Wooden Charging Stations - Are They a Fire Hazard?

Wood + Electricity
Is it ok?
What if wires frey over time?


  • looks at all the power poles in the country, made of wood

  • Timber is a bad conductor of electricity. It's highly unlikely that they will spontaneously combust.

    • Conduction != combustability.

      Wood combusts very well. Metal is a brilliant conductor, but that doesn’t mean it will combust.

      With electricity it brings heat, and heat with wood can easily cause it to combust. Wood not recommend.

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    Do you worry about USB cables touching the carpet?

  • Worries about 2A at 5V through a USB cable touching wood whilst completely ignoring the fact that thousands of Watts of power are being drawn through electrical wiring through the home attached to wood studs, going to powerboards likely placed on carpet or wood floors, going into much higher wattage/hotter appliances sitting on wood furniture.


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    if bargain huntress keeps asking questions like this, pretty soon she should be able to hold a conversation with all the knowledge she has attained. they grow up oh so fast