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[NSW] Almond Butter 765g for $7.99 (Save $3, $1.04/100g) @ Costco Lidcombe (Membership Not Required 7 March)


May be available in other Costco stores.

I can't believe it is not peanut butter! Much cheaper than what you can get at Woolworths or Coles.

Membership-free shopping today only at Costco Lidcombe with tex's deal post: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/607832
…or membership required

Ingredients: 100% almonds

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  • Can't find it on their website. Can anyone please post a direct link.


    I guess that’s in a physical store. Smart as me I typed in butter and search, nothing almond came up

  • Found it at the Lidcombe store

  • Great value, but hard AF to stir. Turn it upside down for a while and let it sit. Makes it easier if it's not too settled. If it sits too long, almond under the oil is like a brick. I usually end up having to shake it up a bit and keep tipping it over till it's somewhere close to being able to stir.

  • This stuff is great. Keep it mind it doesn't have a super long shelf life as not any preservatives from memory. I've unfortunately had to toss one in the pantry one time that was tucked back there!

  • Thanks so much. I went on Friday and Sunday. Bought around $600 worths. I bought 3x almond spread, really nice, also bought 20 packets of mushrooms snacks, very tasty. Just eat straight from the packet. Chicken, coconut rolls, macaroons, tarts on specials, glad wraps, grease proof paper, goji, pecan nuts, Brazil nuts, head and shoulders shampoo, canned fish, 12 kg bakers flour only around $10.50

    • I take it you're not a member? Yeah those mushroom snacks are great, I also get my eggs from there, great value. Keep in mind the Brazil nuts you can't eat more than a few a day due to high selenium content.

  • Thank you getrichdiebuying for the post, they do it every year?