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Ergobaby Omni 360 Cool Air Mesh Baby Carrier $179 Delivered @ Ergobaby


Get an Extra $100 off already reduced Omni 360 Cool Air Mesh Baby carriers from ergobaby.com.au

**Omni 360 Cool Air Mesh Baby Carrier was $349, Sale Price $279 and using promo code IWD100 brings it to $179

Sleep Bags on sale was $59.95, Sale Price $19

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  • Legend! Waiting for this to go on sale

  • How does it compare to other cheaper products, like babybjorn 3d mesh (even cheaper brand like Infantino?)

    • I've only ever had this one and some Chico wraps. Both are amazing. The Chico wraps were great for the first 4-6 months then we graduated to this ergobaby. Its easy to use as long as you can reach behind your head to clip the shoulder pieces together while the baby is in the carrier on your chest.

    • We had a very cheap one when bub was tiny which worked for the very early days but then transitioned to this. Bub didn’t love it at first, but once he took to it he loved it and it was super handy. I keep it in the car and still use it now every now and then at 18 months forward facing. Other friends with similar aged kids use it in backpack mode. The resale on these is also decent so if there’s a significant sale like this it’s a good buy for most. Like with all baby purchases there’s a risk bub won’t take to it or you won’t find it useful, but this is a decent baby carrier. If you do buy look into the tshirt method of donning and doffing this - it helps a lot.

    • This one is much better than the Babybjorn. This one is very easy to put on by yourself; you do the waistband up, pick up baby and hold against your front, pull the front up and slip the shoulder straps on, then do the one buckle up behind your neck.

      I found the Babybjorn was a struggle go do up alone, which defeated the purpose a bit.

    • Much refer it to the Bjorn. More comfortable and easier to put on by yourself.

    • This is better than babybjorns. I have both.

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    Not working for the blue colour one

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    The code does not work mate for the Omni 360 mesh carrier

  • Are these easy to put on? I bought a Manduca as they said it's better for the baby but so hard to put on that I don't bother.

    • It’s quite easy, the only thing is the back strap may sometimes be harder to reach but maybe that’s just me… ;)

      • if u lift too much br0 it's hard to reach the back strap and it earlobs

      • I just gave my Manduca another go and it's the back strap that's impossible for me to clip on my own once baby is there. Either I have really short arms or the person in the demo video has monkey arms.

        • Check out the tshirt method. This video is for ergo baby but I think it would also work for the manduca https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=HBhgdHQXAHw once the hip/waist strap is on, you have the back strap done up (preadjusted to the width for you) and the two arm straps really loose and pull the back strap over your head whilst holding the baby, then tighten the arm straps. Sounds tricky back actually works. I had difficulty following from the video until a friend showed me. I no longer undo or adjust the back strap.

          • @morse: Yeah I was tossing up between pre clipping the back strap, or the shoulder straps (to make the backpack arms), couldn't do those with the baby on me as well. I did pre clip both and essentially "army crawled" into it but I obviously can't do that in public lol

  • Legend thanks OP. Been keeping an eye on this for pending may arrival 👌

  • Have been waiting for a good deal to buy, thank you!

  • This is no good for me - my baby has absolutely no chance of being able to carry me.

  • Really good price! We have one of these brand of carriers and worked well.

  • Keep the baby deals coming! Got one coming in a few months..

  • pro tip, there are millions of baby carriers on marketplace and gumtree for ~$20 in perfectly functional condition

    • if you’re after a specific brand or style eg this one, you’re unlikely to find it for $20

      • Same can be said for literally almost anything, but if you're not rigid about style you can definitely scoop up a massive bargain.

        • For sure, but it’s kinda like someone posting a deal for a Ferrari $100k and then commenting that you can get a car second hand for $10k if you’re not fussed on the type of car.

          With the brand name baby stuff like bugaboo, ergobaby, bonds etc people often sell second hand at close to sale prices. With some brands it is actually the function of the product that is better not just the look. e.g. bonds zip suits are the only one that have flip up booties and handcovers up to size 0, the more expensive baby carriers tend to be the ones that are hip safe etc. Don’t get me wrong my baby has heaps of second hand stuff, but sometimes on sale new is better value.

          • @morse: Perhaps I was unclear, but I'm not saying to buy off brand, I mean name brand, genuine ergobaby / baby bjorn carriers are that cheap 2nd hand. Your example makes sense, that would not be apples to apples, but it's definitely not the point I'm trying to make.

            • @GenghisGun: Absolutely, I’m often looking for a bargain on decent stuff second hand and sometimes luck out. At the moment in my area these are all over $100 there’s one ergo for $20 but it looks really old and it’s unclear what the model is. In Sydney I found the second hand market for things much cheaper. Gold Coast I find a lot of people want almost what they paid if in decent condition and of one of the more popular brands.

