Arlo Audio Doorbell $49 (Was $89), D-Link DCH-B112 Smart Door/Window Sensor $19 (Was $39) @ JB Hi-Fi (5% Officeworks Pricebeat)


Great price and try 5% price beat at OW

  • Wire-free And Weather-Resistant Design
  • Speak to someone at your door from anywhere with your smartphone or tablet
  • Select from a list of prerecorded messages for quick replies to visitors
  • Receive a phone call on phone or tablet when someone presses your Arlo Doorbell

One more

$19 D-Link DCH-B112 Smart Door/Window Sensor

  • Requires a mydlink ZigBee Smart Home Hub (DCS-8330LH/DCS-8630LH) or Amazon Echo Plus/Studio
  • Open/close detection for your doors and windows
    Battery-powered for unrestricted placement – no power outlet needed
  • Triggers automations with other mydlink cameras and smart plugs
  • This product contains a coin/button cell battery. See product description below for important safety details

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  • Arlo doesn't ring a bell… besides the reviews aren't that great either…

    • why isnt great?

    • arlo as a whole system isnt great. their app is clunky and slow to load. I cant say for the doorbell but i have 5 arlo pro 2, and by the time the notification comes in that motion was detected, and you open up the app, takes another 30 sec or so to load while at first telling you its offline, whoever was at the door would have been loooong gone.

      not to mention the latency and lag was unusable for a two way conversation, once again, based on the camera not the doorbell.

      • Really?

        I have 4x cameras Arlo pro 2. I get notifications instantly and app takes no time to load.

        I'm using a Samsung note 9, internet is 100/20 FTTC. You?

        • pixel 3XL, 100/20 FTTC with AussieBB.

          The notifications is instant, but when you open up the app - it takes a while to load up the cameras. If the camera is still recording and you try to access live footage - it simply wont load until the recording is completed (continuous loading circle)

          For clarification - the app opens up, but the cameras will take approx 15-30 seconds before you can see any live footage. Meanwhile, it'll show cameras are "offline" until it refreshes..

          • @lawyerz: Ahh right, okay same experience.

            Yes, it doesn't like to be interrupted when recording but I find when the recording is complete I can access the files right away which is what I'm after.

            I've tested "live talking" like the door bell markets. That's a terrible idea even on 100/20 speed. At least 3 second delays which isn't practical at all.

            Appreciate the quick reply.

  • can I use my own zigbee hub with the door sensor?

    • Got any zigbee smart plugs you would recommend?

      • Not yet sorry. I'm prepping all my smart home devices for when my house is built

          • Requires a mydlink ZigBee Smart Home Hub (DCS-8330LH/DCS-8630LH) or Amazon Echo Plus/Studio

          I'm using an Amazon Echo 4th gen which has a Zigbee hub;

          Stuff bought via Ozbargain or randomly:

          • Philips Hue Indoor Sensor (should have zigbee) anyway;
          • bought a Philips Hue Outdoor Sensor (which I confirm has zigbee)

          I can pair the Outdoor Sensor directly to an Amazon Echo w/ Zigbee (using the Alexa 'Philips Hue' Skill is a recipe for disaster however it'll stop talking to the Amazon Echo and you have to readd the skill), Amazon routine works 9am - 6pm can set a motion sensor to play music

          — now I need a Alexa Widget Button for various routines… which the Alexa app does not have natively

          I'd like to get a few zigbee smartplugs, put some lighting and some dumb sirens onto them too, may grab a few more motion sensors and/or some of these door/window sensors if I can be bothered

  • Is this now HomeKit compatible, lost voice with iOS 13, can’t see it being restored in 14?

  • You'll need a smart hub for arlo door bell for it to work.

    Avoid Arlo and get Eufy if you can. I regret getting into arlo ecosystem. Even if you don't pay the subscription, there is virtually no features. You have to pay ridiculous expensive subscription to get/unlock the Arlo features. With Eufy, no subscription at all.

    Plenty of reviews out there explaining why Eufy is better over Arlo.

    If you already have Arlo cameras then the door bell is a good add on.

    • I have got couple of Eufy floodlight camera, both works great. Planning to get Eufy doorbell as well.

    • I did the same. Eufy far better but their doorbell motion sensing is still awful

  • Door/window sensor, will it work with Philips hub?

    • Does Hue support any door sensor?
      The D-link product does not even seem to work with SmartThings, so I'd avoid.

  • can we use this door bell with google home?

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