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Kogan Cyclonic Bagless Vacuum Cleaner $59 + Postage


Just to add an alternative to other deals posted on vacuum cleaner recently. Not bad for $59 delivered considering the spec;

No suction loss' technology
Powerful 1600W Motor
Turbo head with rotating brush

edit: free shipping expired

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  • Or get this one: http://www.kogan.com.au/shop/bagless-vacuum-cleaner-multi-cy...

    $20 more, but extra power, size etc.

    • are any of these any good to use? or are they just Chinese crap? (no offence Chinese people but your stuff is generally mass produced and of lower quality)

      • Which vacuum cleaner nowadays is not made in China (except Miele)?

        • Most stuff is now made in china, however when buying something with a well known brand name you are usually guaranteed quality, since they have quality control.
          Where as if you buy some randomly imported item from China they are usually poorly quality controlled and crap.

        • Dyson? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dyson_(company)#Production_moves_to_Malaysia

      • What exactly are you expecting for $59 delivered? :)

        I bought a Nilfisk 10+ years ago for a small fortune, and to this day it is working as new.

        For $59 inc. delivery, I'd be happy if it worked for more than 6 months.

      • LOL, I'm of Chinese descent, and no offense taken. I call it chinese crap too. They CAN manufacture stuff really really really well, but the vast majority of the stuff we can actually see and buy for a pittance, aren't.

        • Exactly what I was going to say :P While much of the stuff from there seems crap, most of those factories just fill orders from western/other companies. Those people have the option of choosing good expensive stuff of cheap crap - what do you think they pick? It's all about the money…

      • No, they're made of solid gold, do the vacuuming for you and then give you a backrub (whoops, nearly put something else then!) when they're finished. A stupid reply to a really stupid comment as EVERYTHING is made in China nowadays from Ipads to 68 buck vacuum cleaners..

  • Kogan sucks!

  • It seems any number can be preceded with the word POWERFUL, and it is then presumed to be.

    From what I have seen 1600W is about average, but calling it an AVERAGE POWER VACUUM probably doesn't sound as good.

  • The trouble with vacuums is with all the HEPA filter etc these days the cheaper ones stop working when the filter blocks up
    Most are difficult or impossible to clean the filter and then continue using
    We were gifted a Volta bagless about 2 years ago
    Around $200 at the time and the winner of the Choice awards for cheaper vacuums
    We can barely vacuum the whole house before filter clogs and no suction
    Gunna save up and get a dyson or similar I think

  • No longer free delivery - cost to ship to 3000 is 21.49.

  • You could get it for $49 + delivery using this voucher http://www.kogan.com.au/shop/100-paypal-gift-card/

  • Thanks Matt =)

    Just picked up one of those gift cards!