2021 Mazda CX5 Prices

Hello Oz Bargainers

What prices are people paying for the 2021 models?

I am looking to buy a brand-new Mazda CX5 GT turbo. What's the percentage of discount can I expect in Victoria?


  • What's the percentage of discount can I expect in Victoria?

    0% and a long wait.

  • Join the "Mazda CX-5 Club Australia" Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/groups/mazdacx5clubaustralia/

    and/or read through this thread on Whirlpool - https://forums.whirlpool.net.au/thread/327jmw59?p=188

    You'll find lots of info and pricing on each site. I haven't been paying much attention to the GT turbo pricing, but the Akera turbo can be had for 50k

  • Thanks for the info :)

    The couple of dealers that i have spoken to last week only offered 50K for the GT turbo. They didn't want to budge. They laughed at my 48K offer saying i have to try harder than that.

    • I think around $49k would be ideal. I knew someone in NSW was offered $49.5k recently on GT Turbo (prob with some accessories thrown in).

  • I just keep wondering why people spend money in buying brand new cars knowing value gonna be depreciating by half in few years, instead of investing. Is it something wrong with me?

    • Not really….this is one theory

      the other being live in the moment - either they've saved/invested enough or don't feel the need to…

    • Seen second hand prices recently?
      Covid tax is real.

      Had a friend buy a second hand 2 yr old cx5 recently and it was only 10k less than new.
      For that price diff it's easy to understand why people would just buy new by the time you factor in rego transfer , stamp duty, new everything (tyres etc) and ability to pick what you want and be first owner.
      The only disadvantage is the stock shortages so you may be waiting for a new car a while depending on model.

      • $10k is a lot of money for most people. It’s also 20% off the price of new.

        I’ll never buy a new car. If that means that I need to buy ‘older’ to get better value than new, it’s what I’d do. Then again, The newest car I’ve bought was 2yo (it’s 10yo now) more likely to be around 5yo and more.

        • Was under 10k, plus add in stamp duty and a year of rego, a set of tyres, a service and that gap shrinks even more.

          Yes, it's some amount of money but it's no longer the decent depreciation diff you would expect after 2 or 3 years thanks to covid second hand car tax

    • because some people like to buy a car knowing that they're the only ones that will fart, and consequently, no-one else has farted into the seats before them.

      MAYBE less chance of a lemon

      and demo models have probably been thrashed and redlined in the few thousand km's they've done (by the dealer, and the test drives). i know i thrashed the hell out of a demo when the dealer let me test drive on my own. <obligatorysimpsonsquote>IT SMELLS LIKE BURNING</obligatorysimpsonsquote>

      and because people like to have nice shiny things.