Poco X3 NFC - SMS Messages Only Sometimes Received - Help Me Please

Poco X3 NFC - Other Areas phone, bought from Banggood

I really like this phone, great battery, camera is good, etc etc

Still looking to get get a fix for this issue.

My SMS messages only sometimes arrive.

I have tried

Changing my messaging Apps.

Deleting the Google "carrier services app" and rebooted the phone.
https://www.cashify.in/glitch-prevents-android-users-from-se... and instructions on Reddit

Put in ##4636## (for anyone trying the same, there are extra astrixes in this code that for some reason are not displayed here)
Then inserted my BOOST SMS number into the correct location and rebooted phone.
https://c.mi.com/thread-2683357-1-1.html (Translated and used the Boost Number)

I have spent at least 3 hours online with Boost and have received no help yet.
Is there any point contacting the manufacturer?

Please if anyone can assist please please let me know.



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    I would look into doing a clean install of the ROM. If you're using the google messages app, it could be related to mobile data needing to be on for it to work. Is your mobile data working correctly for web browsing?

    • Initially, I was using Messenger for SMS. Then Google Messages, Now using Chomp.

      My mobile data has been working really well and is always on.

      When you say do "a clean install of the ROM". Are you suggesting I do a factory reset?


  • Just wanted to say I've got the same phone on Boost with no problems. Factory reset it before set-up when new so that may help. I used XiaomiADBFastbootTools to debloat afterwards, and works well.

    • I have not used XiaomiADBFastbootTools to debloat. I didn'y even know it existed. Do you reckon the bloatware is somehow interfering in the messages delivery?

      So you are suggesting I do a Factory Reset on the phone. I have not tried this, but I will do it if you reckon it will fix this damn issue.


  • no fix. I dont think

  • I've got the oppo reno 5g on boost. I've also been missing some sms but I mostly use whatsapp so not a big issue except for 2FA.
    It's odd in that I'll miss the first message sometimes but receive the subsequent messages.

    I'm switching providers when my 12 months are done.

    • I have been with BOOST for years now and with my previous phones have never (seemingly) not received an SMS message.

  • I had this issue too. Texts were definitely being received because I get a notification on my laptop (via the Join app) when they arrive. But when I went to the Messages app they were nowhere to be seen. I read somewhere else that disabling "Chat Features" functionality in the Message app settings fixes this. Since I did that the problem hasn't reoccurred.

    • Unfortunately, Chat features isn't available on my device, so I can't turn it off.

      However I did find an option to turn off the feature, if for some reason the 'chat features" function had been turned on. So fingers crossed.



      This seems to have worked. I am getting the first message sent to me and straight away.
      I hope it continues

  • I've not received any SMS to my Poco X3 NFC and get no delivery report either. When I put my SIM into a different phone it receives all the backed up SMSs.

  • Mystery Solved!!! This is what actually worked.

    I turned off the chat features and my POCO X3 now receives messages, all of them.


    So happy now.

    • I wish it were that simple. I tried visiting that site and got:

      Chat features can't be turned off for this device or phone number without assistance. Contact your carrier.

      • Chat features can't be turned off for this device or phone number without assistance. Contact your carrier.

        I've been also fighting against this message for over a month.

        Last night I just set "Messages" as my default messages app (I'd previously been using something else), then turned on "Chat Features" (took 30 seconds to register the service with my number) then turned it off.

        Now I'm able to receive PIN codes for the first time without multiple resends or delays.

        It's an infuriating problem.

  • My solution was to reflash the phone with the original global firmware version, before flashing an alternative OS. Now the phone receives SMS.