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Razer Viper Mini Ultralight Gaming Mouse US$27 (~A$34.03) + Free Priority Shipping @ GeekBuying


After a few requests for another gaming mouse deal we now have the Razer Viper Mini on sale for the lowest price it's ever been on OzBargain. As usual priority shipping has been made free for AU orders.

Featuring a 61g ultra-light design, 8500 DPI optical sensor, 6 programmable buttons, on-the-fly adjustable DPI, on-board memory profiles, Razer Chroma RGB underglow and Razer Synapse 3 enabled. See here for a size comparison between other popular mice.

  • Apply the coupon NNNRVMINI at checkout

AU$ based on current Mastercard rate at time of posting.

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  • 39.64$?

    • +6

      Exchange rate on the website is out of whack and if you let PayPal do the conversion for you it'll also be out of whack.

      The trick to buying overseas on OzBargain is using a card without currency conversion fees in PayPal and paying in USD. Then you will get closer to the actual exchange rate.

      • thanks got one!

        does this use paracord?

  • What's the delivery time for Australian cities from geekbuying?

    • The estimate is 5-7 business days once your order is shipped. Typically under 2 weeks.

    • -2

      one month

      • Not with priority shipping.

          • +5

            @edumacation: Yes because yours was delayed with Auspost in Melbourne during the stage 4 lockdown.

            • -2

              @Clear: wasn't the courier that was delayed, it was you guys with shipping

              • +4

                @edumacation: It sat in Melbourne for over a week.

  • Thanks Clear! I have been waiting for this deal :)

  • +1

    Dam! Bought one last week for $58.

  • Yeah just bought another mouse I don't need damnit

    • This one's worth it if you like small mice - I thought the same but it immediately became my favourite over the old GPro that I loved.

      • I do like small mice, so should be good. Using a Nixeus revel atm as a daily which is damn good though, perfect shape

  • I'm not too sure how Cashback works, but can you stack this with the 6.5% Cashback to get the price down even further??

    • For Amazon, it is category based, each have different rates of cashback (some 0%).

      • Oh damn alright… How about the website posted here?? I was asking specifically if you can stack the 3% cashback of this website along with this code

        • You can.

  • -1

    $39.64 at checkout for me :(

  • price gone up to $33USD

    • It shows as usd27 after the code is entered

    • Select payment in USD, login first even as a guest and then apply code NNNRVMINI. I just bought it 5 minutes ago for $35.39.

  • +1

    Thanks OP. I don't need it but still got 1.

    Changed to USD and charged me $35.39 AUD.

    • I got it for usd27 . The step (if you have a credit card with no exchange fees, such as 28 degrees) is to select paypal to pay in USD instead of taking their AUD conversion rate. Anyway, aud35.39 is still a great price for the mouse

  • Thanks OP. Great price for an awesome mice. Good stuff!

  • Is this good for fps?

  • +1

    Great gaming mouse, really light weight. Bought one from amazon for $58 a couple of months ago.

  • About $39 for me after using the code.

  • Thanks OP, ordered one

  • Vouch. This mouse is amazing

  • Cheers OP, got one. I have an ageing Razer Mamba so will give this a whirl.

  • Thanks, bought one for no reason lol

  • Is this code for 1x unit only? I wanted to buy two but the code doesn't seem to calculate the discount.

    • 1 per order. You can make 2 orders.

  • +1

    "We’re sorry. The page you requested can not be found"

    404 not found. Is the website broken?

    • Same

    • Back online again. Bought one for ~$AUD36
      I think my card has a conversion fee

  • Thanks opp, bought for $34.91 through stgeorge visa business debit card

  • +4

    How long until it's shipped? Bought 27/02, no shipping notification until now.

    • +1

      Same, ordered on 27/02, still no shipping info

      • +1

        Still not shipped lol

    • Same here. Any update @clear ?

    • Same. Contacted live chat and it was supposed to be shipped today (Monday, 8th March). Unfortunately, I still haven’t receive a shipping notification. Items are usually shipped within 7-8 days so something must be happening at geekbuying

    • I messaged Clear yesterday, he responded that he would chase it.
      Nothing since.
      Might be my first and last Geekbuying experience.

      • +1

        You messaged me on a public holiday and I was away. I will find out today.

      • They've advised they'll be shipped this week.

  • Got an update, here's what they say

    sorry for the delay,the item will be reached today on our warehouse,hope you can wait for it

    China warehouse

    once it has been sent out,it will take 5-8 business days

  • Ordered on the 27th Feb. Received a reply today regarding not being sent yet, and they said it should ship on the 12th March.

    We'll see I guess :/

  • Mine came today. Ordered 28th Feb

  • Just got an AusPost notification. Should be here in a week.

  • Mine arrived today, seems to be DOA.

    • Just received mine too, will have to check it now that you mention, with all the buttons too! I'm scared, dayum. Looks authentic to me.

      • Pretty sure its a real one, seems fine, but thows usb errors whatever PC I connect it to.
        Would be unlikely that anyone else has this issue, but worth adding in case there is a bad batch.

  • -3

    looks like a very high quality fake to me.
    the box is garbage, my other razer stuff came in a nice think sturdy box. The box this mouse came in felt like printer paper and was smashed all over since they mailed it covered in a wrap in a plastic envelope. It should have been mailed in a box.
    ultralight feels ultra cheap, feels completely hollow inside.
    the cord is very loosely wound not like my other razer mouse.
    the click of the left mouse button feels great, the right is a lot louder and harder to press.
    this is the 2nd time i ordered from geekbuying and again it feels and looks like a high quality knock-off.
    just my $0.02, i probably won't be trying to scoop up a deal from geekbuying again.

    • There's a serial number under the mouse. Plug it into the Razer website and see what they say (warranty registration). If it's a dud, you'll know.

      Also, raise it with Razer and/or GB. They make meet you halfway.

    • What's your order number? I'd like to look into that and see what's going on. Any chance you can snap a pic of the box?

    • FYI to those reading this in the future, the mouse is legitimate. Can't be bothered replying to each of the comments except maybe "ultralight feels ultra cheap, feels completely hollow inside", it's meant to be an ultra light gaming mouse…. hahahahah.

      Proof: https://imgur.com/a/QkPsaW4 (registered via the Razer Warranty profile using the Serial Number ID underneath the mouse - https://razerid.razer.com/warranty)

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