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Gigabyte M27Q 27" QHD 170hz IPS 0.5ms LED Gaming Monitor $489 Delivered @ Centre Com


First post, hopefully adheres to guidelines!
I’ve been doing some research for a good monitor for both gaming and work purposes, and this one stood out for the price and features.
Plus free delivery.

27” SS IPS, 2560 x 1440 (QHD), Response Time: 0.5ms (MPRT), VESA Display HDR400
Unique Features: OSD Sidekick, Aim Stabilizer, Black Equalizer, Dashboard, Crosshair, Timer, Counter, Crosshair, PiP/PbP, Auto-pdate, KVM
Signal Input: HDMI 2.0 x2, Display port 1.2 x1, USB port(s): USB 3.0 x2, USB C x1, VESA Wall Mounting(mm): 100*100mm

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  • very good monitor and pretty price

  • Any chance we can steal this for $400?

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    • $30 balaclava, $300 for a Ender pro, $30 for the materials to 3D print a gun

      • Nah you have it all wrong. OZBargain way is $1 for a permanent marker, draw it on face and use it also as a "gun" then you have $399 for lawyer fees.

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      You can steal it for $0, but that's called stealing.

  • This should say QHD, not WQHD.

    • Really? Pretty sure either is fine and WQHD is definitely very commonly used for 2560x1440, probably just as much if not more so than QHD.

      • QHD is 16:9, where as WQHD is 21:9 ratio

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          Legit feeling bad for being such a pedant here, but that's not quite right. QHD and WQHD are often used interchangeably (and yes even for 21:9 1440p sometimes), but 21:9 1440p can more specifically be referred to as UWQHD (ultra-wide QHD), then UWQHD+ once you go up to 3840x1600 as with some of the 37.5/38" panels.

          Don't take my word for it either - just throw the terms WQHD/UWQHD/UWQHD+ into Google or staticICE etc and see what comes up.

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    Just watch out that this monitor has BGR subpixel layout. That could affect text clarity.

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    Have this monitor and it's great. Purchased $499 a month ago

  • This or the Dell DGF ?

    • RTINGS comparison in case it helps.

      Of note is the built-in KVM switch and USB-C port on the Gigabyte, also it seems to have better black uniformity than the Dell, though the Dell has DisplayPort 1.4 over the Gigabyte's DP 1.2. They seem like similarly decent monitors overall.

    • I ordered the Dell and then cancelled it for this. PD over USB and KVM is of very good use for me personally and I don't care about the stand as I'm wall mounting it so that made it a no brainer, espec with the slightly better brightness and contrast.