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40% off Mens Clothing by Ben Sherman, Lacoste & Tommy Hilfiger @ Myer


Another Daily deal from Myer, this Sale should Apply in store too

40% off Mens Clothing by Ben Sherman, Lacoste & Tommy Hilfiger

FREE Delivery with $49 Spend or C&C with No Min Spend.

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  • after purchasing the lecoste polo and the transaction is complete, it says in red out of stock. Guessing they will send me an email for a refund. Moreover I used a gift card, what a waste of time!

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    Anyone know how I can tell if something is actually going to be good quality before purchasing it online? Once bought 3 t-shirts from Tommy, one of them was really good quality, soft, thick, the other 2 were very poor 'target-like' quality, very thin and cheap feeling. Problem is they all just say they're 100% cotton, so how can I know before buying online :/

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      go buy from real brands like Ben Sherman, Kirkland (not even joking), MJ Bale, UK menswear brands like TM Lewin and Charles Tyrwhitt, or ye ole' Rodd and Gunn etc.

      • ok

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          even uniqlo fam. TOmmy Hilfiger is only good if you can get it for dirt cheap from Macys or a US outlet store.

          • @Orico: for what its worth i have a couple ben sherman's and they're just as bad quality as the tommy's

            • @424242: Please go grab one of the shirts and tell me the country it is manufactured in. I think you got one of their crap quality shirts.

            • @424242: If you don't want shit quality t-shirts then just buy Polo Ralph Lauren. HOnestly, they just last and are built with quality fibres.

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      That's par for the course for Tommy Hilfiger garments. It literally is just paying premium for the blue and red label which for some reason some people think are cool.

      Tommy Hilfiger isn't a proper 'designer' brand anymore but are now part of the 'Van Heusen' garbage group that have third parties produce low quality garments with their logo on it for a fee (that's why you see them everywhere now).

      If that doesn't faze you, your best bet would be to go to outlet malls. If you're in Sydney, the Birkenhead Point Outlet has a large Tommy Hilfiger shop with tons of cheap products (because they are).

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    Paying $20 for the shirt, $100 for the name and logo.

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      Same can be said for Apple?

      • lol are you comparing high-quality, in-house designed and engineered consumer tech to clothes?

      • The greediest company.

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    All of these brands are just labels owned by mega conglomerates in the process of slowly using up the brand equity they had when they were designer labels.

    Eventually they will use it all up and then they either start making quality stuff for a while to build it back, or it goes further down the rungs of fashion and ends up in target etc.

    • Doesn't mean they still don't use better quality materials than cheaper clothing, for people who buy branded products they buy them for a reason, the style and the comfort and if any of that changes my guess is most would turn to other brands, i know I have in the past.

  • Bastards at Commbank rewards removed the myer cashback. poo

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    Tommy Hilfiger is cheaper at - plus you can stack with Unidays for an additional 10% off…..Catch has less variety tho so really depends on what you're buying.

  • Eshays gonna love this sale

  • some items say 50% off for second item only but doesn't seem to be the case at checkout.

    • Yeah that's a weekly deal but doesn't apply to this One day deal even tho the banners are still there

  • Any update on shipping? My status still preparing

    • All I know is it's 4-7 days for Metro Areas and 4-10 days for regional.

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        Got the item today. Thanks 😊

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