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Logitech G304 Lightspeed Wireless Gaming Mouse US$33.99 (~A$43.85) + Free Priority Shipping @ GeekBuying


Back again with another gaming mouse deal and this time it's the popular Logitech G304 for a lower price than before. This mouse is also identical to the Logitech G305 sold in other regions including Australia.

Features include a 12,000 adjustable DPI sensor, 6 programmable buttons, onboard memory for profiles, on the fly DPI, 1ms report rate, up to 250 hours of battery life with one AA battery, USB wireless receiver and Logitech G HUB software support.

  • Apply the coupon NNNDBLG304 at checkout

AU$ based on current Mastercard rate at time of posting. Free priority shipping for AU orders.

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  • no deal for the white ver of g304? :(

    • Not this time sorry.

  • Which model is like this but rechargable with USB C?

  • I am seeing total $49.90 AUD. Can you assist?

    Logitech G304 Lightspeed Wireless Gaming Mouse 6 Programmable Keys 12000DPI USB Interface Support Windows / Mac OS System - Black AU$ 70.46

    Order Subtotal : AU$ 70.46
    Shipping Cost : AU$ 0.00
    Coupon Amount : -AU$ 20.56
    Grand Total : AU$ 49.90

    It also says:
    FIXED PRICE Coupon: AU$ 49.90

    • +3

      OK, just had to switch currency to USD.

      Sub Total: USD 47.99
      Shipping Cost: USD 0.00
      Coupon Discount: -USD 14.00
      Grand Total: USD 33.99

      33.99 United States Dollar equals
      44.40 Australian Dollar

      Thanks :)

      • oh man i forgot to switch to USD!!

        • PayPal conversion still took it over $46 for me anyway

          • @scottySK: PayPal conversion is crap, much better off letting your bank do it.

            • @bonezAU: Is there a setting to preselect a bank conversion? I didn't think much of it and just clicked through the PayPal checkout and just noticed the conversion was quite crap at the end..

              • +1

                @scottySK: Nah, you have to do it every single time you check out. They want you to use their crappy rate so they can make lots of profit, so it's not something you can choose as a default. Their business model clearly works because you aren't the first and won't be the last to blindly click through without checking the options :)

  • +6

    Highly recommend this mouse. AA battery lasts a loooooooong time.

    • Or save those precious grams, get a lithium lightweight AAA and battery adapter.

      • I did, but couldn't really notice the difference haha

      • Aluminium foil does the trick just as well if you squish the ball small enough.

        • Be careful though, my last foil ball went down inside the mouse on the circuit board. Had to shake it around and use tweezers to get it out. I think some foil is still in there

  • What will happen if I buy in USD instead of AU which is 33.99?

    • +3

      The AU rate on GeekBuying is out of whack. If you have a card without currency conversion fees setup in PayPal you can set the currency to USD during payment and you'll get the current exchange rate. Otherwise PayPal are going to use their own exchange rate which is also a little inflated.

  • Hi there, can I trust this to be a genuine product or potentially a fake? Can't remember of Geekbuying is a trustworthy seller.

    • Ever heard of a fake Logitech G304/G305? I've posted this deal several times and no issues.

      • Sorry no offence intended. This is a genuine question as there was literally a YouTube video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dy7AyeA4Db4 when I first started looking for reviews. Happy to hear the community hasn't had complaints and that's the info I needed. Thank you!

        • It's a fair question. TIL there are infact fake Logitech G304/5's.

    • +2

      geekbuy is legit, per the overall ozbargain track records as well as my personal experience.

      $44 ish is a great price for this horribly good mouse, although I am not in a rush and can wait for the white version.

      • same here. nearly pulled the trigger. but going to wait for the white one - more aesthetic

  • +3

    I have no patience and bought one of these several weeks ago for $62-ish and no complaints.

    For $43.85 it is indeed a worthy bargain.

  • +2

    prob the best gaming wireless mice under 50AUD with a reputable brand.

  • +1

    Good price

  • But be aware it may take weeks to arrive. 5weeks in my case for headphones.

    • I recall yours spending 3 weeks in Melbourne with Auspost. Thankfully there aren't any COVID lockdowns at the moment so I'd be confident in saying it'll be quicker now.

      • +1

        10 days before shipping from China. Fine if your not in a hurry is all I am trying to point out. Other than that all good.

        • I bought this deal, coming up on 10 days and status is still Payment Confirmed (processing).

          • @mbouy: Received by Aus Post 30/3. That's about 40 days and counting.

    • Mine didn't take that long last year

  • Thanks, been looking for a new mouse as the right button on my G400s tends to stick sometimes.

  • +1

    Also, how will logitech warranty works for this purchase? If it arrives DOA or faulty, what happens?

    • I am concerned about warranty too, given that G304 is not officially sold in the AU market(the au version is G305).

      • +1

        Handled by GeekBuying. Usually refunds are given.

        In the unlikely event of a return you should activate PayPal's refunded returns.


        • +1

          But logitech provides 2-years warranty for G305. What if the problem happens in the 2rd year?

          • @qwerty021: It's a risk people make when they buy overseas. Generally you're lucky if you get any warranty at all.

      • +1

        bought qcy from them. 1 side is faulty. they issued full refund. so i can say their customer support is awesome.

        • Thanks for sharing your experience! They certainly sound really trustworthy from the community feedbacks. And for 44 bucks I think it's a steal. I shall get one myself. Can't wait for white one D:

  • Probably a silly question but what makes a mouse a gaming mouse?

