RTX 3070 Sub $1000??

Is it even possible to find an RTX 3070 in stock for less than $1000 anymore? Seems like there were some deals in the past couple of months.. I see them in stock for well over $1200 which is crazy.


  • I doubt you're going find one below $1000 for some time.

    I got lucky and managed to pick up a XFX RX6800 a couple of days ago for $1050, as their prices has also risen sharply.

  • Chuck in an order for a PLE EVGA 3070 and cross your fingers and wait.

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      I'm still waiting for a 3080 from them paid for on release night. Good luck to anyone expecting a GPU from PLE anytime soon…

      • I ordered a 3070 on release night and got the first dispatch so YMMV.

      • Geez seriously?? Release night?? Thats almost 5month ago

      • Non ultra version from EVGA? EVGA doesnt seem to be fulfilling their non-ultra cards at all.

        xc3 ultra orders is at 46% fulfilled but it seems to be stuck there for a while, and ftw3 ultra is finally moving slowly again after being stuck for jan and half of feb. at 67% orders fulfilled =/

    • I baught one yesterday and enquired on lead time and they're estimating mid April just as an FYI

  • Got my one in a Dell system which was going cheap at the time …

  • G5s are pretty reasonably priced when the extra 22% off at ebay crosses over with a sale …

    • Wondering with those cards, are they nvidia branded cards? I assume dell does not design their own boards for the GPUs. Is it a double fan or triple fan design? Blower cards style?

  • I reckon your best bet is the XC3 Ultra 3070 from PLE, despite the recent price hikes from 949 to 999 and despite not being in stock currently. This is the standard price and not a promotion/deal.


    97% of orders fulfilled, and the last order without a delivery date was 1st March. I've seen stock for this card come and go many times, and I reckon the supply for the 3070 are far better than the 3080s.

    if you'd like you can pony up another $79 for the FTW3 Ultra 3070 , at 98% orders fulfilled up to 23rd Feb.. I reckon with both of them you'll be in the next batch. You can cancel your order for a full refund at any time online, but you do have to pay full upfront.

    The fulfilment orders for the EVGA 3080s card just ticked over to October - at 67%. This was the only retailer/brand that wasn't inflated pricing at launch and I reckon the whole of Australia just ordered this one card from one retailer.. 3080 ftw3 ultra was 1259 at launch, now 1439 =/

    Don't forget cashback. Expect update to orders late on every Friday.

    • 4 months ago the 3080 ftw3 ultra was 35% fulfilled from launch.

      Also the reason why the launch price was at that level was the retailer had a deal with evga to subsidise the price.

      • Why would evga subsidise anything in this market? It's because they go are going straght to the source and aren't going through the same distributors other aussie retailers.

    • Awesome - thanks for the info.

      I've been doing a bit of research based on the build I'm trying to put together and it seems like I'll need either the Gigabyte Eagle cards or the Zotac Twin Edge cards as they're the only one that will natively fit in the Dan Case A4 without any modifications. Both of them seem to be available through PLE.


      For this model, the buying guide suggests that 99% of orders have been fulfilled and ETA is available for the next shipment. Would it be a fairly safe bet to order this you reckon?

      Also, I'm in no rush to upgrade, would I be better off waiting a couple of months for supply to catch up and hopefully see price drop or is that unlikely to happen within the next 12 months?

      • In my opinion, prices are unlikely to drop unless they're really not selling well, which isn't the case.

        The % fulfilled is accurate and I reckon that is a safe bet to get it soon.

  • Check fb marketplace, theres a few for $1000 in my area.

  • I have been having the same dilemma, couldn’t bring myself to pay $11-1300 for a 3070 , in the end I decided this was the best way forward,


  • You could just wait.
    Nvidia will enforce their partners to sell RTX 3060 for AU$600 from next week.
    RTX 3060 Ti & RTX 3070 & RTX 3080 will be discontinued very soon (without official announcement). Meanwhile, RTX 3060 Super & RTX 3070 Ti & RTX 3080 Ti will be on sale (April) with "anti-cryptomining" and "price control just like what they will do on RTX3060".
    The source is from the supply chain in China, I think the Aus market will follow this as well.

    • How would Nvidia 'force' them to sell for $600, when they people are buying for just under $1000 now?

      • They will only allow it to be distributed to retailers who contractually agree to sell it at that price.

        Sure they can't control scalpers on eBay, but they can control legitimate retailers to a great degree, should they choose to. Major retailers like PLE, PCCG, etc have direct lines of supply from NVidia, AMD, etc and if they want to get stock they will sell it at the price they are told (if told so).

    • I really hope what you are saying is true!

    • It has been over a week and still no one being forced to sell @ $600. Any further update you want to provide?

      • It happened in China early this week, some RTX 3060 put on the market with CNY2999 (AUD600) early this week and I thought the Aus market would follow this trend as well very soon.

        However, the hope is extinguished since Nvidia officially (whatever they said "accidentally") unlocked the RTX 3060 for crypto miners. Now the price of RTX 3060 has reached CNY6000 (AUD1200).

        I can see there are still some RTX 3060 from AUS resellers that are under AUD900, so just buy it now otherwise they would OOS/RISE IN PRICE very soon I guess.

  • From time to time it does appear for $999 but gets sold out pretty quick. Potentially wait until easter sales.