This was posted 3 years 11 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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List & Sell 2 Items Free each Month on eBay via Gumtree


Reposting previous deal from 9 months ago for those unaware of this offer. When you list qualifying items on Gumtree, you'll see this. Limited to 2 per month. Enjoy :)

Limited to 2 free insertion and final value fees per qualifying seller per qualifying sale per month during the promotion period. Sellers may list in all eBay categories, except the following excluded categories: Businesses for Sale (11759), Aircrafts (63676), Boats (26429), Caravans/Motorhomes (32633), Cars (29690), Motorcycles (32073), Trucks/Commercial Vehicles (6049), Real Estate (10542), Services (316), Flights (3253), Tickets (1305), Travel (3252), and Vouchers/Gift Certificates (184609).

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    TA, does this mean there's no fees charged whatsoever from both ebay & paypal?

    And Thanks for posting

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      No eBay fees only. You will be charged Paypal fees.

      • Cheers Nandy

      • no i had been charged ebay fees on the new ebay managed payments they still charged me 13.6 % fees after removal of paypal

        • I contacted their support and they advised that a credit will be issued in 14 days from the end of the listing. If it hasn't you have to contact them via their live chat and they'll process a refund.

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    Thanks for the reminder TA!

    But eBay policies favour buyers big time and last I checked you don’t get the funds until the buyer signs off or agrees that they’re happy with the purchase. So it’s open to scummy buyers abusing the system.

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      For sellers, you can set a minimum feedback score threshold for buyers. I agree that selling to someone with a new account or only a couple of feedback points can lead to a world of trouble.

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    Thanks you tightarse, I wasn't aware of this and I will give it a try!!

  • Just an FYI from eBay chat recently I was told they basically ‘couldn’t guarantee this was working’ at the moment.

    • I've used this many times without an issue, and even if eBay themselves can't see the offer in their system, they will refund you any fees charged if you tell them about this offer.

    • Used it last 2 months didn't get any Final Value fees for things I sold.

    • Yep, I had to get them to credit my 2 last month as I was initially charged fees

  • Any idea if this has to be linked to the same email address? Also the T7C's I just read said 5 per month?


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    Can we sell on ebay and have the buyer pick up the item and do a cash payment?

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    Would this be two every calendar month or every 30 days?

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    Just wondering, is there any way of me keeping track of how many i have done in a month? Or any way of ebay knowing which ones were gumtree and which werent? Also, if i have an issue, is online chat with ebay the only/best option?

  • When I try to use it I get:
    Well, this is embarrassing.
    We're sorry, but the quick listing tool isn't working just at the moment. Please try again later.'

  • I have been using this for a while, but does anyone know if an ebay listing auto renews itself after 30days and then sells is it still fee free?

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      No it probably won't work in that case, haven't confirmed it myself but according to the terms:

      ..and subsequently sell the eBay item within 30 days
      ..will be eligible for the promotion only until the listing automatically re-lists

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    Promo page was taken down, but the option is still on Gumtree.

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    Hmm I was about to list a big-ticket item and get this offer - if it's been taken down from the Ebay side should I be worried? Did the T&C's previously have an end date? @Tightarse would you know anything about this?

    • As an update, I listed and sold one item in Jan (through this method), and my invoice just came out and I didn't get charged the FVF.

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    • Thanks, Same here title link doesn't exit or work. Please fix it. If you search 'Gumtree' in a seller centre you will find it or the link above.
      I confirmed that the Gumtree link to free listing to ebay working back to normal now! It was paused after new year so I stopped listing on ebay and now can resume.

  • Great deal !

    Does this have any capped value limit ?

  • +1

    Followed instructions, but on the ebay listing it says at the bottom "List it for value fee applies when your item sells."

    Is the offer available for BIN and auctions ?

    • I noticed this as well and I havent sold any items at all this month…Can anyone confirm that it always says that?

      • Yes. Just found out about this gumtree promo and tried listing 2 things. Both times it said that… so I'm not sure if this will actually apply. Looking through previous threads it sounds like people had to call up ebay and get a credit manually adjusted

  • Once you list the item in Ebay using the Gumtree ad, can we close off the Gumtree ad or does it need to stay active while the ebay listing is active?

    Nothing worse than fielding non stop scummy offers through Gumtree.

  • Has anyone sold through this promotion after ebay moved away from PayPal?
    Before this new payment system Ebay introduced came into effect, the fees weren't charged at all from the outset for listings imported from Gumtree, but they seem to have moved to a system where they deduct the fee and supposedly credits back to you after 20-25 days. Just wanted to see if anyone had experienced this and how long it took for the credit to come through? Funnily enough, Ebay can't even confirm whether my sale is eligible for fee refund or not.

