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Goldcross Kids Balance 30cm S2 Bike $29.99 (Was $59.99) Delivered/C&C @ Rebel


They'll create some of their earliest memories on the Goldcross Kids Balance 30cm S2 Bike. Perfect for toddlers who are learining to balance on two wheels it's handlebars and seat can be adjusted so they can grow with the bike. The low profile frame is easy to get on and off the bike.

Edit: Free delivery code no longer appears to work, see comments. C&C still available.

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  • How's much weight of this bike?

    Look like it is a light unit.


    • Also interested to hear how heavy this is….

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    How do I enter the promo code? It says in the checkout but i just couldn't find it…

    • Up the top of the payment screen.

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        Ah…saw it now. Thanks :)

  • Thanks, ordered one with free delivery.

    • Most kids use it for 1 hour all up and toss it aside….. I hope yours will use it for a bit longer…

      • My kids basically lived on them for years. Was a better one than this with real tyres though.

  • Cashrewards is not loading the page at all.

    • … which wouldn’t matter as using non-listed codes makes the transaction ineligible for cash back

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        i am not using the code, as I am doing a click and collect.

        • Ahh I see - the code is only required for free delivery

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    Perfect for toddlers who are learining

    Rebel's web admins need some learining in spelling.

  • Can't see how to get free delivery? Got it click and collect anyway - thanks OP

    • The promotion code is for free delivery

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        Yeah it wouldn't take the code and was also already coming up as $29.99 - happy enough to pick it up after I accidentally backed the car over the last one ;)

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    Where's jv with the "there's no pedals" comment?

    • lol

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    Coupon code "RSXMW4W9P5" cannot currently be added to your cart.

  • Coupon code crashes the webpage:


    • I had this happen previously and tried a different browser and had no issue. Hope that helps in the future for you

  • Hi Eek, I had that in Firefox; went through no problem in Chrome

  • Coupon code no longer works. Had to choose CnC.

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    I dunno, I just stuck my kid on a bike and rolled him down a gentle slope - first holding the seat but each time holding it less and no pedalling. Within 30mins he had learned how to balance and started pedalling. Within 1hr he was riding a bike. He was like 4yo at the time (maybe less).

    I think bicycles with trainer wheels (not like this deal) are a terrible idea. They teach kids to NOT balance. Don't buy them.

  • Coupon Code not working? was looking for home delivery.

  • cashrewards working for anyone ?

  • Is there free shipping on everything?

  • Coupon code "RSXMW4W9P5" cannot currently be added to your cart. ???? why

  • "They'll create some of their earliest memories on the Goldcross Kids Balance 30cm S2 Bike."

    Soooo this is just an ad?

  • Pick up 1.. There were around 7 in cannington WA, there 3 at the back of the counter on bold for pick up.. thanks op

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      How heavy is it? I'm still waiting for delivery but would like to know the weight like the others commented above. Thanks 😊

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    That is the same with this item from eBay and cheaper too?

    • Looks to be the same and better looking.

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