Nintendo Switch 7 Inch Screen

I am so lucky did not buy those Switch deal on Ebay plus /Amazon deal for $399.00

here is for example:

New Nintendo Switch with 7-inch OLED screen coming this year, says report

Nintendo is planning to release an upgraded model of the Switch this year with an OLED screen, according to a new report in Bloomberg. The report says Samsung Display is providing the screen, which will be a 7-inch 720p rigid OLED panel set to go into mass production this June.

The current Switch has a 6.2-inch 720p LCD panel, while the Switch Lite’s screen is a 5.5-inch 720p LCD. Many Switch games struggle to hit native resolution in handheld mode, so the lack of an upgrade in resolution isn’t really a surprise. Bloomberg’s report does note, however, that the new Switch model will be capable of 4K graphics when hooked up to a TV, so the decision to stick with 720p in handheld mode could also be about preserving battery life.

The report doesn’t state a possible release date for the new Switch, but Bloomberg’s sources say that it’ll come in time for the holidays and that the displays will start shipping to assemblers around July. The initial monthly target is said to be “just under a million units;” if the last holiday season is anything to go by, Nintendo will want to make as many consoles as it possibly can.


  • Nintendo: There is no new switch planned for 2021

    Fanboys: No read between the lines, the way they worded it gives us hope… even though Nintendo were crystal clear

    • Have Nintendo actually stated that?

      • Yes, at their annual general meeting earlier this year

      • Nope, this is what they actually said this year:

        Q8You've talked about extending the Nintendo Switch lifecycle and further expanding the
        installed base, and that the user base has already become quite diversified. Where do you think
        there is room to grow, for example, demand for a second system, sales expansion in other
        regions, or expanding through something like Nintendo Switch Lite, which just completed its
        second holiday season? I heard news that you have no plans for a new model for the time
        being, but I'd like to hear more about your strategy for the Nintendo Switch family of systems.

        A8 Furukawa:
        Starting with the subject of new Nintendo Switch models, we will be releasing Nintendo
        Switch – Mario Red & Blue Edition (as a set including a carrying case and Nintendo Switch
        console with special Mario designs) alongside the release of Super Mario 3D World + Bowser's
        Fury on February 12. We also plan to release a special design of the hardware as Nintendo
        Switch MONSTER HUNTER RISE Edition in March. With this release schedule for new hardware
        and Nintendo Switch having just marked its highest sales in its fourth year on the market, we
        do not have plans to announce a new model.

        Moving on to future expansion of the installed base, we believe that as the number of
        Nintendo Switch users continues to grow, this will also drive increasing demand for a second
        system among the Nintendo Switch family of systems. In addition, sales in the "Other" region,
        which includes Asia, are increasing with an even higher growth rate than Japan, North America
        and Europe, so we want to further expand these sales.
        When we look at a percentage of new demand for Nintendo Switch so far, while we have
        made significant progress in some countries and regions, certain places have an even greater
        capacity for further growth. Looking at population size, for example, I think there is still plenty
        of room for new demand in the U.S. and Europe, even more so than in Japan. That said, there
        are already many people in these regions who have purchased the hardware in these past four
        years, and so for sales to grow even further, we will need to communicate the appeal of
        Nintendo Switch as a video game system to people who have not yet bought one as a result
        of our past initiatives. We will need to continue to create opportunities that lead to a purchase.
        I believe these initiatives will continue to be very important going forward.

        Nothing about 2021 just that they have no plans.

        • I will say again:

          Fanboys: No read between the lines, the way they worded it gives us hope… even though Nintendo were crystal clear

    • To be fair, they said the exact same thing in 2019, then a few months later announced the Switch Lite.

  • What report? At least link it so we can examine its claims.

  • Mass production this June. If that's the case, good luck getting your hands on one this year

  • All coming back to the Bloomberg report, when I'm pretty sure they have made the same claims already multiple times.

    I'll believe it's coming when Nintendo tell us so.

  • Bloomberg's tech insiders have been wrong before

  • I'm happy not to buy that 7 inches model, because the next one better.

    Repeat indefinitely

  • +7 votes

    $299 for a switch was too hard to pass up. Expect the new one to be upwards of $500.

  • 0.8 inches bigger than original switch

  • I've purchased so many damn switches… Lites, Normal, revamps….. What's another one to the pile?

    • Larger OLED 7-inch 720P: consumes less battery, higher contrast and faster response time compared to the current liquid crystal display
    • 4K ultra high definition for TV display (I'm assuming only output)
    • Possible thinner bezel
    • Mass production early as June
    • Launch may have 4 to 6 million units

    I dig it, I have the OG switch console, will wait and see how different it is. Think what everyone wants are better joy-cons, even though mine don't drift my partner's ones does and it is very annoying.

  • I’d rather buy the switch now, play the games I want to play rather than wait for x amount of time for the new switch comes out. Such a waste of time when you can be enjoying it now.

  • Where will they get their chips from?

  • Buy a Switch for the experience. You never know if you'll still have fingers tomorrow.

  • AFAIK the Switch is still selling really, really well. For sure Big N will release a new model eventually, buuut I don’t think it will be this year. Also, I’d expect at least a Full-HD portable screen with a new model.

    I also don’t necessarily think a new model will be 4K, if it’s only got a 720P screen.

    If a new Switch was released but only had a 720p screen I’m not entirely sure it would actually sell that well. People would have the option of the current 720P LCD which is fine, or an OLED that’s arguably better but still only 720P with docked 4K functionality that I’m not sure that many people would even use.

    4K on a PS5 or XBSX makes sense because of the graphics performance on those consoles, but Nintendo really won’t be seeing a huge advantage IMHO with 4K functionality.

    Just my thoughts.

  • +2 votes

    If you hold out not getting a switch for this long and always waiting for something "better", you don't need one :)

  • As long as devs keeps retaining fonts for ants in portable mode there's no point really. Seriously annoying.

  • You definitely missed the $299 Switch deal on eBay 2 weeks ago, lol. It's hard to pass at this price, with the new Switch (if any) may nearly double that.

  • Nintendo are very cagey with their console refreshes.

  • You’re butthurt that you didn’t catch the deal.