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[PS4] The Last of Us: Part 2 $35 + Delivery ($0 with Prime/ $39 Spend) @ Amazon AU


Managed to snag a Playstation 5 and have been looking at some of the exclusives I've missed being on Xbox. Not the cheapest price it's been, but if you missed out last time it's still a fair bargain and looks to be the cheapest currently available as far I can see.

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  • I found this game to be pretty drawn out and the gameplay to be pretty repetitive. It gets better in the second half though. I don’t get the extreme negative press about the game. I’d say graphics > story > gameplay. The gameplay way definitely the weak point here, the story, while it had its problems wasn’t as bad as people made it out to be.

  • Hoping for a 60fps upgrade at some point 🤞

  • You can find it on Facebook market for less than $20 or even $15 lol

  • yeah its tough to find a long list of great exclusives that xbox only gamers have missed out on over the last 5 years….

    • Not sure if you are being sarcastic (I think you are… but 🤷):

      PS4 exclusives

      Xbox One exclusives

      • i know what they are, and in 5 years they are bugger all, but thanks for the thought..

        • Well, if you resisted them for 5 years, clearly they are not must plays for you.

          HZD is on PC, Days Gone will be on PC. It looks like Sony will port more 'exclusives' to PC. MLB the Show 2021 (I doubt most people in Australia care about that game) will be on PS4/5, XB1/X/sS/sX, and PC April this year by Sony San Diego. Decima and Unreal Engine 4 are both cross platform game engines.

          A Sony studio making an XBox game, A Microsoft owned studio (Bethesda) making limited time exclusive(s) for Sony and Sony using Microsoft Azure Cloud. Things are getting interesting…

          • @netsurfer: played most of em once they were cheap- not a reason to buy a ps5 at full price currently

            • @petry: If you had PS4/Pro, it was a good deal to take advantage of the EB games PS5 pre-order / trade in PS4, accessories, old games deal at the time. I paid $50 out of pocket for PS5 (rest paid through trading in PS4 Pro, extra controllers, games).

              I did something similar for Series X too (but I think I paid $150 coz. knowing what happened to PS5 pre-order, I didn't want to wait for the last round of pre-order), but I ended up with some extra EB world credits.

              The quality of life improvement on both PS5 and Series X is worth it (obviously, paying $200 out of pocket for both consoles helped a lot). However, I am disappointed that there is no performance patch on any Naughty Dog PS4 games for PS5. I didn't expect that from arguable the number #1 first party Sony developer.

              • @netsurfer: do that every generation but that ended quick last year. without any good tradein deals no reason to pay full price for ps5 so far.

                • @petry: OZBers… they are generally too quick for me. I only just managed to get the Series X deal (that was using vouchers coz. I knew PayPal would be too slow). PS5 was lucky because Sony didn't give people any notice, it just happened. I actually waited for EB to drop the deposit to $50 for PS5 and I thought.. heck.. for $50, if I decided to cancel, it is not a big deal.

              • @netsurfer: How much does EB games buy PS4 Pro these days? Their trade in pricing is usually quite atrocious unless you are a level 4 member.

      • That list is missing quite a few, it doesn't have Persona 5 for example.

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    Bought one $20 at Amazon when it was on sale. Why buy now? Wait for their next sale $10 - $15.

  • 30 FPS games play like trash on the PS5 once you're used to 60 FPS. I bought a PS5, got the PS Plus Greatest Hits package for free, and played about 1/3rd the way through Uncharted 4 and was enjoying it. Then I got Ghost of Tsushima with its 4K60 PS5 mode. Then the 4K60 God of War PS5 patch dropped. Then I played Days Gone at 4K60 on the PS5. Now I can't go back to Uncharted 4 because it chugs like crap in comparison with its 30FPS cap. The Last Of Us 2 would be exactly the same as Uncharted 4 - unplayable.
    If you have a PS5 - do yourself a favour and skip this, and pick up Ghost of Tsushima instead.
    I know Ghost of Tsushima rarely ever goes on sale. The cheapest its ever been was $50, but that was before Christmas. The cheapest it has been this year was $70, which is what I paid for it from the Playstation store.
    But there's a reason why TLOU2 is always on sale for like $20~$30 bucks, and Ghost of Tsushima is rarely on sale and has never dropped below $50.
    That reason is because TLOU2 utterly sucks, while GoT is an absolute masterpiece.

    • I bought a PS5, got the PS Plus Greatest Hits package for free

      Um… that's not true. PS Plus collection requires PS Plus subscription. You need active subscription in order to play them.

