Quick Fix for Kitchen Mixer Tap Leaking Water into Cabinet Below

Photos: https://imgur.com/a/ac9JZPy
Alternative server: https://ibb.co/album/sjnXyM

There's a very small long gap between the base of the kitchen mixer tap and the benchtop which allows water to leak into the cabinet below.

Solution #1:
I am thinking to just silicone seal around the base of the tap on the benchtop, i.e. literally plugging the hole from where I can see it.
9" Caulking Gun - $2.30
Selleys 300g Wet Area Waterproof Silicone Sealant - Clear - $11.49

Solution #2:
I am afraid if I loosen the screw down below and adjust the base to close the gap, I might make worse the already brittle/rotten wood because it looks like it's been happening for a long time. At least it's holding up with its current structure if I don't disturb it.

Need other opinions on a quick and easy fix.
Thank you.


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  • If the wood base is rotted near to the hole, a solution may be to widen the base clamp such that it connects with non-rotted sections of the cabinet.

    Even if the wood was completely removed, you could clamp the tap onto the bench top itself.

    Where the tap connects to the bench top should have a rubber washer tucked in it or some rubber seal. If it doesn't, then even if you manage to jiggle the tap to fully cover the hole, water will still leak into the cabinet.

  • If you are sure it is the water on the sink getting under the mixer then some silicone around the base "may" help.
    Longer term it may be necessary to removed the mixer and replace the rubber seal between the mixer and the sink. Pretty straight forward.
    The brass spacer the fits to the underside of the sink should enable the mixer to still be affixed to the cabinet.
    It is not unusual for the internal seals of the mixer to break down over time and this will cause the mixer to leak - replacement of mixer job.

  • I had a similar thing in my place about 3 years ago. I just sealed it with silicone and it’s been great since.

  • Full kitchen reno required..

  • I had this recently, its not worth screwing around and the bench top was getting soaked and could expand.

    So I bought a new tap $100 and installed it, incredibly easy.

  • Solution #1 is NOT the right way to go the leak is probably from the cold and hot water connectors.
    Solution #2 is the way to go . If the wood is stuffed then grab some https://www.bunnings.com.au/earl-s-250ml-wood-hardener_p1585... and use it to hopefully fix the wood. The wood will continue to rot away, unless you treat it. Make sure you read the instructions to see how you use it.
    After it has fully dried then put the mixer back together and replace any squished washers you find and use tap thread seal tape on the threads to ensure hopefully they are water tight.

  • Solution 1 doesn't need a caulking gun. Just buy a tube with cap.

  • Could you get a wider collar to around the tape shaft and seal that up?

    • Reece/Bunnings may sell one but not sure it will fit my tap. I still need to remove the tap to fit the new base shaft from below. It's part of #2. There's too much mucking around here that I didn't consider this option.

  • Hammer

  • Repair or replace the mixer…still a trip to the store easy and only takes a few minutes longer, but is a long term best method for a leak.

    It will only get more expensive the longer you wait.

  • Bucket.

  • Just loosen the fixing for the mixer tap and centre the tap correctly and it will cover the hole, tighten it back up, forget silicone and all the other handyman tips!

    • That is closing the gate after the horse has bolted.

      What about the main fault…a leaking mixer?

      • the water may just be draining in there after splashing on the bench top or running off the tap from wet hands. Ie if the mixer itself isn’t leaking this should work.

        • OP states the Mixer is leaking. There is no mention of splash.

          • @doctordv8:

            There's a very small long gap between the base of the kitchen mixer tap and the benchtop which allows water to leak into the cabinet below.

            It doesn’t actually say the mixer is leaking, just that water is leaking to below. That could mean either.

  • The OP asks for "Quick Fix for Kitchen Mixer Tap Leaking Water into Cabinet Below"

    1. Repair the Leak.
    2. Repair the entry point of the said Leaking water….from the Leaking Mixer.

    OP asks for opinions… Repairing the Mixer, which is Leaking…. as stated, is an option, which in my opinion is the best repair method.

    The cheapest and worst repair method is to reseal the ingress point of the cabinet.

    This is a foolhardy and waste of time repair as it does not actually repair the Leak.

    So, again, Repair the Tap.

    Feel free to continue for the final as usual, word.

    • The tap isn't leaking….His photos clearly show this. If the tap was leaking there would a lot more water damage. Its clearly just splashed water from using the tap and sink.

      • OP states, says, tells you…Quick Fix for Kitchen "Mixer Tap Leaking Water" into Cabinet Below.

        Photo only shows water ingress point and water stain in bench top.

        Leaking and splash are two different planets. Not the same, and not even close.

        Either fix the tap ….best option, or….seal the cabinet thru hole cheapest….until cabinet is destroyed by water and the repair becomes 100 times more expensive.

        Which is cheap repair as OP asks, cheap today or cheap in a few months? Depending on how long for it has been LEAKing.

        A still photo will not show drips from a leaking tap. You could ask for a short video for OP to prove his statements.

        Why is this simple question so difficult? Repair the fault….not hide it.

        If a kitchen guy did a patch cover up repair in your home…you would be swearing at full noise at them.

        Will the OP say something here?