Do You Enjoy Car Shopping?

I watch a lot of car industry videos from the US and the sentiment seems to be that most people despise the car buying process, mostly because of scummy dealers and salesmen.

I've always felt it's slightly different here in Australia. Maybe it's just me, but I love buying cars. I usually keep a cheap shit box or 2 stored somewhere for a rainy day, so when it inevitably falls apart I buy myself a new one. Even it's just a Camry or Lancer, I love it. There's always a deal to be had and you come across unique cars or owners. Plus every car is unique so even when you buy a used shitbox you've got a car that nobody else has.

I know it's a weird way of looking at things but for some reason I love buying cars. Anyone else feel this way or is it just a chore that you are forced to do, like buying groceries or toilet paper?

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  • 14
    Don't mind it - would rather do something else
  • 33
    Yes I love buying cars
  • 72
    Despise it - it's something I'm forced to do


  • I enjoy shopping for a new car, it's the BS I have to put up with from the salesperson that gives me the s***s.

    They say that you know when a car salesperson is lying - their lips are moving.

    Recently purchased a new car and walked out of one dealership because of the salesperson's attitude (I may be silly but I'm not stupid), and another I didn't last long in due to the verbal diahorrea coming out of their mouth.

    • I seldom buy from dealerships but in recent experiences I've found that most salesman aren't anything like the typical cliche assholes they're made out to be.

      Most seem to be laid back young 20-30 yr olds. Obviously they're trying to sell you a car but most should know by now that customers won't put up with BS.

  • No, I hate it

    But I have a mate who if he has nothing to do on the weekend will drive around car dealers doing test drives and bullsh1tting sales people

    To each their own

  • Don't like car salesman full stop and would not buy a new car. The value is in the used cars and I am more than happy to take a punt on brands other people don't. Pickles fixed price is a good way to buy a car if you want something with a service history, in great condition (they usually repair dents, scratches etc before sale) with a guarantee and no hassle from salespeople. Their prices have crept up over the years though, they used to have some real steals.

    • Pickles Townsville rude manger she (profanity) i base just want to buy a car she treat me like scum.all ask was this best price she turn on me

  • I hate it. It's more to do with me knowing jack all about cars which drags out the time requirement for the process. I'm always reliant upon others to feed me good information so I can make good decisions.

    I couldn't care less about the dealers/sales people. They're usually mediocre sales people at best, using caveman sales tactics. They're easy enough to defang.

  • I never buy new cars (except on 2 occasions where I was ordered to buy a new one) but i like talking to pretty sales women, especially the ethnic women at Paramatta dealerships.

  • There is a reason Elon Musk has become so rich. We only have 3 large dealers left and they have all the abusive power they just hold back models and the customer has zero choice! A bit like airline companies, a bankrupt and another extremely bankrupt to choose from. Virtually 2 aircraft makers, Scairbus and Boing boing patch old junk….

    Todays cars resemble patchworks from OEM suppliers with customers left in the dark. Upside is that cars become a lot safer. Crash repairabillity has taken a turn in reverse.

  • I wouldn't say I despise it but I don't enjoy it. Sales people are just never up front and try all their games etc. Unless you're willing to walk in and pay their asking price (which will almost always be above the manufacturers recommend drive away) it's just way more work than it needs to be.

  • Enjoy car shopping, but don’t like the actual purchase bit from dealers. Enjoy the research, test driving, selection and collection of cars. Don’t like negotiating, especially don’t like the Ming mole bit. Buying used is a better experience IMO.

  • Don't mind it. I like seeing the release of new cars and checking them out. Personally I keep my car for at least 12 years so its not something I often experience. Will go through it next year again and keep it probably for another 15 years or so.

  • Nah it's a pia

  • It's highly stressful at the moment, in this COVID world. Cars, new or used, are put up for sale on Carsales or Gumtree and are gone within 48 hours. The prices are high with very little wiggle room - demand is high, supply is low. Reasons include high levels of domestic travel, supply shortages, lack of used cars.

    I do love cars though.

  • Hate it so much i'm just waiting for the Tesla i want to come out so i can just sit at home and press some buttons.

  • I love thinking about cars, compiling spreadsheets, reading reviews, checking out… my saved car list contains a lot of stuff I'll never buy but I love thinking and dreaming about it and comparing (intend keeping my current car for many years yet). Touring car yards when they're closed is my idea of fun. Having said all that, I don't enjoy bargaining with salespeople etc… but I do like collecting the car with the huge red bow on the bonnet. It's my thing.

    • This is about where I am, enjoy thinking about what car to buy and seeing what is available. Just have to be careful not to ruin it by actually buying one.

  • I like window shopping, can't stand pushy sales people or ones that think they don't have to do anything to get the sale at the moment.

    Went to a large car yard in Perth last weekend, just about every car on the lot was filthy inside and out and they still wanted top dollar for them.

    • Perth prices seem to be awful and if cars are dirty inside that tells you lots about the sort of service you will get once you lift the pen from signing. 🙁
      Unless desperate, I’d be holding off until things settle down and then look east coast….

  • Pushy salesmen. Annoying pr***s.

  • Don’t buy that often, but looking for a new car last year was a pretty good experience. If buying new, it’s good fun test driving to narrow the make, model, features - then the price negotiation is just about a object same as anything else provided you don’t dither on what you actually want.
    Remember that salespeople ALWAYS talk crap. Politely ignore them and do your own research.
    Be prepared to get interstate prices and just factor in transport. It’s only about the price of an object at your door.
    Ignore dealer extras completely -

    I never met the dealer I bought from, was all phone and internet. I think we were both quite happy with that arrangement 😎 I got in when they thought they were all going out of business and saved at least $15 k from the current going price…..

    The only problem I have with the Tesla buying model is the ‘take it or leave it’ pricing. My wife and I love negotiating a decent deal.

    • I never bother with dealer cars unless it's a really good find (rare car with low kms). Most of the time you can save boats of cash by buying private.

      Bought myself a sports car in my early 20s. Put all my savings together and still didn't really have enough to buy the used models on Carsales. Ended up seeing one that was fairly cheap, offered the guy almost $10k below market value and he agreed right away. It was an old rich dude who didn't really care about the car or the money. He seemed to enjoy the sight of a young kid buying his dream car…maybe it reminded him of someone. Hope to be as cool as that when I'm older, but yeah ever since then I love private buying. If you catch someone on a good day you can get unbelievable bargains.

  • Hi I have bought and sold over 10 brand new cars from dealers and over 10 secondhand cars from private/auction and the websites for the last 25 years

  • Just search car sales for lowest price in your state before going in for new, car salesmen think they can still pull that fake manager advised best deal.
    Both Toyota and Mazda did this to us a few years ago ugh.

    Like others have said, at least Tesla doesn’t treat adults like morons.

    • least Tesla doesn’t treat adults like morons.

      They treat adults like well trained sheep, just like apple does.

  • I am finding the "psychological" sales tactics more fascinating. They are called NLP… look it up on uTube.

    As for vehicles… I am looking at the BMW X6… but they are still going for 40k at 10years old… then a wise mechanic said, makers only design their vehicles to last 5 years…. think about it

  • I hate looking buy a new car only do went have i got point were just buy on line now miss good dealer day off old.

  • I don't mind it - I do my own research and I know exactly what I want. The only thing left to do when I walk in is negotiate on price.

  • I don't mind, but hate seeing some salesmen acting like they care so much but in fact they just want your signature on the contract.