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[eBay Plus] Dell RTX 3070, 16GB RAM, 1TB SSD, G5 Gaming i7-10700F $1793.22, XPS 8940 i7-10700F $1894.62 Delivered @ Dell eBay


Great prices on these 3070 desktops

Dell G5 Gaming Desktop Intel® Core™ i7-10700F 16GB RAM 1TB SSD RTX 3070 $1793.22 ($1,839.20 without eBay Plus)
Dell XPS 8940 Tower Desktop 10th Gen i7-10700k 16GB RAM 1TB SSD NVIDIA RTX 3070 $1,894.62 (1,943.2 without eBay Plus)

Dell G5 5000 Gaming Desktop 10th Gen i7-10700F 16GB RAM 1TB SSD RTX 3060 Ti $1,684.02 ($1,727.20 without eBay Plus)
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  • +11

    Thermal throttle is significant in this model.

    • +1

      Both G5 and XPS?

    • Wonder if it can be easily transferred to a different case with better airflow?

      • +1

        Why don’t you just replace the CPU cooler with a better one?

      • +6

        i would wager the MB is not ATX and if it is it only takes 12v power supply which means you'll need to take the PSU as well and i doubt they fit in to standard ATX.

        Just a guess but i've seen a few instances they have used this type of setup.

        • +1

          I know for the other dells with their tfx psus and you just get an atx to dell 8 or 10 pin adapter to run a standard psu for the mobo.

          This might be worth investigating for this machine.

          This one below is an example although might not fit this scenario


          (Edit) a lot of people have gone through this same scenario


        • +2

          Yep and in built psu. Dang could’ve been a great buy to easily swap out a few things. Onto the next!

          • @Edamamme: The G5 psu is modified tfx and is removable, you could even install other tfx psus, although they usually don't go beyond 300 Watts, the proprietary one inside the G5 appears to rated for 460 Watts.

            You could run an Sfx psu although it wouldn't mount to the case natively. But you could run the cord through the tfx slot in the back and have the psu sitting inside, just get a really efficient one and find a way to cleanly fix it, thermals might be the next hurdle though, you would also need to work out which is the right adapter to use for the mobo power or if its even available yet.

            I've even ran two psus at once inside a case for a time until my mobo adapter arrived, I just ran a start adapter for one of the psus,

            If you're enthusiast enough and there is a will, there is a way.

            If you're crazy enough you could also Dremel the cutout on the back and screw in an sfx right in the back where a normal psu would go as there is room, you'd just want to do a clean job.

            • @stedmaster: Great info thanks! Your definitely right there!
              I haven’t quite reached enthusiast level yet to go this route but am working my way up! Cheers!

      • +3

        in built PSU last time I read.
        good luck trying to change anything.

        • +1

          Inbuilt as in welded to the case or are you able to remove it with screws?

    • -1

      A 3070 is going for around $1300 so even if you have to make some modifications or get a whole new case it is worth it.

      • +2

        depends on which 3070 card you getting with this? If EVGA or Galax, it shouldn't cost that much.

        • +4

          It'll be a blower.

      • Rtx3070 occasionally drops around $900

        • +4

          Please help me find such a 3070 - I am considering not using any of the components I have collected for a new PC (and buying this deal) as I cannot locate a 3070 in stock around $1,100

          • +2

            @jason101: Just wait a bit man, check previous ozb posts from January, they had a few.

          • +2

            @jason101: I bought a twin fan Inno3D for $869 from Umart a few weeks ago.

            Anyone who thinks its worth paying 49.6% more ($1300) for any other model 3070 with an additional fan is on crack.

    • Liquid metal can easily fix the issue I guess.

    • +4

      I got the XPS at Christmas. It runs very hot and loud. You can see some very minor improvements to cooling compared to earlier versions but it's clear that Dell will spend the absolute minimum to make it better.

      People have worked out various mods but it's hassle and expense. I just leave the side of the case off and be thankful it was a mild summer in Sydney.

      • Change the cpu cooler?
        Room to add an intake fan?

    • Bought the XPS and run heavy gaming since November and had zero issues so far.

      • Any issues with your electricity bill being huge due to air conditioning use over summer ?

    • +3

      As a semi noob I never quite understood what this kind of comment meant, but built my own PC and now I understand. But this vid does a great job at showing you why it could be an issue.


      As a noob I'd always been intimidated by building my own and thought the big companies would have the resources to design their systems to get the most out of the components. But it seems like marketing outmanouveres engineering and they sell a PC on its' specs, but don't ensure that it actually delivers to its full potential. Seems a bit of a waste.

  • Do the XPS models have a Z490 chipset? If not, a bit pointless having a 10700K isn't it?

    • +2

      You can't change the relevant settings anyway because the BIOS will be locked down so overclocking isn't possible regardless of what chipset Dell gives you.

    • I think you have too much faith in Dell cooling

  • I would have considered buying something like this just to strip the GPU but a proprietary motherboard and PSU limits the ability to reuse the remaining components elsewhere

    • maybe the cpu, ram and ssd would get you something … probably end up with an ok price 3070 (considering current market) but yeh i get you.. unless you want the whole thing its kind of a pain.

    • GPU is really the essence of all this hey

    • It was still possible to buy 3070 sub $1000 last week and for a good model as well

  • +2

    Come on and give us a deal on the white XPS :(

  • +4
    • To be honest i thought it would be worse than that and this will come with the dual channel memory. a swap of a cpu cooler and maybe some better ventilation in the case and it might actually be a 1/2 decent pc for not much work and pretty low price.

  • +1

    Considering the RTX 3070 alone costs almost $1200+ you could throw in a cheap video card and sell the rest

    • Good luck finding any cheap graphics cards. I just sold my 5700 XT for $750, and even RX 480/580s are selling for $300+ at the moment.

