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Dell 20% off (22% w/ eBay Plus) S2721DGF $471.90 / S2721D $233.22 / AW3821DW $1598.22 + More Monitors @ Dell eBay


Good morning my favourite bargainers. I'm back, and what better way to greet you all than with some awesome monitor deals from Dell. A huge variety of monitors at really great prices via the Dell eBay store. Stock is local, so shipping should be within normal time frames (2-3 weeks).

To all those waiting on DM responses I have contacted you, if I've missed you, just give me a dm reply and I'll respond!

Refer to below table for models, pricing and eBay listing links. Apply coupon at checkout BEFORE purchase. ;)

Model | After 20% off | After 22% off (eBay Plus) | Listing
AW2521H $679.20 $662.22 View Listing
AW3821DW $1,639.20 $1,598.22 View Listing
AW5520QF $3,439.20 $3,353.22 View Listing
S2421HS $140.80 $137.28 View Listing
S2721D $239.20 $233.22 View Listing - Out of Stock
S2721DGF $482.98 $471.90 View Listing
S2721DS $271.20 $264.42 View Listing - Out of Stock
S2721H $191.20 $186.42 View Listing
S2721HGF $247.20 $241.02 View Listing
S3221QS $439.20 $428.22 View Listing
S2721QS $298.66 $291.19 View Listing - Out of Stock

Need order specific help? DM me or contact the Dell eBay team via the contact seller button on the listing.

As always, any questions? Just ask below and myself and other Ozb members will do our best to help you out.

Happy Shopping :D

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  • +5

    Great price on the S2721QS

    • +31

      So we turned that frowny upsidedowny? :3

    • +1

      I bought this model last week for $350 and love it. Superb monitor. Should have waited for this discount

      • +1

        Thanks Limaaa welcome back and with a fantastic deal πŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌ

        • Hey, thank you, good to see you!

      • How'd you get it$350?

    • +1

      Have two of the S2721Q, just bought the QS! Best bang for buck 4k monitor around!

      Welcome back and thanks for another stellar deal LiMaaa! :)

      • +5

        All around me are familiar faces… haha :D

        • +7

          I find it kinda funny, I find it kinda sad - all these Dells that I've been buying are the best I've ever had!

      • Is 27" too small for 4k?
        I'm thinking if I should get S2721QS or S2721DS. Any suggestions?

        • +3

          You'll likely have to scale the 4k screen @ 150%. This makes the viewport/sizing exactly the same as the 2k DS screen, however the QS will be much sharper. For $25 extra, I feel like the upgrade to 4k is the way to go.

          • @poppingtags: Thanks. Why is QS sharper than DS?

            • +1

              @starcub: Higher pixels per inch - higher the pixels per inch, the sharper a screen is.

              The QS has 8.29 million pixels in a 27" screen, the DS has 3.68 million pixels in a 27" screen.

    • +1

      Sad, I missed the S2721QS deal this time too. :(

  • +5

    I've had my S2721DGF since it launched late last year, and love it. 100% recommend

    • +1

      Honestly an astounding monitor. Glad you like it! :)

  • +3

    A gaming noob here.
    Thinking of buying a gaming monitor for my teen boy.
    He's mainly playing minecraft and roblox not other massive PC games
    will S2721DGF be a overkill?
    Which is better this or Xiaomi curved 34'?

    • +10

      Overkill yes, but if money isn't an option it's a great monitor to even game with roblox and minecraft on.

      Considering though it seems your son doesn't mainly play FPS games, I think the S2721D would suit his needs rather well at a fraction of the price. Still a great 2k resolution monitor, just at 75hz and without all the bells and whistles of the DGF.

  • +1

    32” QHD 165 hz dell. No love ?

    • +8

      I so wanted some 32" in this deal, but Dell said I had to wait until they could offer some amazing discounts for you guys in the coming weeks. *cough

      • +1

        Much chance of any ultrawide Ultrasharps?

      • Can't wait

        • For now you guys have the 32" QS up for grabs in this deal xD

  • What time does deal go live?

    • +2


    • +2

      10 am Syd time, although give or take 30 mins. My brain rejects the notion of timezones haha.

  • Which is the best for office work?

    • Entirely dependent on your needs. S2721D would be good, so would a QHD option like the S2721QS if you need more screen real estate for spreadsheets!

      • Yeah I was thinking the 4k monitor might be good. Not sure if it's overkill or not?

