[AMA] I'm an Ex Specsavers Worker, Ask Me Anything

Mod Note: This AMA is a continuation of an older thread that was unpublished on 4 March, as the OP failed to reply to questions in a timely manner. The content below are answers to questions asked in the unpublished threads.

  1. y did u get fired
    didn’t get fired, left to be with family overseas

  2. Is Specsavers the worst of the retail optom companies?
    No, prices are decent but not super budget. OCT scans are good.

  3. When a customer asks do I look good wearing these glasses, do you automatically say yes to appease them or go for honesty if it isn't a fit.

Nah, they want it to fit or else it reflects badly on the brand.

  1. should you reqlly get the extra coating for glare
  2. so why isnt it standard?
    To make money. Also some people just use their glasses to do puzzles, read books no need.

  3. What's the most useless add-on cash grab that Specsavers offered?
    To be honest, nothing really is truly useless. Don’t get the first gen AR coating. Just for out the extra 20 bucks for the second one

  4. What the hell was going on with: Specsavers Adelaide optometrist struck off register after tampering with hundreds of glasses prescriptions
    Crazy guy who wanted someone else fired so he tampered it. In store politics

  5. Are these frames and glasses really worth the money? I bought a new pair of glasses on 31st Dec trying to take advantage of my $300 private health insurance but ended up paying an additional $98 towards anti-reflection and blue filter coating. I felt stupid for spending $98 when I could probably buy a similar quality online. Will you buy glasses from Specsavers if you don't have private insurance?

Health fund don’t cover for coatings unless its AHM/Medibank

  1. Do you get upset when people ask for their prescription to be written down so they can buy their frames elsewhere?
    Nah couldn’t care less.

  2. Will you be answering any questions?
    I’ll get around to it

  3. How do you feel the company treats employees?
    The company doesn’t deal with the employees, it deals with the store owners. That’s pretty shit tbh. The store owners then go on to deal with the staff, YMMV

  4. Why is the manager of the Bondi Junction branch such a (profanity)?
    Because its bondi

  5. What is the actual cost of specsaver in-house branded frames?

  6. Where are the lenses manufactured? The glasswork on the lenses is done in India or China?
    China or Thailand

  7. If I take the spectacles I bought from an online retailer into SS, and ask them to bend the nose bits to fit me better, is that wrong, rude, likely to cause an incident or common practice and entirely acceptable?
    Nah, they’ll just tell you if they break it they wont be responsible for it. They will try to do you a service so that you’ll come back to get glasses next time.

  8. Did you have to endlessly hand out pamphlets in front of your local outlet?
    Ask that store manager to stop

  9. How can some people get a Rayban sunny with their private healthcare fund extra? is there a trick yo'd like to share?
    Illegal back door shit at independent practices

  10. OP, is there any difference in the quality of lens between OPSM and specsavers, do you both use the same labs?
    For single vision lenses, it matters shit all. Multifocals, answer is it depends.

  11. When is the best time to take advantage of the deals/ specials Specsavers have?
    Free polarizing promotion or big free offer

  12. When you pay for lens thinning (or whatever it's called), is it possible to pay for just 1 lens?
    Yes but it’s a stretch to ask. Might have to ask different stores.

  13. Did SpecSaver lawyers call you yesterday?

  14. Do you believe eye tests should show more, not cost more?
    Medicare system has some faults but its ok

  15. Are simple eyes tests limited to every 3 years or is there a way around that?
    If you have a legitimate problem then you can get an eye test.

  16. Why do the sales staff always push to get your eyes tested? Do they get a commission from this?
    Because its better to get a test and have the newest prescription so that the glasses don’t end up being wrong.

  17. Do you recommend wearing yearly contact lenses?
    Absolutely not

  18. Hey OP, How old are you?
    Never been better

  19. Why do they force me to check my hearing now when I go in for my annual eye test?
    Opportunity to sell you hearing aids if need be. It’s a game of numbers.

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  • What happened in the last 24 hours?

  • What’s your favourite pizza topping?

  • This feels like a rerun now, like minutes from a strata meeting 🥱. Sorry.

  • Will you answer any questions from this thread?

  • What do you think of Oscar Wylee - is their product inferior to what Specsavers generally offer? Especially on the lower end.

  • "How can some people get a Rayban sunny with their private healthcare fund extra? is there a trick yo'd like to share?
    Illegal back door shit at independent practices"

    I have prescription Rayban sunglasses which I purchased from OPSM with my PHI extras, perfectly legal.

    Unless you are referring to non-RX versions.

    • some indies will charge the healthfund the amount put some shitty lenses in and supply the patient with the original blanks which gets substituted in. it costs the practice 5 dollars for the shit lenses but at least they're making the non-rx rayban sale

  • Specsavers has a vague 3 month "100% satisfaction guarantee". What does this actually mean?

    If I order a 2 pairs of prescription sunglasses and just decide I don't like them, can I return them for a full refund (and what if I paid partly with health insurance)?

    What about if I only don't like one pair? Can I swap it for a completely new pair (either higher or lower price)?

    • yes you could go for a full refund but they'll fight you on it. its like "why, whats wrong"

      if you paid with health insurance then they'll charge it back to the health insurance but if that period is over then you lose the money so then you would have to be given store credit.

      if you don't like one pair then you can exchange it for another pair of equal or lesser value

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    The irony of OP actually showing up and replying has created less buzz than when OP was MIA in the now unpublished post. 🤷‍♂️

  • I'd love to hear more about the Bondi Junction management.

  • Is there a difference between single vision lens at specsavers and say Hoya/Essilor lens at independent optoms? If yes what is it?

    • not much. surface coatings might be a touch different.

      for high scripts some branded lenses might be aspheric or have modifications for high cylinder but its incremeental

      • Is aspheric good? Not sure what that is.

        I'm (-5.50) and planning to buy my own new frame (asian fit) and reglaze. Reckon I should go to an independent optom or SS? Cost not an issue