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Corsair RM750x White Series 750W 80+ Gold Modular ATX Power Supply - $179 Delivered @ Mwave


Online Only. Limit 10 Per Customer. Ends 07/03/2021 or While Promotional Stock Lasts

· 80 PLUS® GOLD CERTIFIED - Gold certification ensures high efficiency operation for less excess heat and lower operating costs.
· 100% JAPANESE 105°C CAPACITORS - Premium internal components ensure solid power delivery and long term reliability.
· ZERO RPM FAN MODE - Since the fan doesn’t turn on until it’s needed, you’ll enjoy virtually silent operation at low and medium loads.
· TEN YEAR WARRANTY - Your guarantee of reliable operation that will last across several system builds.

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  • "Limit 10 Per Customer" yep, I am building a lan cafe with systems decked out with RTX3080's

  • Is a decent PSU?
    Might start collecting bits for my eventual new build.

    • Yea this one isn't pretty decent but unless you plan on using a top of the range GPU or have 2 GPU, you probably won't need a 750w PSU.

      You will save more money by waiting for a 600 or 650w PSU to go on sale. I recommend googling a PSU calculator if you are unsure about how much power you need.

      • Thanks. Not quite on the specs sure but you're probably right, was aiming at a Ryzen 5600X and maybe a 3070 GPU of some flavour but not in any hurry right now as prices are high and my current PC is doing OK. :)

        • It's a good idea to go for a bigger PSU like this in case you plan to upgrade in the future and won't need to buy another, unless you were on a really tight budget.

          • @MungaCHung: Cheers, yeah budget's not an issue just didn't want to chew through the juice, but then I guess the PSU wont use any more than what the system pulls out of it?

          • @MungaCHung: It is very unlikely you will be close to 750W with a mid range pc in the next 10 years. PC parts are becoming more efficient. The 5600x uses less power than the 3600x. While the 3070 requires slightly more wattage than 2070, it uses about the same as a 770 (13 years old gpu).

        • PSU Calculator is always a good tool to get an idea of what your requirement are. 750W is fine for your requirements but future more high end video adds may want more.

          I have a 5800x + 3070 build and 750W is enough though.

  • You know what's funny? I'm buying this just for the white cables, to go with my SF750. it's good that they are cross compatible with each other.