    • I've got one (non mesh) for sale if anyone wants to DM me =)

    • Beware the Chinese imitation ones, they're very well copied, same labels and brands etc, only the real manufacturer can tell them apart basically.

      That and they fall apart. I bought one secondhand, it broke,I contacted ergo baby and they confirmed it was fake

  • Thanks OP. Got one baking in the oven ETA Aug

    Is now a good time to buy or will there typically be more repeated deals?

  • Is it a frontpack for a parent, or a backpack for a baby?

  • Wow that price is really out there. I bought a Ergobaby Carrier 360 Cool Air 2 years ago (new!!) for $154 delivered. Best to shop around I think!! That said, it is a good unit.

    • I got mine for $149 delivered in 2019 via a similar sale direct from ergo baby. This seems like a decent price to me.

  • Got this for $100 from ebay

  • no free shipping for the sleeping bag. Same price for the sleeping at the stork nes

  • I see them on ebay for $120-$150. Are they the same ones? Looks like it….

    • It mentions it is the genuine article, but has packaging for Asian countries.
      Undecided at this time!

    • They’re fake. Google “fake ergobaby” or have a look on YouTube- it’s a whole industry and you’ll see how identical down to the packaging they are. It’s really hard to tell fakes, and it comes down very fine details to tell the difference. It’s been going on for years.

  • yeah ebay has the same ones new, for $150, whats the difference?

  • I think they're a lot like capsules, not worth full price, heaps on the used market that you'll likely get your money back when you sell it.
    Could probably count on one hand the number of times we used one with our last one, she wasn't a fan at all but was also walking pretty early on.

    • Same. We couldn’t even use once. Easier to use a pram or carry them old fashioned

    • Depends on the kid.

      First child: Carrier was the only way my first would fall asleep and he did not like pram so we carried him everywhere (not an ergo baby). He just liked body contact. Still used it regularly with him until he was almost 3 yo. He occasionally asked for it up until almost 4 yo.

      Second child: f’ing hated carriers. Pram all the way.

      Also: both crawling before 6 months and walking before 12 months.



      • Haha same here but opposite!! The carrier is a godsend for our second kid, nothing else works

    • There is a good reason they invented and continue to refine the pram because it doesn't break your back!

      • This is a very Western view of parenting.

        • If you are saying not having a sore back is western.

          I suggest you forgo the shopping trolley at the supermarket and strap all your grocery to your chest and see how well your back holds up over a period of time.

          • @netjock: I think you completely missed my point, which was not that prams serve no function nor that baby carrying is always preferred over prams/strollers. I doubt you’d use the trolley if you were only grabbing one item at the supermarket.

            • @sno0pDog: Depends on whether you want to be lugging 3kg+ for newborns how far. Most toddlers would be 5-6kg.

              I would check your coverage for physio.

              • @netjock: Depends where you are going; not all places are built for prams (stairs etc). Plus how big, fit, strong you are etc. If carrying 5-6kg on your chest is problematic then yes, baby wearing is not for you.

                Also, I hope your toddler is not 5-6kg.

                • @sno0pDog: Your logic is like buying a SUV with road tyres for those chances you need to go off road.

                  • @netjock: Again, your analogies seem to miss the core point.

                    Anyway, I’d be spending my time arranging to see a paediatrician / dietician etc about your 5-6kg toddler rather than posting on OB. Getting in to see medical and allied health professionals can be difficult, although your situation would likely be expedited.

                    Good luck.

                    • @sno0pDog: Your replies miss the core point.

                      Most of these strap ons are an expensive joke. Simply a marketing trick. Yes you might get closer for "bonding" but it won't do any good for your long term back health.

                      Reason why Asian people strap their children is due to fact their country have bad roads and they live in high rises before lifts became common.

                      The amount of second hand near new demonstrates the point it is a bad long term product.

                      End of conversation.

                      • @netjock: Mate. Same arguments about $$$ can be said for most prams.

                        As I said, good luck with everything.

                      • @netjock: Well, because you don't see a use for it doesn't mean there isn't one.

                        I love walking my dog in a park nearby that doesn't have walkways adapted to prams.

                        This type of baby carrier is great for this purpose.

                        Thanks, OP.

                        • @ElTouristo:

                          I love walking my dog in a park nearby that doesn't have walkways adapted to prams.

                          Maybe you shouldn't be walking your dog and have your kid strapped to you in case you get attacked by other dogs or you dog gets into a fight. It is basically a different risk you are taking.

                          • @netjock: Either you are trolling or won't accept to be wrong.

                            I shouldn't even go out then? Do you even have kids? You don't stop living or stay hidden at home after having a baby…

                            FYI, my dog is a 4kg cavapoo, and most of the dogs in my area are small or medium dogs. Regardless dogs don't just fight or attack randomly…
                            And to be honest, having my baby attached to me means I have my hands free. I can deal with a lot more situation than if I had a pram to handle/secure.