        • I'm personally a 2k fan boi, but give it a little time and some other ozb wfh chaps can surely give you their opinions. :)

          • @LiMaaa: thought you were a gamer gurl hahahahaha

            • +1

              @skido: I am a figment of your imagination, you can decide haha. ^-^

        • +3

          WFH Chap checking in, highly recommend going for the 4k option. Text and images are just so much sharper than 2k - a pleasure to use.

          • @poppingtags: For text, do you find that 4k scaled is sharper than QHD at 100%? 4k 100% is far too small for me. (Have the 4k s2721QS, tried downgrading to QHD resolution just to test it and the text seemed blurrier than 4k scaled, but not sure if it would be the same on an actual QHD monitor).

            • +1

              @FowlParliament: Yup, absolutely - I think 4k @ 100% on a 27" screen is too small for almost everyone!

              I scale my 4k @ 150% - which is the equivalent of a 2k @ 100% viewport, so everything looks the same size as the 2k screen but its just much sharper. I can barely make out individual pixels on the 4k scaled screen, I can pretty easily see them on a 2k screen.

              Especially given the $25 difference between the 2k and the 4k, I'd definitely be spending the tiny bit extra for the 4k.

              • @poppingtags: I have been using a single monitor (Dell UltraSharp U2715H 27" LED LCD QHD 2560x1440) and would like to know if the S2721QS would be a suitable pairing. I would make the S2721QS primary and the U2715H secondary. Will these two pair nicely?

                I guess my question is, can you scale monitor multiple monitors to different viewing on Windows 10?

                • +2

                  @kloner: You are able to scale individual monitors on Windows 10 :)

                  Aligning the two monitors to be at the same height might be tricky - but QHD @ 100% and 4k @ 150% is essentially the same sizing - just sharper on the 4k panel.

                • @kloner: yes you can scale dual monitors independently in windows 10. There is a a bit of weirdness if you have a window crossing between the 2 monitors, but that's not common, I do not have a use case for having a single app crossing both screens so it is a non-issue.

      • +1

        QS is 4k? It was a little pricey when I bought the DS 3 weeks ago! Wish I had waited and grabbed the QS now.

        • If you downscale the 4k (qs) to 2k will it look ugly or extra sharp? Or do the resolutions not overlay?

          • +2

            @itshammer: Windows scaling works very well in almost all things.
            Do not downscale the resolution, that will look terrible.

            • @cykezero: Does anyone know how small everything will be on Macos? Does it have scaling like windows does?

              I assume running this at lower res is a no-no?

              • @Garyd123: I do not know how 'small' it will be on the MacOS, the screen is large enough that you will be able to see everything, just might not be comfortable to read.
                MacOS does have scaling but I have never tried it and cannot say how good or bad it is. I suspect it will do the job just fine though.

    • +1

      That 38" one. I have one at home and it is ace.

  • +2

    is it monitors only or all dell stuff?

    Is the power button on the S2721DGF on the back of the monitor? That would be a deal breaker for me.

  • +2

    R.I.P to those that bought the AW3821DW from the other post.

    • +8

      The thing about chasing bargains is that the deal you buy will always be found cheaper eventually. One way or another the price will always come down, until a new model is released!

      • So true… just buy what you want and enjoy it today… in 2yrs all these will be 1/2 price if you wanna wait

        • Exactly! Think of it as paying a bit more to enjoy it for longer πŸ™‚

  • Why are no monitors 4k these days.

    • +1

      S2721QS is?!

      • That's cool I'm just confused why the more expensive monitors don't have 4k. Like the S2721DGF.

        • +2

          This could be debated heavily but the TL;DR is…

          2k more supported than 4k currently. Hardware renders 2k much easier than 4k (4k takes more juice), content is far more available in 1080 / 2k variants vs 4k. Currently I guess 2k is just more affordable, viable and utilized. But with the new cards nvidia dropped, I'm sure we'll see more 4k support across the board!

          The DGF is a honed in 2k monitor. It targets an ideal resolution for the size and fine tunes aspects to create an immense, sharp and crisp gaming experience.

        • +3

          depending on your needs, 4K is not necessarily the best.

          If you're gaming, 4K is harder to drive and you won't get as high frame rates. It's also rare or very expensive to get 4K @ 144hz+, and being able to make the most of it will require hardware only the most hardcore have.

          For gamers, QHD makes more sense than 4K.

          Pro gamers prefer 1080p, 240-360hz.

          4K is better for professional work, content creation, video/photo editing and watching movies. Not everyone is buying it for that though.

