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Has anyone checked the video on their page around the 1:34 sec mark, what was he insinuating :)
28/04/2020 - 12:39
Bought one yesterday. I didn't see any Telstra branding logo, only 2 Telstra files which I uninstalled. The phone went through 3 updates on...
24/04/2020 - 14:32
Not received here in Sydney. Contacted them 10 days ago and they said delays in shipping. May go the paypal refund route if I don't receive...
09/04/2020 - 09:11
Paid by CC and said it can't use that method so I paid via paypal. I noticed for the initial payment by CC they actually charged me then...
19/03/2020 - 14:49
I think most people buying this Ring Video Doorbell think it is actually makes bell sound. You will get an alert on the phone but you will...
02/01/2020 - 23:24
Does 2c have facial recognition. Also fyi homebase 2 is less speced from what I'm reading, no removable sd card (restricted 16gb) and no...
01/01/2020 - 17:09
I am getting $715 with echo added and 20% is not applied
27/12/2019 - 10:50
Our google nests will probably go to our fake indian addresses as per vpn hack
13/12/2019 - 13:08
and makes you wonder if our ato does collect gst charged to us by those outside australia
21/11/2019 - 10:46
EBay not allowing check out. Must have run out of stock.
04/11/2019 - 06:56
Funny, I called the call centre and after 10 min wait, this guy laughing said are you after the drone. I said yes, he said you are number...
17/10/2019 - 09:00
Their site not responding, ozbargained from the looks of it
17/10/2019 - 08:03
I have adapters for all my smart bulbs, no big deal.
12/10/2019 - 14:01
$79 At Bunnings online. Maybe you were just lucky. Otherwise a steal.
12/10/2019 - 13:47
Officeworks will likely add delivery quoted on catch website to it.
10/10/2019 - 10:36
Let's not forget how badly we were treated with their latest Sony WF1000XM3 deal.
01/10/2019 - 06:18
Italy is beautiful and I found Florence to be best. Venice is very nice but in the early morning there is that stink smell from the water...
25/09/2019 - 12:59
Not bad.
16/09/2019 - 20:18
Finally got my money. Qantas no more.wish we can remove our likes to this deal. 500+ positives for a failed dea!!.
30/08/2019 - 08:13
Nope no refund yet. No response to my support tickets.
28/08/2019 - 05:57
I wrote my second enquiry on their contact us form I know will not be read. I will dispute the CC transaction with my bank. I'm sure...
26/08/2019 - 06:37
I still didnt get refunded the money. Called their 1300 number. Waited 22 min then hung up. Just useless and unprofessional.
25/08/2019 - 11:26
Anyone else didn't get refunded back into credit card.
22/08/2019 - 19:50
No bad feeling OP. Qantas took us for fools and wasted our time, held our money for 10 days (my money is not refunded yet). I will likely...
21/08/2019 - 19:10
I got the points back yesterday but no money refunded yet.
21/08/2019 - 10:44
Agree about holding the money for so long and getting away with it. I'm sure they consulted legals before their bold move.
20/08/2019 - 11:46
Totally agree. A bunch of us in the crowd (not me) reaching out to support turned to negative outcome. Still qantas using the word...
15/08/2019 - 06:15
I think at this stage with still "processing" stage we should be happy to get it delivered on that date.
14/08/2019 - 15:15