Temporary Broadband Internet with a Wi-Fi Dongle?

Hi everyone. I have temporarily relocated while my place is being renovated and am looking for a mobile broadband + WiFi dongle deal for those two or so months. I have a TPG HFC connection in my place that I don't wanna disconnect and getting a temporary no-contact broadband isn't easy these days.

I am using my mobile phone data, but I am on a 12-month, 80GB Boast prepaid plan, which I can't use like I did with my home internet (I'll go through the 80GB in a day if I try that, though my phone isn't that fast, but you get the point). Can anyone please recommend a reasonable, temporary, no-contract mobile broadband with a WiFi dongle? Posted this as a comment in a day-old post and thought to post it here in case anyone can help. Tia

Edit: I am currently paying $70 a month for my existing internet (in the place that's being renovated) so I am not looking for an expensive internet. Somewhere around $50 or so a month will be fine.


  • Find someone with/Gumtree a Telstra NBN smart modem (with the mobile sim card network back up). Plug that into your wall socket and the modem will think the NBN is down and auto switch to the mobile back up free-of-charge. Lasts about 2 weeks - maybe longer if you're lucky.

    • Didn't hear about that before. Will look into it. Thanks

      • They boot people off when they realise they're abusing that feature - we'd given my mother a spare modem that was attached to an active plan and within 2 weeks boom, 4G disabled remotely

        edit: don't mind me, I didn't register that the person suggesting it already mentioned the time limit

  • Don't have a recommendation for a mobile internet. But for your existing internet, if you are not terminating the contract, you should change of to the lowest 29.99 tpg plans. You can change this easily in the online portal and can change it back when you renovation is complete.
    You can use the 40 dollars savings on your temp connection.

    • Man! I wrote long response and somehow lost it by mistake. One of my dislikes accessing the net on my phone. The gist of my reply was that my ISP offered us free boosted speeds for six months and will lose that if I change plans. Here's what it says at the bottom the email:

      If you change speeds or relocate during the 6 month offer period, your speed boost will be forfeited.

      So it's either save $80 for two months and go back to my original speed, or enjoy faster speeds for the remaining four months for no extra cost. Decided to go with the latter option.

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    I have a TPG HFC connection in my place that I don't wanna disconnect and getting a temporary no-contact broadband isn't easy these days.

    Maybe switch to launtel day to day NBN while your place is getting renovated? $50 credit from a referral plus 7 day trial will help cover the mobile bb and/or TPG cancellation cost.

    edit: Oh, just saw the speed boost comment.

  • https://www.amaysim.com.au/plans/mobile-plans/ + https://www.cashrewards.com.au/amaysim-mobile or https://www.shopback.com.au/amaysim-mobile

    = $6 for 80GB ($20 for 80GB + $14 cashback) OR $3 for 50GB ($10 for 50GB + $7 Cashback)

    You will need to switch sims every month though

    Here's another one:

    Also will need to switch sims every month

    • Unlimited talk & textStandard numbers in Australia
      Unlimited international

      Looks like that's for mobile phone plans though. I am looking for temporary WiFi dongle broadband plans to use on my computer. Or are they all interchangeable?

      • Interchangeable

        You just need to find a cheap usb 4g modem

      • Adding onto triviums's post:
        Lebara has 65 GB ($12) for the first few months (unsure if the $12 is the first month only)

        Just put that into a portable/usb modem and that may be enough for 30 days.
        Worth noting: Activate the SIM by 31/03/2021 to get this promo price and benefits.

        Use Lebara's plan followed by Amaysim + cashback the following month

        Deal link

  • Cheapest cost atm is Optus 200GB $58.50 or 500GB $67.50 month to month. The only gotcha is you need to get an Optus branded 4G modem. If the price is right then check out gumtree, ebay or woolies/coles for cheap dongles. The dongles will vary allot, so if you do not need speed and are near an Optus tower then get the cheapest, but of you need speed or are some distance away from an Optus tower then you need to do some research as to which dongle will be okay for your requirements.

    • Thanks for the suggestions. Will definitely look at that.
      Is this one of those modems? https://www.amazon.com.au/Optus-Huawei-E3372-USB-Modem/dp/B0...

      • Yes it's one of the low speed 4g dongles. The amazon price is RRP. This one is available at Kmart and should therefore be available at Target, BigW, some OZ Post outlets, Officeworks and may be available at Woolies or Coles and some other stores. It's like the rest of the USB small dongles in that it's one of the slowest and cheapest. It goes on special from time to time at 50% off in some of the stores.

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      i dont think this is month to month, it is a 12/24 month plan.

      I was in a similar situation last month but used a spare phone for the wifi dongle.

      cheapest I found was woolworths/telstra 42gb prepaid discounted from $40 to 15, bought 2 and used that for a month and set all media to 360p.

      Next cheapest was boost, I was specifically after telstra network though

      I used this to find out who was with what network then did a manual search for the best prepaid gb/$$ ratio

  • Best option is tangerine telecom

    no lock in contract and it uses optus 4g

    I'm currently on it with no complaints

    My wifi setup is a little fancy though but can simplify it

    firstly I use the netgear M1 modem unlocked but you can use any really. https://www.netgear.com.au/home/products/mobile-broadband/mo...

    then I use the lan output to connect to one of my unifi mesh, but again you can use any decent access point.

    message me if you need help, i've tried loads of options over the years

  • Will Launtel NBN work for you in your temporary house? You pay by the day.

    Edit: I see someone else has already suggested it.