Noctua NH-U12S Chromax Black 120mm CPU Cooler $99 + Delivery @ Newegg


Duty required since it's coming from I think Taiwan.

Currently marked 10% off from original $110aud.

Shipping to Sydney is 9 bucks.

Paid total $108.9

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  • No duty is payable as the item and shipping is less than $1000. Newegg may charge you GST but thats it.

  • I have this exact model… the best CPU cooling I've used so far. Was thinking of getting an AIO for the look but I reckon this air cooler is better.

    Read the third comment, he makes a good point. Keep it in mind.

  • It is worth twice the cost of a Cooler Master Hyper 212?

    • For normal users, hell no.

      But if you're doing some serious overclocking and running into the Cooler Master limits, then absolutely 👍

    • To answer this question, you need to understand what factors matter to you. The hyper 212 is well known in the industry for a sweet price to performance ratio, which is why it is so well loved. Past this $70~ price point, we definitely see diminishing returns. (eg. To get lower degrees you need to start spending an exponential amount)

      Considering locally a hyper 212 costs about $65-70, the difference of <$30 is not that much if you consider things like noctua fan quality and warranty, noise, etc. Noctua fans alone cost about double if not more than coolermaster fans, come with a 7 year warranty in most cases, and are well known for being engineered to give the lowest noise and longevity. The secure form mounting system is also one of the best/easiest systems to use.

      The U12S is a 5 heat pipe design over coolermasters 4, so you would expect to get a bit more performance there, although whether it is 1-2 degrees may seem inconsequential to you.

      Personally I think it's worth it but it depends what you're expecting.
      For example is a noctua dh-15 worth 3x as much? Really depends on who's asking.

  • NH-D15 is only $110+delivery if someone is interested: