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Tiger Multifunctional IH Rice Cooker 10 Cups 1.8L JKT-D18A $499.99 @ Costco (Membership Required)


Selling for over $700 @ Amazon and Kogan.

Costco online has it for $519.99 delivered.

The Tiger multifunctional rice cooker was designed to cook large quantities of rice quickly (up to 10 cups capacity), making it ideal for large families. The rice cooking function is versatile and unique, with programmable settings for cooking different types of rice like eco, multigrain, brown, plain, oatmeal, porridge, GABA brown rice etc. Induction Heating (IH) System generates 130℃ high heat and 115℃ steaming process maximize the flavour and texture of rice. The smart microcomputer technology automatic cooking logic automatically senses, adjusts and actively monitors the temperature of the rice to produce the perfect meal. While cleaning is made simple with the removable and washable lid. Made in Japan and meets the Australian safety standard SAA.

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  • +2 votes

    Rice is nice

  • With that price ..you can’t go wrong with the rice..

    • No machine can right Sunrice white short grain. As tasteless as bleached paper.

  • Decent price for induction

    We have the cuckoo version, no complaints besides it’s giant size on the bench..very formidable!

  • what is difference between JKT-D18A and JKT-S18A? is it just colour?

  • Only a bit lower than the everyday prices, though not everyone knows to wait for Bing Lee 20% off.

    Great product though you'd wish they sold them with the good inner pots like they do overseas.

  • I actually have this one, my husband has had it for 20 years. I’m just a new rice cook.

  • Nice rice but not worth it for the price.

  • uncle Roger wouldn't spend this much on aunty Helen let alone a rice cooker.

    • it depends on how much you use it i guess. Its like saying the same to somebody who buys a thermomix for 2k and only use it once or twice a week.
      Where as some people eat rice every day, so using a $400-500 unit 7 days a week, you'd say you getting the most out of it.

      Also depending on if you have a taste for rice, good rice isn't that easy to be cooked on a stove, so a good rice cooker takes the guessing out of it. Although most foreigners (non-asian) wouldn't really notice much difference as they don't generally eat rice that often.

      I'm using one of Tiger's domestic Japanese one at home which uses a multi layer terracotta bowl, and it makes the nicest rice, similar to the ones i would eat at a restaurant in Japan.

      • yes that makes sense, like comparing a $2000 bed or say day old bread i guess.. i know the diff but my wife's asian and cant notice the diff most of the time, but rice…. oh yeah she can spot the 40c/kg cheaper rice from one sniff. i cant tell eating it.

        • On your point though, the $200ish Tigers (models JNP1000 and JNP1800) rice cookers that lack all the smart functions are very very good units too and can easily be considered an ‘every day’ type unit. I’d say for most people looking to splurge on a rice cooker, those might be a better buy as a solid set and forget unit, unless you need all the additional functions.

          If there’s any criticism of those models, it’s that the floral pattern on them doesn’t exactly blend into most home kitchens aesthetic.

  • Rice - when you want to eat 20 million of the same thing.. accepts no substitute.

  • hmm i just bought the xiaomi IH rice cooker for $160,international version so english on buttons, only does 5 cups but also less than 1/2 price if you don’t need 10 cups.

    • You can't compare Xiaomi to Tiger for rice cookers.
      Tiger is a well established as the best rice cooker and it's made in Japan.
      It's like saying a "Cherry" or "Great wall" car is less than half the price of a BMW or Lexus…. With good reason it's less than half the price…

      • unless you have a mid range to flagship samsung phone, chances are it’s made in china ….i don’t think there is a technology gap where japan has industrial secrets in making rice cookers …… the thing about many chinese items is the instruction manuals and a throw away rather than repair design.

        downside of the xiaomi IH rice cooker i find it is has never connected to the app or network for me ( how does it know the wifi key or which ssid to connect to ?) and also it’s a close to 60 minute cook.

        might look at the tiger IH when bing lee has a 20% off.

        • There is a difference. Induction heating is super old school when it comes to Tiger or Zojirushi rice cookers. 10 years ago, the Japanese brands were using positive pressure rice cooking. I haven't seen this feature outside of Japan yet, but the technology that we see in models sold in Costco or local electrical stores are at least 2 decades old.

  • Trying to think if I should get the 5.5 cup or 10 cup version given that the price is hardly any different…

    • get 10 cup, you can steam other things in it and make batches of rice so that you can just microwave reheat if in a hurry or take to work for lunch.

    • Do check the dimensions vs where you want to store it. For the model we have, getting the larger unit added very little to the overall dimensions of the product. I’m not sure about this specific model but.

  • No stock in QLD warehouses. I used the website live chat to ask if there's stock in Ipswich/North Lakes. They said none so my only option is online. Does anyone know the difference between this and the JKT-S18A? Based on the Tiger website, it seems like the pot has fewer layers and it's lighter overall for the newer JKT-D18A. More importantly, which will make nicer white rice (calrose/koshihikari)?