How to Keep Bees Away

We've recently moved into a place, at first we didn't know why there were so many dead bees on our front porch, but then a friend pointed out that the neighbors seem to have some bee hives.

We have nothing against the bees, but for some reason they seem to be dying when they hit the front windows, which seems to happen quite a bit a night.

Any suggestions as to how to keep the bees away (and alive)?


  • Chat to your neighbour in a friendly manner.

    An apiarist would know best.

    • How would you suggest approaching such a conversation?
      Would they be upset that their bees are dying/ blame us? (We really don't know why the bees are dying, we just notice them on the ground the next day)

      • How would you suggest approaching such a conversation?

        Hi neighbour, my name is Vina, your new neighbour.

        Nice to meet you Gina, I'm Brian

        I said Vina but never mind. Anywho, I just wanted to let you know that we love bees and understand how important they are for the environment. Fun fact, The Bee Movie is in my top 10 for sure. Anywho I am concerned that I am finding a lot of dead bees on my porch.

        Porsche, I thought I saw you in a Camry

        Lol Brian. You make me laugh. I think we'll make great neighbours. What I meant was is that I'm worried about dead bees on my verandah and notice you have a hive and can probably help me out.

        That doesn't sound good Gina, can you show me where?

        Sure, follow me

        Blah blah blah

      • "Hello, I'm Vinagirl.

        "We've just moved in next door.

        "I see you keep bees.

        "I've noticed we get a lot of dead bees at our place.

        "I love the fact you're keeping bees, but wanted to let you know this is happening and whether you might have any advice for me?

        "I'm not sure why they're attracted to our place and want to make sure I'm not doing anything that could be affecting them."

        How's that sound?

      • "Hi there, we understand you have hives, and we are finding a bunch of dead bees at our door - it's odd. Do you have any ideas as to why they are dying? and how we could reduce the number of dead bees?"

      • (holding an airhorn in each hand, uses one to knock on neighbours' door)

        "Yo yo yo, who has two airhorns and hates dead bees on their porch, home SKILLET??"

        "Hi, I uh-? Wait, there's dead bees on y-"


      • If you keep sending bees to me, I will sue you!

        Lawyer up time. You deserve compensation and fancy words.

      • Just BEE yourself

  • Try putting up a "No bees allowed" sign?

  • Bees don't normally fly at night, but if they are running late getting back to the Hive and the Sun sets, then like most insects they will be attracted to any type of light source.

    The only way to keep them off your porch at night would be to get rid of the light coming through your porch windows. Turn off lights that shine though the porch window, or put up blinds or heavy curtains, as long as there is light 'the bees will come'!

    • Actually that makes a lot of sense, we've been meaning to put blinds up, but haven't quite gotten around to it. Would explain how they end up there, thanks. Guess we should look into getting some quotes…

  • Beads!??

  • Does he treat his bees badly? Maybe they are refubees?

  • Try music

    Stayin' a̶t̶h̶i̶v̶e Alive (Bee Gees)

  • No honey left behind?

  • keep the bees away (and alive)?

    There will be more bees around their hive as they come and go from home, which is next to you.

    Smoke keeps bees away.

    On a possible the bright side, mention the dead bees to your neighbour and they will probably gift you some honey.

    Just two hours ago, someone in our area gave us some gardening equipment. They also keep bees for honey and brought out a jar for us as we left with their own label. We asked if they sold it but they said they just gave it to friends and neighbours. Good luck.

  • Hope people don't kill bee's, watched a doco on them recently and they vital role they play in the ecosystem, their numbers are on the decline : (

  • exterminator

  • as Bourb said blocking the window light is a good idea
    you mentioned quotes - some diy is not too hard with blinds - you can cut metal and wooden ones to size sometimes

    also do you have any outside lights there? - that may also be attracting them.
    if so do not just the bees but the world a favor and reduce the light polution by only turning them on when you're actually using them.

    it would also be good to let your neighbour know. it will only be a problem if they are an ahole. probably they aren't.
    it would be good because there could be something going on with his hives that's keeping the bees out late.

  • It appears that the bees have a programmed flight path that was established before your house was built… so you either need to demolish your home or keep the windows open so that they can fly through.