                            A carrier of less than 20% of your body weight shouldn't be an issue for an adult without back issues. Not to mention this carrier apply some of the weight on the hips rather than the shoulders.

                            • @ElTouristo: Clearly doesn’t have kids.

                            • @ElTouristo:

                              Either you are trolling or won't accept to be wrong.

                              Or you just like to be right.

                              Regardless dogs don't just fight or attack randomly…

                              We don't talk to dogs do we won't know but imagine you're the odd one out that gets into the news when an accident happens.

                              A carrier of less than 20% of your body weight shouldn't be an issue for an adult without back issues

                              Typical Australia adult body weight is about 90kg (obviously higher for me) then why do we have heavy object labels on items greater than 20kg (20% of body weight).

                              Take your chances. It is an accident because you never expect it to be in your control or happen.

      • This is a bit of silly debate. Most people who use a carrier also use a pram. In different circumstances one or the other will be more useful. Many of the prams around can cause injury in various ways too eg heavy to lift in and out of a car. Most of the weight actually sits on your pelvis with these carriers. The only times I’ve had any strain with one is walking on the beach in soft sand and it was my knees that felt it (I was also a little unconditioned at the time). People go hiking etc with baby carriers just like they would with a backpack, some people might have issues with their back, many won’t.

        • many won’t

          Just wait. Basically most injuries won't show until later on down the track.

          I got a 6kg pram specifically because I didn't want to be lifting heavy weights. But then people love to strap a few additional kilos to themselves which they are not regularly trained to take up. Everyone is welcome. Medicare might pick up the $ bill but it won't compensate for the suffering.

          • @netjock: I also got a light pram for that reason, mine breaks into two 3ish kg pieces but is still a full size pram. What I noticed about a lot of the very light weight ones like the yo yo etc is they are super low, all that stooping over to pick up or adjust a kid isn’t great for backs either.

            There’s lots of things in life you can get any injury from.
            I don’t know that baby carriers is a huge source of injuries.

            There’s also the health benefit of being physically active whilst wearing one. I don’t know if you’ve actually tried one of these on with a baby in it, but the load is on the pelvis - do you think hikers should stop carrying packs when hiking too? Again the health benefits both physical and mental outweigh the injury risks when using a properly fitted pack.

            Baby carriers aren’t your thing 🤷‍♀️ You’re mighty opinionated about it on behalf of other people.

            • @morse:

              What I noticed about a lot of the very light weight ones like the yo yo etc is they are super low, all that stooping over to pick up or adjust a kid isn’t great for backs either

              Mine full weight is 6kg. Also disassembled into two pieces. Frame and seat. Seat is front or backward facing. No problem with it being super low and no stooping.

              do you think hikers should stop carrying packs when hiking too?

              I sure won't be wearing a heavy back pack to go hiking, people can consider their own risks. I wouldn't be carrying heavy weights for recreation unless it is in an controlled environment (at the gym). Heavy loads on uneven / unpaved ground. People fall slip and fall down embankments while hiking then there is people who fall getting out of the shower but then it depends on where you would like to be when you do have a fall. Easy for an ambulance and crew to get to you in your house (provided it isn't in the middle of no where) vs maybe an SES team with a stretcher and a helicopter to get you out of the forest.

              You’re mighty opinionated about it on behalf of other people.

              Why would you think that consider it is all these people replying trying to argue the point to me? Check where this all started.

  • Hi OP, I placed an order for wrong item by mistake. Could you help me to cancel the order please? Thanks :)

  • stackable with 15% new sign ups?

  • In hindsight, I wished I purchased more things second hand. Things like thesd can often be found in very very good condition at a good discount to brand new.

    • +3 votes

      Second hand baby stuff is the best. I found that a lot of new/expectant parents buy everything (or get given everything) and the use it once for their baby and realise that either themselves or their baby doesn't like it and then it stays in storage until the baby outgrows it.

    • Couldn’t agree more

  • Pass. Lillebaby all day every day.

  • Any tried carrying a dog in one of these? I tried one of the dog ones but little doggo didn't like it…

  • Great deal, thank you!

  • Thanks so much OP. We're expecting in July and slowly trying to purchase things and these sales are always helpful on our ever growing list of expenses and costs.

  • thanks OP, still a ripoff but I bought one anyway

  • I almost got this, but we went with the Baby Bjorn version instead as we found it easier. The Ergobaby just kept sinking down and the only way of elevating it was tightening the straps which isn't very comfy for the bubba.

    But obviously heaps of parents use this ergobaby version, it is so personal - strongly recommend you take your kid into a store and try both brands in person.