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$700 Harvey Norman Gift Card When You Sign up to Optus 24 Month $65/Mo SIM Only Plan (In-Store Only, New Services)


I know the photo says $500, but I was told they will give $700 when you sign up for optus. I was in Harvey Norman in QV Melbourne.
Feel free to double check with them.

(Text on Flyer:)
Min. plan cost over 24 months is $1560. New services only. N/A with other offers. T&Cs apply. Offer ends 28/3/2021

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Harvey Norman
Harvey Norman

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  • For 24 month..

  • Just went onto the hn wedsite and it says a 600 dollar evoucher. I'd post a screenshot but no idea how.

  • if they added atleast 5GB roaming to the plan you would highly consider it & with the lack of travel they wouldn't lose out, you're better off with JB $69 12m deals that usually come with $500gc & $10 off for port in

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    How can this be a deal when it is not comparable to Optus, such as $65 at Optus gives 500GB?

  • The private sector ripoff continues.

    How much longer are we going to continue severely damaging the economy by directly losing our own money?

    • Not stepping foot in a Harvey Norman store until they repay Jobkeeper.

      Have some principles, our taxes have helped boost their share price… I pay a little more to support local guys with conscience.

    • You mean 'the Harvey ripoff' continues.

  • Merged from Optus $65/Month SIM Only Plan for 24 Months + Bonus $700 Harvey Norman E-Gift Card (New Services Only) @ Harvey Norman

    Receive a $700 Harvey Norman E-Gift Card When You Sign up to a New OPTUS $65/Mth SIM Only Plan for 24 Months.

    Plan ID: 34238974
    Data: 80gb
    Unlimited national call and text
    Maximum plan cancellation fee: $780

    Offer ends 28th March 2021.

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      With how much they got from jobkeeper, gift card should be like 1500 dollars lol

    • No, no and no. After previous ssssssssssssssssssssssssssssuper ridiculous experiences with Optus, I don't believe it would be wise to take any contract with them. Put all those negative thing aside, you are risking maximum $780 CASH for $700 GC, why bother?

      • Save money…… not everyone needs Telstra reception FYI. And in some areas Telstra is worse than Optus.

        • You cannot save money by buying something cheap but useless. Optus is good if there were no issues, but if you do encounter some issues with them, well, I don't want to go there again.And I do agree with you, Telstra is no better than Optus.

      • What happened

        • Long story. Signed a 12 months contract and issues from the very first day. First bill was wrong (charged me $50+ for $30 plan, to be clear, that's for the so call month-in-advance bill, and through the whole period, there was no extra usage, of course, it was always unavailable when I need it and available when I did not. Till now I still could not understand why that thing was there for a post paid plan as it essentially turned a post paid plan into prepaid plan as they would always at least a month deposit.) and from the very 2nd month, all kinds of reception issues. Had enough BS with them so I ported out in the last month and the last bill started a saga. It turned out they had no idea how the bill was calculated and they just could not do the primary school math right and were so confident that there were no issues with the bill. Really it was not a big number (less than $30, my time spent on that worth much more), but I was really pissed off so I decided to escalate the complain and it turned out all their customer service people did not seem to speak human language. Eventually it wen to TIO and again they denied there were any issues with the bills. Had to escalate again, and finally got someone reasonable to handle the case, but still the account was not balanced, the only difference was that this time they over refunded me a couple of dollars. So can you find anything to justify deal with them ever again, especially on a 24m contract?

    • Imagine 20 years ago, hearing that in 2021 you could get a 24 month phone contract without being given a free phone.

    • not a deal, usually 12 months contract $59 month - $500 gift card, 24 months should be $1000, not $700.

      $444 over the 24 months more expensive than doing a new contract every 12 months.

      This isn't a deal.

    • The only time I'd sign up for 24 month contract is when you get a phone for $99 or $199. I got 3 sets of this deal in 2019 when they gave the s10 512gb for $199 + $65/month.

    • commenting to come back and review later - doesn't seem too good of a deal or is it?

    • 24 months contract? No
      24 months with Optus? HELL NO

    • HELL NO and NO OPTUS

    • Ummmm… I've been for Optus for 10+ years…. Now on my $35 pm plan with my 40gb of data… No issue at all with them…

      I did tell them to get lost once after they kept calling me to change plans. I said if I want to change I'll call you….. But they called 3 times in a day! So I think I'm on there do not outbound call list

    • I have a dispute about misterious charges going for 9 months on this exact plan, the same deal with the HN gift card. Optus’ support is an oximoron. The gift card is just a lure. Don’t fall in the trap, you’ll regret it. No wonder Optus and HN teamed up.

  • Make it $700 for lifetime 😤

  • When next door can make 59x12 with 500 gc, HN could only do 65x24 with 700gc.
    Only reason to get this is you have horrible Telstra signal and good Optus.