Kogan - Wrong Item Delivered

I bought a couple of things on Kogan.

I got one of the things delivered (RRP $39) but not the other (RRP $39). Instead I got a 32 inch monitor.. it has my address printed in the label.

Obviously I've contacted Kogan but they.are.thick.as.sh1t or just don't care or can't read or perhaps all three. Anyway, it seems like having to explain this to them is really too much effort.

Anyway, what am I supposed to do? If they refuse to acknowledge they sent me the wrong thing, is it mine to keep? I don't even want it.

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  • sell the monitor on gumtree -> profit

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    $39 for a 32 inch monitor! what are you complaining about? ;)

  • I'll give you $40 for it.

    Instant profit.

    What time are you available?

  • It might have been a kogan marketplace seller so Kogans care factor is very very low…

    However there is a legal process to keep the unwanted goods.


    • I don't think that the information at that link really covers the OP's problem - the OP doesn't really have an unsolicited item, the situation is that they ordered something and they received the wrong thing.

      The OP has said that they don't want what they have received, and presumably they do want what they ordered.

      It appears that the OP has contacted Kogan in writing and explained the problem, but they have received no satisfaction. Even if the "unsolicited items" laws apply (and I'm not sure that they do), and the OP waits the three months to be able to keep the monitor, they still don't get the item that they ordered, so I don't see that this is really a solution.

      If the OP is in NSW, there are links on the web site you quoted that will allow the OP to lodge a complaint. I suggest that they do so.

  • Classic Kogan antics.
    Though at least it looks like you've come out ahead.

  • but you won?….you beat the system!! SUCK IT KOGAN!

  • All you can do is contact Kogan explaining the issue and its up to them to arrange for postage for the item to be delivered and to send you the right item.

    It's better to have this done in writing and if they don't respond by a reasonable time, keep the monitor then complain again you didn't receive item 2.

    Personally I would have just started with I didn't receive Item 2.

  • So Kogan says I have to return the unsolicited item before they'll send me the item I paid for.

    I said they will need to send the item before I return it, or they're welcome to collect it an any time and gave them my phone number if they'd like to discuss.

    I figure the unsolicited item has nothing to do with the fact I didn't receive my item that I paid for and it feels like I'm being held at ransom?

    My end goal here isn't to end up with a monitor here.. it's to not lift a f37king finger until Kogan makes the barest most minimal effort to correct the error they made.

    • Hold your ground. You're being reasonable.

      If you don't get any relief in a few weeks ask PayPal for a refund. They might not give it to you since kogan can show they sent something and you received something.

      Is it the sort of item you can have two of and still be useful? If so just order elsewhere as this matter will probably take time to resolve. If they never send you your item or collect the monitor you can sell it after a few months when it is legally yours.

    • Don't do it, its their mistake, they should resolve the mistake before you give it back.

  • Should have just complained about not receiving the second item and never mentioned anything about the monitor.

  • Just tell Kogan that you want what you ordered or your money refunded in full.
    AFTER that is done they can arrange collection of the monitor. They will have one month to do that.
    No further negotiations.