    • I have the same issue as well, eBay cannot confirm anything about it and said to wait up to 25 days to see whether I am credited for the fees. I have asked where 25 days is written and eBay said it was communicated by gumtree to them so it is not in the T&Cs

      Have yet to be 25 days so I have not received the credit either

      • Did you guys end up getting your fees refunded for your sales? I'm encountering the same issues and was asked to wait up to 25 days..

  • Looks like this promo is finished? can't find button to post to ebay anymore.

    • +1

      Still there for me although since ebay started managing payments they have incorrectly charged me final value fee under this deal and I had to contact them for rebate. It’s happened 2 out of 2 times so I encourage others to double check eBay has not charged them.

      • Same here. They processed fee refund within a week and approved it quickly in a live chat.

  • +3

    So this deal has changed a bit with the new managed payments via eBay. It is still valid and is 2 items per month, however note that because eBay has moved to managed payments, this promotion now takes up to 15 days to register and be paid back rather than charging $0 initially. Generally there is no need to follow up with eBay live chat until 15 days after selling as it seems to be known in the back end that this is the case.

  • Don't use this deal whatsoever, unless you like waiting 15 days to submit a claim to ebay support then waiting another 15 business days to get it reviewed by gumtree. eBay has turned into a joke now.

  • Can anyone confirm if this deal still works with ebay's new managed payments system?

    Looks like by June everyone is getting forced to the new managed payments system.

    • Nope, have to complain with eBay support to get it escalated. Haven't even gotten a response back after being escalated for over 1 month…. Don't do it it isn't worth the hassle.

  • If anyone can't find the 'post to eBay' button (like me) on the initial editing page, try posting the ad, then look for the button on the page after posting.

    • Yes, but this promo may be unusable after eBay forces everyone into their “managed payments” system.

      Seems that when your item sells eBay still charges FVF on the item (once you’ve switched to managed payments that is).

      You then need to contact eBay to request for the FVF “refund”. And depending on who you get, they may refuse and say they know nothing about the promo and tell you to contact gumtree, or they may say it takes 15 days or 30 days and tell you to keep waiting and waiting to see the “refund”.

      • I just had this issue, they are telling me to wait 15 days, as they claim the credit will be automatically applied by the system, and sellers have been getting double the credits.

        I am not convinced about this, but they have assured me that I can request manual adjustment if the credit does not appear in 15 days.

        • Please come back and update us whether you get the credit automatically after 15 days or if you have to request a manual adjustment.

          If it is the latter - even if they do the manual adjustment for you - it's going to be very annoying having to request it after 15 days for every single item you sell every month for this offer.

          • @proudwanderer: Yeah their recent change to ebay managed payment system stuffed up how the promos are applied.

          • @proudwanderer: What's even more annoying is that everytime I make a sale on eBay for $XXX, I print out the postage label for $YY and ship my item, all on the same day.
            The next day, eBay send the $XXX to my bank account.
            The day after that, eBay realise they need the $YY for the postage, so then a couple of days later they debit that back out of my bank account !

            Why on earth don't they subtract the cost of your postage label from your balance instantly BEFORE they send the payment to your bank account ?

            It's bonkers.

            • @Nom: Completely agree.

              This “managed payments” system is definitely not well thought out.

              I got around that problem described by you by adding a credit card in “Payment options” and selecting “Preferred for selling costs”.

              I don’t know about you but I prefer to keep the balance of the bank account I have on file with eBay at $0 - I always transfer the money out into a high interest savings account after eBay deposits the money in there.

              So if eBay tries to debit the account without me realising, I could be hit with a $30 fee from the bank. So best if eBay charges any fees to my credit card rather than trying ti draw from my bank account.

  • It worked perfectly many times before being forced to switch to managed payments.

    I was told in chat that the FVF would be credited back automatically after 15 days and show up as a transaction in the Seller Hub for a record.

    Still 15 days waiting to get your total sale amount for each item sold is just awful especially when no charges were applied before MP.

    Also has anyone seen these changes mentioned in the T&Cs ? because I seen no mention of any of these new changes.

    • Don't expect your money back, I've waited 45 days now since i sold my 2 items under this promotion. hasn't been credited back after mutliple contacts to eBay support.

      • What is eBay's reason for not crediting you back are they still processing it? It's supposed to take 15 days but if it doesn't come through then support should be able to manually credit it back.

        • Their reasoning is that eBay has escalated it to their relevant team and wouldn't refund me on the stop. Its been escalated to them since May 6. Contacted a bunch of times asking them what's taking so long and they wouldn't budge. Just kept telling me to "be patient" and that they have put it on "high priority". Don't use this deal if you have managed payments. You'll regret it.

          • @PattyDaPanda: Let us know if you get your credit even if it takes a while because so far I haven't heard of anyone being denied a credit.