        • For that monitor in particular you are paying extra for the frame rate ( the GF)

  • Still looking for my dream 16:9 4k curved ips…

    • +1

      16:10 is super dreamy. C'mon new Ultrasharp

  • hi sorry do you need to be ebay plus member or can i just use a code with normal ebay?

    • Can use as normal ebay for 20% off, ebay plus gets 22% off!

      • oh perfect - would that means there will be shipping fees apply? if so how much roughly to Victoria?

        • Shipping is free I believe, see the listings!

  • To many s2721 models. Needs a table of differences!

    • +1

      Oh don't worry, I see something on the horizon. Patience is of virtue.

      • is the S2721DGF

        better then this for gaming


        Like quality/gaming wise?

        • reviews seem to prefer the Dell, but suggest that the only area where it is lacking is the contrast


          • @huggsymersh: Thanks for your reply, what would you pick?

            • @tjea: I'm not a serious gamer so my choice may not be relevant to you….but potentially neither!

              Some background - I just want a nicer screen than my current 1080p. I want to go up to 1440p, but not sure that my 5600xt GPU is the best match to this resolution. Response times aren't so important for me, but nicer things are nice to have.

              The Dell probably wouldn't have crossed my radar if it wasn't for the discount. For me personally it has more features than I'd need, but the attraction of getting something that's well reviewed, at a good discount, is pretty tempting.

              I think the decision would be easier if there was a place you could see monitors in action, or a friend with lots to compare. But going off youtube reviews it's a bit of a leap of faith.

              They both look like good monitors tho. It's unlikely you'd be unhappy with either. I guess you'd be unhappy with you got a 32" 1080p and found it too blurry. Or got a 27" 4k and found text too small. But assuming your hardware can run it, 27" 1440p looks like a good sweet spot.

  • S2721QS
    can i use this as a TV? I am planning on just plugging in a google Tv chromecast. Will want to wall mount it so will I need any adaptors?

    • +1

      Not as a TV, but if you have any media player that uses HDMI (Apple TV, Android Box, Xbox, PlayStation etc.) then it'll become a 'TV'. I have my S2721QS as a combined work monitor/Plex/Gaming setup. The speakers aren't amazing, but it has 3.5mm out…

    • If you plug in the chromecast it will work the same as plugging the chromecast into your TV. There will be no free to air content but you can cast from your phone or use the catchup apps and other streaming services.

  • +2

    Might finally get the S2721D to look nice beside my S2721DGF. Great prices!

    • +1

      Do it! I got the S2721DS as a second monitor and it pairs nicely with the DGF!

      • How do you find the colour/contrast matching? I have a S2719DGF and S2721D and have used a hardware calibration tool to match them and i find they don't match up. Drives me a bit crazy in my line of work :(

        • Fortunately I don't do any work / tasks that require a colour calibrated monitor so for office work it's fine for me. I can imagine that would suck though having unmatched monitors!

  • +2

    All I want is a 32" 4K HDMI 2.1 monitor. I wish they'd hurry up and arrive.

    • are you using this with a console or PC?

      • +1

        Both. My usage will be a personal gaming PC, PS4 (will get a PS5 later on) and a MacBook Pro.

        • i'm looking for something similar but HDMI 2.1 is taking a long time to come to monitors. I think the demand for it just isn't there because DP exists and already does the job. We're a niche audience.

          • @lostn: Nah they're coming - just taking their sweet ass time.

            • @giventofly: because it's a low priority.

              People who play console games on a monitor are a minority and have been treated as second class citizens forever.

  • Ah no usb hubs in qs? What are my alternatives

  • Any deals on the Alienware AW410K keyboard?
    Missed the last eBay deal a few weeks ago :(

    • +2

      Advantage coupons won't work via ebay!

  • +3

    Any love for 32" 4K S3221QS? or maybe just stick with S2721QS ?

    • where did you land on this? keen to see what people think of this monitor

      • I've got the S3221QS for my PS5… it's 4k, curved & bloody big when sitting 2ft from it :)

  • Any recommendation for a simple WFH monitor? I've been running a very very old 23inch FHD Acer monitor from probably a decade ago and does the job (as a WFH monitor) but man would I love a brighter, maybe QHD monitor to remove the jaggies. I'm mainly dealing with MS Office apps so no gaming requirements. Ideally like to spend less than say $300

    • +1

      S2721D, you won't be disappointed! DS if you require more adjustment options.

      • @LiMaaa Same situation here. But noticed that DS doesn't have any USB 3.0
        Any recommendations?
        (sorry too many options for the S2721)

        • S2719DC comes to mind with usb-c support.

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