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Samsung Galaxy 256GB S21 Plus $1,239.20 Shipped, S21 Ultra $1,479.20 Shipped w/ Wireless Charger Trio @ Samsung Edu & EPP


Pricing includes delivery (but couldn't fit in title).

After being inspired by the Galaxy Z Fold2 5G for $1,999.20 at Samsung EPP deal, I had a look at the EPP pricing on S21 series. There is a promo running with 256GB available for same price as 128GB.

Samsung Galaxy S21 5G 256GB $999.20 (all colours available other than Phantom Pink)

Samsung Galaxy S21+ 5G 256GB $1,239.20 (all colours available other than Phantom Black including online exclusives)

Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G 256GB $1,479.20 (all colours available other than Phantom Black including online exclusives - ie phantom silver, phantom titanium, phantom navy and phantom brown are available)

For the S21+ 5G and S21 Ultra 5G, there's a bonus Samsung Wireless Charger Trio (EP-P6300TBEGAU) automatically added to cart for free.

Don't forget the usual $50 newsletter bonus (try live chat if the automatic email doesn't work).

This pricing is available at both Samsung Education store and also some Samsung EPP stores (such as mine).

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  • And what is yours

  • I dont an edu email unfortunately

  • Is there a list of companies eligible for EPPs ?

  • Will officeworks price match education store?

  • This is the same price since launch? With epp

    • For the 256GB?

      • Oh good point! So 256gb is the standard.

        • Nah, 128GB is… the promotion for 256GB was originally more explicit in the title but I think we kept renaming this deal to fit all the variants in and lost that the promo is 256GB for same price as 128GB plus a free wireless charger trio.

  • It's s21 ultra not plus ultra.

  • Tried creating an account but the verification email doesn't arrive

  • Can someone with education portal access please share with me the process for galaxy tab7 & 7+ please? You can pm me
    I have family members who are teachers so I can get them to order for me if the deal is good. I bought my galaxy s10+ using a combo of Westpac rewards and another discount code about 2 years ago that made it just over half price. Been waiting for something similar but unless you work for Telstra/Optus/Vodafone and want a phone you are out of luck these days and I think they only get one code each so not freely available :'(
    C'mon Samsung create a I'm poor but I want the latest Tech portal ;p

    • Education EPP
      Galaxy Tab S7+ 5G 256GB $1,559.20
      Galaxy Tab S7+ 4G 128GB $1,319.20
      Galaxy Tab S7+ Wi-Fi 128GB $1,159.20

      Galaxy Tab S7 4G 128GB $999.20
      Galaxy Tab S7 Wi-Fi 128GB $839.20

  • Be prepared to wait for those online exclusive colours. This week will be week 5 for me on the phantom navy.

  • The current offer is free memory upgrade to 256GB from 128. I don't see any wireless charger trio on the website (it was the previous offer when I bought 512GB one)

  • chatted to samsung. going to grab silver 256 gig ultra. got the $50 voucher to + that wireless charger is a blindingly good deal
    would have preferred the black but i will be having a case on it anyway plus eh silver easier to see if ph on a dark table
    they said no ETA on the black models atm

    • Yeah, for $1429 for the flagship that's tough to beat. Whilst I am in both camps (Apple & Samsung), I'm looking to replace my aging XS Max and seeing what's on offer from Samsung does make Apple's pricing seem a bit out of touch for mainstream flagships but alas I am more embedded in the Apple ecosystem for work.

    • The black model is back in stock today but the free wireless charger promo has also ended :(

  • does anyone know if Samsung EDU account owners get $200 extra off for trade ins? i see it on the regular store but not on the edu store.

    Also, trade up seems to be down atm i can't complete my purchase.

  • Just spoke to a rep. The charging trio promo ends at 11:59pm on the 9th.

    • wow short promotion. i was lucky to get it cant complain at all. i initially went to buy on thurs last week and it didnt come with the charger then

  • Ordered the Ultra (Navy) back on the 8th March.
    Received text from Startrack late Monday about delivery today Tuesday (Melbourne).
    Quietly excited when Startrack rang the door bell moments ago.
    Somewhat less excited, when I opened the package and it only contained the wireless charger :'(

    Has anybody else received their mobile yet?