            I'm also waiting for my credit after using this promo but it hasn't been 15 days so I'll wait and see.

            No way around managed payments everyone will be forced onto it by this month or next at the latest.

            • @danielm88: It’s not just the gumtree promo. It seems MP is broken for ALL promos including the 1 free listing and 5 listings for $1.

              The difference is that with those other eBay promos you’re more likely to be able to get eBay to refund in the spot coz the promo shows up in your account.

              Not so for the gumtree promo.

              If they ask for “evidence” to prove that you have used and are eligible for the gumtree promo - there’s no way you can prove it

              • @proudwanderer: Nah, the 5 for $1 promo works fine, I just successfully used it 5 times yesterday.
                Because it's a promo that shows in your account, I didn't expect any issue - the Gumtree promo is not attached to your account !

                • @Nom: That’s good to know then. But I do recall that all promos weren’t working initially and people had to get it refunded.

                  At least it looks like they’ve fixed that now.

                  Gumtree one no longer useable now. Unless they fix it (fingers crossed)

  • I’ve also heard that there is a limit on how many times eBay support can do a “manual refund“ per year.

    So for argument’s sake let’s say it is 25.

    After selling and hopping on chat to get them to refund the fees after 25 times - they technically cannot do anymore manual refunds. The system won’t allow it.

    Not sure if that is true or not - but it is what an agent “warned” me of.

  • Is there any legal options available to make eBay pay up for this promotion? Small claims court? I reckon waiting 1 and a half months with no sign of resolution while contacting many times over the time period is bad enough? eBay have admitted to me many times over chat that they will pay up once the escalation team does it, however they aren’t budging or giving me any updates other than to “be patient” and it’s on “high priority”

    • Hi PattyDaPanda, I'm in the same boat as you. It was my first time using the promo too as I read this thread with everyone saying it worked (not realizing that the switch to Ebay managed payment stuffed everything up). I've contacted Ebay multiple times as well and have also been told they have "escalated" it, and the last representative told me that they are waiting for a response from Gumtree, since apparently Ebay cannot see (I don't know if they're just making this up) if the item came through from Gumtree or not. So I've also contacted Gumtree and been told their internal team is looking into it. I'm hoping they'll write me back and let me know that my item is eligible so I can take it up with Ebay again. My seller fees was more than $400 so I'd be willing to go to small claims court if necessary.

      • If you need to go to small claims court, or just for arguing with eBay - bookmark this link:…

        The link in the OP seems to be broken.

        As everyone transitions to MP after June 18th - I think this promo will be dead.

        It's just not worth the hassle to keep using it and twice a month go through the stress of arguing and escalating with eBay just to get your fees back.

      • Hi tiamaria86, how long has it been for you since you contacted gumtree and eBay? Kinda ridiculous :(

  • I'm also a victim of this 'deal'.
    I listed a camera on gumtree on 5/5/21. When I finished the listing it showed me the offer to add the listing to ebay with no listing fee and no final value fees. I double checked the terms in full and then listed in on ebay using the link provided and following all directions.
    The camera sold quickly (for $2600).
    The is the first fime I have sold anything on ebay since being forced to accept 'managed payments'…
    Ebay took about three days to send me the money despite the buyer paying immediately by paypal.
    Ebay took $352.05 in fees out of the $2600 purchase price…

    I contacted them immediately and several times since seeking a refund on the fees and highlighting that the terms strongly indicate that the fees would not even be charged.
    I've been a loyal buyer and seller through ebay for many years. This experience makes me want to never use them again.

    I'm still waiting for the fees to be refunded (more than a full month later) with no clear answer from ebay support as to when it will happen… Every contact just feels like delaying tactics now.

    Any advice gratefully received.

    • Most likely you might have to take it to small claims court. Not the answer you're looking for but I'm in the same situation and might do the same. You're entitled to those final value fee refunds.

    • Made a final call today to ebay and said that I would go to VCAT if i need to. Same boat; I’m out about $500 in fees…..

      VCAT fees are $65, so its a small price to pay.

      • You might be able to complain to the ACCC or at least consumer affairs in Victoria?

        Hopefully you can claim your VCAT fees too if you need to go that path. I'm only out about $60 for 3 transactions but it's still annoying and is false advertising on eBay's behalf. I had a similar issue using an eBay gift card where the transaction didn't process on eBay's end but the gift card was still charged. It took eBay 2 months to refund me the money after half a dozen contacts.

  • Absolute shambles of a promo after moving to managed payments, I'm out around $400 so far.
    Following thread with interest, hopefully we get our money but not holding too much hope

  • Did Gumtree-Ebay Promotion in Early May, contacted and still awaiting fees to be refunded.