    • DPI. 'Gaming mice' often have adjustable DPI and games can benefit from faster/slower pointer speed.

    • +1

      As well as what Clear has mentioned, some gaming mice (mouses?) also include software allowing you to run custom macros. For example, you may be playing an RTS game where you'll need to press a sequence of hot keys to perform an action, which instead you could bind to a single mouse button (something like: go to next X production building and queue up X unit when you press the thumb button). Or in an FPS, you could bind your gun reload button to a mouse button instead for a faster reaction.

    • Mainly latency in this case, equivalent to wired which is important for competitive FPS games

    • +1

      Essentially the weight and quality of sensor

  • Over some Googling and found it doesnt have bluetooth, is it true?

    • -1

      That's correct.

      • Damn!! Now I regret having a Macbook with only one type c port lol

        • +1

          You could use a dongle :P

  • Are these known to have double clicking issues within a year? Reviews seem to have this complaint about G304/305.

    • +1

      Cancelled my order after much thought. Although they do have 1 year warranty, policy says the customer pays return shipping. AU post standard shipping for a box shows as $80ish to China. Rather spend $20 extra and get locally.

    • I think that's Logitech mouse in general. A lot of people point the finger towards the microswitches that Logitech uses.

    • Not that I'm aware

    • Been using this mouse for over 1 year, having no issue at all. At that price, it's just a steal.

  • I recently bought a Chinese "Red dragon" gaming mouse and I'm loving it. Quality is better than my crappy razor mouse. It's super accurate and you can even save settings directly to the mouse, all for $50, can't go wrong. It's wired/wireless, and charges over USB-C too. The wireless has noticeable delay either. Recommend it over all these major brand mice.


    • +1

      Looks big and heavy though

      • They have other models, this ones great for AoE.

        • They didn't make this mouse when I played aoe 20 years ago

  • No tilt function!

  • Just replaced the original battery today that came in my mouse from June last year. WFH 40+ hours a week since then. I like this mouse!

  • Why do all the other online shops charge GST? I thought it was only for goods over $1000 only.

    • +1

      Legislation changed back in 2018 requiring overseas stores to collect GST at payment. GeekBuying however do no charge GST so you're getting this tax free 😉

  • +3

    Bought this mouse in one of the previous deals, and loving it ! I use it for both gaming and working and it's perfect. Sensitive and accurate for gaming, whilst weight and comfort is great for long hours of work too. Best value for money, no need to spend more than $100 for a quality gaming wireless mouse. :)

  • +3

    still hasnt shipped after 1 week of purchasing

    • -3

      Processing time is 2-7 business days. I will check in with them today.

      • Its been 14 days since I made the purchased and it still has not been shipped out. When can i expect it?

        • -1

          Unusual. I will ask GeekBuying.

    • +1

      Same here too

  • +5

    Processing time is extremely slow…

    • +3

      Same. Just sent them a ticket today. Hopefully, they can update us when it's shipping… awfully long time since 6th march purchase

      • They replied to my ticket and said the item is out of stock..

        • +1

          Just got an update, they are shipping mine out now. Auspost just sent me a notice that they received it this morning. so hopefully in next few days :/

          • +1

            @Truck-kun: @Touchmekun

            Does the Auspost description state they "received the item", or being "prepared"?

            • +1

              @Ausdave: Just updated this afternoon - It's being prepared atm.

              • @Truck-kun: Thanks for the update.

                For the business I run anyway, the status of "being prepared" just means I entered an Auspost prepaid tracking number onto the order system.

                It doesn't mean I've physically sent it off to Auspost for dispatch.

                Either way lets hope they physically send the goods soon.

                • +1

                  @Ausdave: Thats really good to note, thank you. I would have thought it's being shipped physically

  • +1

    Yep, mine hasn't shipped out yet also.

    I'm most likely not going to use this site again.

    • +3


  • Just got an email saying it will be shipped out next Monday or Tuesday. Finally…

  • +1

    Mine just arrived today. Liking it so far, pretty good weight and feel to it.

  • Just received mine today. It's super light and really nice scroll to it.
    However, mine seems to be missing the AA duracell battery (which should be included).

    • Mine didn't come with one either.

      • Maybe it's standard practice for them.

        Had a double check on the geekbuying webpage, it says:
        Package Contents
        1 x Logitech G304 Wireless Mouse
        1 x Lightspeed USB Nano Receiver
        1 x User Manual

        Logitech G304 box that came with the mouse says
        AA battery included

        so I will msg them regardless and see what happens. Normally, logitech mouses come with battery from my past experience of purchasing a few MXs and M235

        • Carriers don't like having removable batteries in their packages and will often reject them if they see them in scanners.

  • arrived today. wow these clicks are loud.

    • Other than the sound of the clicks, how is the performance. Is it as back heavy as they say? I'm hearing a AAA to AA adaptor and some decent lith-ion AAA's do the trick

      • I bought this to replace a g303. I did buy some lithions in advance of its arrival and just rolled up some foil. Haven’t noticed it being back heavy. It performs well in game, and not having the heavy cord is fantastic, but it feels a lot cheaper. The heavy clicks are not ideal (more a windows concern as I can’t hear them when gaming). The fat wheel is nice. Biggest concern at the moment is that it’s a lot lower than the 303 so my thumb can’t comfortably rest below the side buttons.

  • any chance of this deal being made available again? would love to pick a second one up!

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