      Uncharted 4 - unplayable

      Just because it is 30fps, it is unplayable? So does that apply to Red Dead Redemption 2, Final Fantasy 7 Remake (you only get the PS4 version free in PS Plus this month). The argument on God of War is also flawed, before the 4K 60 fps patch, you CAN play at 60fps, just 1080p (or buy the game second hand as the initial / unpatched version doesn't have the 4K/30fps cap).

      I get the 60fps advantage. However, 30fps is playable. Let's face it, unless you have a HDMI 2.1 TV, at 4K/60fps mode, you are getting 4K HDR 4:2:2, not 4K HDR 4:4:4. Despite the rough writing of TLOU 2 (personally, I think the story could work, just the writing on the characters can be a mess at key moments and the uneven + far too obvious use of plot armour), graphics and animation are still top notch. Also, we do not know Naughty Dog won't provide a 60fps patch for TLOU 2. Most people think they will when the multiplayer expansion pack is released. The main concern is that may not be free. People are thinking / guessing a remastered version (i.e. true 4K assets + 60fps). You can rave about all those 60fps patches all you want, they are still dynamic 4K (not true 4K).

      The reasons you stop playing Uncharted 4 are more likely: (1) it does have pacing issue and (2) you paid a fair bit for Ghost of Tsushima (and the effective cost of Uncharted 4 for you is much lower) so it is obvious which one would go to the pile of shame first. I doubt Sony will have any issue that you stop playing Uncharted 4 from your PS Plus collection (you already paid for a year).

      • Um… that's not true. PS Plus collection requires PS Plus subscription. You need active subscription in order to play them.

        Final Fantasy 7 Remake (you only get the PS4 version free in PS Plus this month).

        Well, which is it? Does it require PS plus sub or is it free? I know I'm nitpicking but at least be consistent.

    • Forget that other person!

      I'm way on board with you, TLOU2 is unplayable on PS5 when you get used to 60fps games, I really couldn't play it either, the 30fps is super off putting now (and yes, the Switch is dead to me, despite being an avid collector, the FPS on that thing makes me want to puke). I don't even know if it's a good or bad game yet, I'm not touching it again till they do a 60fps patch.

      Call it drastic but that's the way it is, 60fps is the new bare minimum. I don't even know if I like Control but god damn it's crisp! I just keep playing it.

      Ghost was incredible. God of War I'm also replaying just because it's do damn crisp, I mean doesn't hurt it's awesome but I'd never have played it again at 30fps.

      30fps is a deal breaker.

      • sad view of gaming - frame rates … design zero just frame rates

        • Or…both! gasp

          • @eagerfisherman: your comment '60fps is the new bare minimum' excludes design and all games with great design that won't play at 60fps. sad.

            • @petry: Yep sure does! Lucky for you, my choice of what games to play has zero impact on anything. Lucky for me, any game targeting the PS5 will more than likely offer 60fps.

              Everybody wins!

        • Game design includes playability. That also includes framerates, frame timings and input latency. If you think none of these things matter, then you are completely clueless about what make games enjoyable. Try playing ANY game at 2-3fps and say framerates don't matter. Same goes for 1000-2000ms input latency. Or horrendous frame timings.

          I disagree on the Switch thing, though.

          • @Hunterex: Fortunately, 30fps has been fine for a very long time, it lets our brain perceive fluid motion, reduces load on GPU which means they can keep more details (ala TLOU2). You can't compare 2-3fps to 30-60fps. 2-3 fps is unplayable, 30fps is entirely playable, many films are on purpose filmed at 24fps for certain feeling, most don't go over 30fps. If you personally can't deal with going from 60fps to 30fps, it's really a you problem isn't it?

            It's simple to compare TLOU2 to GOT and see how much detail TLOU2 has compared to the much more simpler GOT.

      • 60fps isn't the NEW bare minimum. It was common even back in the 80s. Many games ran at 60hz. Sometimes 50hz depending on the region.

    • This is one of the worst opinions I've seen regarding frame rate and playability.

  • No Joel, no deal.

  • I got half way through & I just stopped, this is not a good GAME.

    Technically & Graphically it's great, but I'm playing games to have fun, not walk through an art exhibition.

  • +3 votes

    This game lost its value so quickly compared to the first. Within a few months it was half price.

    • That's all games nowadays. Aside from Nintendo titles and maybe GTA V, everything is marked down within the first month of being on shelves.

      • Except Ghost of Tsushima, it's still around $70ish, according to google a min ago.

  • Some people find the story controversial but I quite like it. It’s sad but it’s brilliantly written and the characters are some of the most memorable. Well worth the 35 bucks.