expired Red Bull Mobile $366 for HTC ChaCha + 1 Year Unlimited Calls/Texts and 5GB/Mth Data!


the one year unlimited deal for $365 has been posted before, but the phone for $1 extra is a new offer since yesterday.

could always sell the phone on ebay for $100 to $150 if you don't want it, giving you a year unlimited tariff for as low as $200 if you're lucky.

The buy now through the link doesn't seem to have the option for phone and recharge in the dropdown box, however I have just phoned redbull and they promised to fix it.

I have tried red bull since the last 2 months for $39 offer in October, and have had no issues with the vodafone reception, recently in Melbourne got 6Mb down and 2Mb upload speed. iphone data settings can be downloaded from unlockit.co.nz

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