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[NSW] Shop at Costco Without a Membership @ Costco, Lidcombe (Friday 5th March to Sunday 7th March)


Show the attached flyer.

In before "You can cancel anytime anyway"

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  • Shirts and shoes are required

    Sometimes you wonder how people shop to make this be an actual rule.

  • It is absolutely carnage there on weekends, I would highly encourage getting there just after it opens.

    • Cool so they are adding to it during the peak times :)

    • Cant' stand the Lidcombe store on weekends, total shitshow. I prefer either shop at one of the other locations or park in the shopping center across Paramatta Road if you can.

  • have to be accompanied by members?

  • What the hell am I paying for

  • Is it a unquie barcorde?

  • Sounds like a super spreader event

  • Will Officeworks price beat things this weekend, then?

  • But, you can always cancel any…oh, wait. ;-)

  • Find a member and ask them to buy you a Costco gift card. You can use it to shop there without being a member. Can keep shopping until the gift card run outs of money.

    • Think you have to pay 5% extra if you are doing this

      • Why? $100 gift card cost $105?

        • No, we've never had to pay extra 5% for anything (on either the gift card or goods in store). The only part I'm not sure of are the member only specials which might be excluded when using gift cards.

          • @tyarrhea: I thought it's only one price tier at Costco given you generally need to be a member in order to buy anything. Good idea on the gift card though, might ask a friend to check out next time :)

      • @chakkz… I think you're right
        The have the 5% open day policy in the US too.

  • Is this eBay plus but for groceries?

    • +13 votes

      Nope because a Costco membership actually offers something of value.

      • Yeah at least I know they won't force you to have membership to have mere discounts. Tag along someone instant savings. don't think you can do that plus bs membership that lies to you charge you in full when it's $1 promoted

        EBay is f#$&Ed up with no more 20% store wide. It's trash compare to Amazon prime. Have not bought anything since 2018, that's 3 years ago for me

      • What is that value, access to Costco?

        • Cheaper than average items and petrol, as well as exclusive items you can’t buy at other stores.

          • @melbourne guy: Except their website is crap, slow response, doesn't list prices for meat and veg so you have to drive all the way out there to see what the prices are! When I raised this with their head office the rude, ignorant, woman on the other end got so snarky that I may forget about them totally and get a refund (only joined a few days ago). The stupid responder said 'the web site has only been up for a year"…LOL, what kind of excuse is that in this day and age? If Woolies, IGA, and Coles can publish all their prices why can't Costco? …and why do they hire such rude staff to man their head office phones?

  • OP it doesnt say anything on the flyer about without membership and no dates mentioned!

    • Dates are in the dried fruits section. Don't think they sell fresh dates.

      • Actually, they do, in the fruit and veg section!

        • I rarely buy fresh produce at Costco, maybe that's why I stopped venturing there. Though their meats and seafood are pretty good, but fruit and veg is cheaper at my local.

  • This or ALDI or WW/Coles 1/2 price specials.

    Is this subscription based business model any good compared to WW/Coles and now Amazon specials?

    • If you buy certain things and buy in bulk, yes.

      Best to tag along with another member to get a real feel for the deals.

  • I prefer Marsden Park one, even though Auburn one is closer. Marsden Park one has fewer people.

    • Plus IKEA!

    • Too far for most people that's why it's out west

      • You'd think that, but i'd rather drive there in ~30 minutes or so in clear traffic and no issues with parking, rather than put myself under the stress of crazy busy locations where you have to fight the traffic, stress out looking for a car park, struggle to get into the store, and get shoved at the checkout. All of the stress and time spent doing that can make the drive not seem so bad.

        • You are saying hardly anyone at Marsden Park and have the same amount of stock?

          Why not order online? I see a big sign

          • @neonlight: I've only been once to Marsden park with a friend and it wasn't bad at all. I go to IKEA semi regularly and it is much better there than the IKEAs closest to me.

  • As if weekend is not already busy enough for that store.

  • +3 votes

    This is the other half of the flyer

  • The other day I went here with my friend who’s a member… things aren’t really much cheaper here.

    • Sometimes no, they aren't…just bigger.

    • Most of the time it's not cheaper but more about selection and things that you cannot find at other supermarkets. Unless on special catalogue they are not cheaper

    • Examples with proof?

    • Costco is more about the convenience of buying a big range of decent quality things in bulk. Also the roast chickens are twice as big as Colesworth and the hotdogs are good fast food, the onion does it for me anyway.

      • Quality of some products are better eg. Seafood, meat and somr products are not available at supermarkets

  • Do you need to print the flyer?

  • Thanks OP for the info. I will avoid going to costco on that weekend.

  • Does anyone know when they do it in North Lakes (qld)?
    I only visit Costco on those vip events since I don’t have a membership and would like to go back again (true ozbargain spirit) haha

  • can I shop Tyres too?

  • So do we need to print out the letter? How does it work

  • Same like to know if we need to print?

    • Showing the form on your phone is fine.

    • No need to print the form in advance.
      There is a separate desk at the entrance for this event and the form is available there.
      You do need this form to check out though.

  • Just went, pretty pleasant, quiet.
    I printed out the form, they asked to fill out and to hand to cashier.

  • Just went today, they have these forms printed out for you to fill in.

    No hassle at all.

    Edit: actually the biggest problem is realising you just spent $380 when all you wanted was some frozen wonton noodles, which was out of stock :(

  • Great find op, thanks!

    Almond butter (100% almonds) 765g for $7.99 and coconut cream (100% coconut extract) 6x400g for $13.29 seem like a bargain at Costco Lidcombe.

    Posted almond butter deal here: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/608793

  • Props to the OP.
    Went at ~4pm yesterday. The top level parking was a bit insane - but once I discovered that there was another level downstairs which was only 1/3 full it was fine.
    Store was a bit crazy - but manageable.
    I went in more for a look than anything else … came out with $600 worth of groceries … which was a bit insane.