Is anyone getting ebay selling promos anymore?

Is anyone getting the ebay selling promos for zero or $1 final value fees any longer? Last one I got finished around christmas/new year and nothing since. They were coming weekly from like October to December.

Or is this new get 10% of your selling fee back as a voucher thing going to forever replace these promos?

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  • I don't even get this selling fee promo.
    I use the 2 free listings per month through Gumtree but yeah, it isn't much but good for expensive items

    • Use the 2 free listings a month with gumtree offer and stack that offer with the 10% back as a voucher. Instead of me paying 10% to eBay they are paying it to me in vouchers ;)

  • just checked my eBay account - got the 2x pay no final value fees and the 10% back. wonder if they both stack. also have the 2 free from gumtree so 4 this month

    I’ve been getting the 2x pay no final value fees like every 2 weeks since December last year

  • Yeah but I've never sold. I'm too scared to get scammed. I've got a $400 item I'd like to off-load.

  • Stopped after new year for me…