      • What's the going rate for RTX2070Super?

        • About $700-800 at the moment from what I'm seeing. crazy given that 3060 Tis, when they could be found late last year, could be had for as little as $749. but etherium mining has sent the GPU market crazy again.

          • @xyron: holy crap.
            I'm selling my RTX2070S that I bought last year during Covid because of boredom. I've played 65 hours of Borderlands 3 on it and that's it.
            Hell yeah, won't be losing at all.

          • @xyron: not really, 2070 super is bad for mining, it's only old amd gpus that are in high demand in Australia

        • I picked up a Sapphire 5600 XT for $450 just 1 month ago. And now the inferior 1660 Supers/Tis are going for $500+.

          • +1

            @BrutallyHonest: and I got a Galax EX 3060 Ti late last year for $759 from Umart, its crazy times…

      • BTC price being so high, chances are all GPUs will remain high.

        • How much would it need to fall before prices come down again? I hear today it fell a bit.

      • +1

        Ocau member detected!

    • +1

      It really doesn't cost 1200 though unless your willing to buy a card off ebay lol.

      Techfast have churned out a couple of 3070 builds around the 1500 dollar mark. Much cheaper to buy one of those if your planning to just scrape out the card. They also don't use proprietary motherboards/PSU's etc.

  • +4

    the XPS not only comes with unlocked processor but an additional 2TB mechanical hard drive

    • +1

      Good pickup - that plus the K processor makes it worth the extra $100 (although I like the look of the G5 a bit more).

  • +1

    Which one is best?

  • My current setup used a VEGA64, can I buy this and swap the GPU between the two?
    Prefer to have the 3070 on my existing Ryzen 3600X rig which has better 1000W PSU and cooling.
    The kids can get the Dell with vega64, any issues putting the vega64 into the dell?

    • +1

      not a good idea, vega 64 uses more power than 3070

      • But it will work? Not looking to game on vega 64

        • +1

          It'll work. The Vega 64 can also be undervolted to reduce power consumption.. It's also fairly easy to do. how much you can undervolt by will depend on a range of factors, mainly silicon lottery.

          • +1

            @scrimshaw: Thank you. Looks like a good way to get 3070 for myself and backup dell pc for the kids :)

            • @congo: Erm, I'd compare the dimensions of your Vega 64 and Dell's RTX 3070 first to make sure they fit. Also the Dell seems to be rocking a 500W power supply, so better research up on the PSU's spec first before putting in the Vega 64 with a i7-10700F (knowing Dell, it's unlikely they'll be running it outside intel's PL1/PL2 specs, but still…)

  • Noob question - can I pay with gift cards? or can I only apply one voucher at a time?

    • +1

      Yes you can but I think there’s a cap on the number of cards or total value. It was $1500 iirc but you might want to double check that

  • +1

    when dell pre-built seems reasonable in price you should be able to understand why individual components have been made so expensive in oz.

    • not like for like comparison

      • +2

        what on earth does that mean? a computer is made up of individual components - prebuilt commodity boxes from dell which is american like hp look more attractive because of the inflated prices of graphic cards here - they appear better value than they are because of oz being a controlled market….

  • is this deal better than the Dec deal which was around $2k delivered.

    • +2

      This is not a bad deal given the timing and circumstances. I was told by a Dell employee that their Employee Purchase Program prices don't even come close to these promos for PCs and laptops.

  • Can't decide between the 9305 and Mac book Air M1… both have an offer on atm… help!!!

    • macbook m1 is no.1 for like most users if you don't have issue with MacOS

      • Don't have an issue with it - there will be a transition period however…

    • I was planning to buy Air M1 as well. But RTX 3070 is more tempting I think.
      Good if you want to upgrade your gaming PC.

      • Thanks but not looking at a PC, more so a portable work laptop with long lasting battery.

        • +1

          If you want portable, then go with Air M1.

    • if you are macOS user go with M1

      • Funny enough I'm not.. and have never been. Considering trying something new after having been a Windows user since almost forever now.

        • well it'll be different that's for sure, it is a fair bit of money if you dont like it (and i mean the OS not the hardware), but if its just general use you'll get the hang of it fairly quick… its a good time to try a mac though.

    • If, you aren't locked to Windows then it's hard to really go against the M1 macbooks. The ryzen 5000u chips could definitely compete but there was only one premium ryzen 4000 thin and light laptop that I can think of (yoga slim 7 pro, never sold here though). Doubt you'd get a premium offering for a while.

      Also helps if you have other Apple stuff as the integration is top tier in their ecosystem.

  • Someone do the equivalent comparison build cost please

    • +11

      I nominate you for the great task.

    • Over $2000

    • +2

      I built a mostly 2nd hand parts machine recently and got some deals…
      $869 Inno3D RTX3070 (new)
      $300 R7 3700X
      $60 Asrock B450 Pro 4
      $250 32GB B-Die G.Skill RAM (has this lying around, guestimating the price here)
      $259 2TB WD Blue SSD (new)
      $60 Corsair 260X
      $45 650W EVGA 80 Plus Gold
      $69 Vertical GPU mount (new)
      $29 shipping (gpu + mount)
      $39ish petrol driving around to buy 2nd hand parts - just wanted a round total number lol
      Total: $1980. Hypothetically ~$1725 with 16GB RAM/1TB SSD.

      Meanwhile, the Dells do have their faults:
      But also actually have warranties for all the parts, which would make me probably go a Dell if you have to even ask.

  • This or wait for techfast RTX 3070 deal ?

    • +1

      Had a chat with Luke earlier. I'd wait until the end of this week ;)

      • Thanks you, I can wait a couple of days :)
        This deal expires in 8 days.

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