sure why some people are getting them but I am not

  • Bought one today and comes with wireless charger trio.
    Grey 256GB is out of stock, so I selected white - I always have a case on, so doesn't bother me.
    For the $50 voucher, I emailed them and they replied on the same day with the voucher code ([email protected])

  • Galaxy S21+ 5G (256 GB) for $1149 - add $50 voucher on top of it for further savings.

    Free Wireless Charger Trio as well

  • If anyone has a spare 50$ voucher code would be greatly appreciated!

  • no more wireless charger trio

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