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[VIC] Buy One, Get One Free: Medium Brown Sugar Milk Tea / Latte's @ Coco Fresh Tea & Juice, Melbourne Stores


Coco Brown Sugar Milk Tea / latte Buy 1 Get 1 Free Medium

Saw the deal in Melbourne swanston st, flinders st, box hill 2 shops

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  • If you're in Sydney, 1014 - Ten Fourteen has buy 1 get 1 free too. In Kensington near UNSW.

  • Naive question here…. this has the bubbles included, right? Pretty sure it's a yes, but can't tell for certain in the photo. I know a few bubble tea fanatics I want to send this on to.

  • Full of sugar

    • What gave it away? The name "Sugar Milk Tea"?

    • Nothing escapes you.

    • You can ask them to make it "not so full" of sugar if you wanted.
      But i do find that they just dont taste as nice as with sugar…… So how i see it as similar to any soft drink out there.
      Try drinking it without the 30-40g of sugar in it….. it wont taste nice.