  • Waited 15 days for the selling fees to be credited back but nothing happened which is no surprise as everyone here didn't get it either.
    So far I've not heard of anyone who used this promo with managed payments getting their credit back within 15 days.
    Had to contact again and was told it'd been escalated and that they would email an update but I've heard nothing since. Been 3 weeks after sale and still chasing a refund.

  • This promo is probably as good as dead

  • +1

    I've contacted ebay around a dozen times now, they dont budge at all. I guess VCAT is the way to go now after 2 months.

  • +1

    Same situation - two items sold via this promo on Ebay in early April, been chasing the $260 in credits over many emails and calls to Ebay and Gumtree .


  • +3

    I've now lodged a complaint with Consumer Affairs Victoria and suggest others do the same

    Ebay Australia's contact details:

    eBay Marketplaces GmbH c/- Corrs Chambers Westgarth, 8 Chifley, 8-12 Chifley Square, Sydney 2000
    Fax: 0292106611

    • Hope you can get your money refunded.

      But just out of curiosity, if Consumer Affairs asks you to prove that you are eligible for the promo i.e. that you actually did CLICK on the "Post to eBay" button, how will you prove it?

      That is likely to be eBay's line of defence I reckon - that you are not eligible/did not qualify for the promo since you didn't click on the button.

      • If eBay customer support rep admits in live chat that you are eligible for the promo and you will be credited eventually, is that proof enough?

        • No idea. Hope you have saved all those chat transcripts.

  • My latest chat with Ebay CS:

    I request you to wait for the mail from our team as you will definitely get the credit for the fee.

    Not going to hold my breath…

  • +3

    Update: For some reason I got a adjustment credit in my payments for AU: $342.92 even though I was owed a total of $357.76. Contacted support and they said my final value fee is still escalated and will be actioned. Item sale date: April 20 & 22.

    • Finally, some progress at least!

    • Maybe GST?

      They've been known to refund the FVF component minus GST

      • I dont believe GST would be $15 from $357.76 correct me if im wrong

    • First person I've heard of to get a credit back on managed payments albeit after a 2 month wait. Did you get an email or did it just show up in the seller hub?

      Lots of frustrated people on here it was looking like none of us would get anything back so good to hear you've recovered nearly all the fees.

      • +1

        I got an email stating that money was getting paid into my bank account from managed payments. I'm sure its for this as I haven't sold any other items since the gumtree promotion.

        • Glad to hear you finally got (at least most) of your money back, gives the rest of us hope. I'm almost at the 1 month mark waiting. Owed several hundred, contacted 3 times so far.

  • +1

    I can confirm they have initiated payouts of my 2x May listings now. Weirdly the refunds are around 10c in each case … Now onto my June listings…

  • +1

    I received an email about the refund of ebay gumtree fee. Not sure if the fee is going to be refunded to my account or not.

  • I finally received a credit to my seller account. Took about 7 weeks and many attempts through support chat (not sure if support helped much at all though).

  • I haven't received anything yet. :( My sale was in Late April. Lots of msgs with ebay and still nothing. The email you guys received was from ebay or gumtree? eBay keeps telling me that it's gumtree that is delaying the payout.

    • Mine was from Ebay

  • Update: Received my credit today with email confirmation from customer support, my credit was $64.05 which shows in the seller hub.
    Item sale date: May 26th just under a 1 month wait, I contacted support twice.

  • Good to see some people getting fees credited - still waiting here

    • Likewise

      • Me three. :(

  • In same boat - looks like people get their fees eventually. Might bite the bullet and try to sell two items I have sitting around come July 1st.

  • +1

    Hi everyone,

    I have some good news. I waited 16 calendar days and finally got a refund for my fees from eBay. Best of luck to everyone.

    • +1

      Was that automatic or did you have to kick and scream like people here?

      • I did phone up twice. First time immediately after the sale. Was told the refund would be given 14 days after the sale. The second time was on Day 14 and was told that the refund would be given in a few days, which didn't make me feel great. Lo and behold, on Day 16 I got an email as shown below.

        "As promised to you, we had our promotion team working through the manual credits for the items you have listed under our “List and Sell for free up to 2 items per month when you post your Gumtree Ad to eBay” promotion. I am happy to share that we have successfully credited the fee for the items under this promotion.

        Unfortunately, we have experienced a few technical difficulties with this promotion which has taken this additional time to process the credits manually. We apologise for any inconvenience and thank you for your understanding.
        Kind Regards,"

      • Sorry, automatic in another word.

  • Same here, I was told to wait for 15 days for the refund. Very sneaky of Ebay for doing this. Last time was no FVF fee immediately.

    • Almost 1 month has passed and still no refund. Contacted customer service twice now.. will steer clear of posting any more new items on ebay for now.

      • Another 1 week has passed making this total 5 weeks of no fee refund. Very annoying!

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