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Custom Printed JBswear T-Shirt from $11.95 (at 40% Discount) + Delivery @ GOOGOOBARRA


Custom Printed JBswear TShirt from $11.95 (at 40% Discount) + Delivery @ GOOGOOBARRA



For bulk orders email to [email protected]

JB's Shape Staying elastane rib crew neck
100% Cotton for 100% comfort
Self-fabric tape on inside of neck and shoulders for improved stability
Heavy 190gsm ring spun Jersey knit fabric
Twin needle double stitched seams
Complies with Standard AS/NZS 4399:2017 for UPF Protection
Vertical side seams minimise twist in the tee’s body

For bulk order prices please send email to [email protected]

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  • Down voting because of the following reasons:

    • New "bargain" every week (Product added to the store with a supposed discount and suddenly not available anymore after the promo ends)
    • No indication of the original price (Granted this one does say "40% off" but I don't believe this product was offered at the full price before)
    • Just some guy using OzBargain to advertise his dropship t-shirt business.
    • Googoobarra has no interaction with OzBargain other than with their own deals. Yes, I do realize the same can be said for many store reps but how many other store reps are posting a "bargain" every week.
    • -2 votes

      Hi Hinsteen, Before we were selling at discounted price, but we never mentioned it. But people who used to order custom printed shirts knew that our price well discounted compared to other T shirt companies. You may also have to consider the brands we used. Mostly we offer discounted price for Jbswear, As Colour and Gildan. Which was not offered by other companies.

      • What were you selling at a discounted price before? This same product? When? For how long? When was it last sold for the "full" price you claim, by which I mean when was it listed on your website as a product someone could purchase for the full price. When I look at your website and then later you claim a product is now discounted that wasn't there previously, it doesn't seem right to me.

        What exactly are you saying isn't offered by other companies? Those brands or the discounts? I have checked for better deals on the same brands when some of your previous deals were on and I have found better deals before. I haven't checked this weeks "bargain" because frankly I don't have the time to go researching every single "bargain" you post here.

        Perhaps you should get acquainted with the ACCC's guidelines around advertising, specifically two-price comparison advertising. Might also be worth reading into the 2013 court case The Jewellery Group Pty Ltd (Zamel’s) v Australian Competition & Consumer Commission in which Zamel's were ordered to pay a fine of $250,000 for misleading customers regarding savings on a number of items which were either not sold or sold in very small quantities before the sale pricing was advertised.

        You didn't even have the courtesy to spell my name right when it's right there on your screen!

  • Hi Rep, you haven’t responded to my private query about quality of prints per your last post, so I’ll ask again here. Your Instagram doesn’t seem to feature many products with complex images or fine details.
    Do you have examples you can provide to assure the OzBargain community of the DTP quality of images with complex images and fine details on your t-shirts?


      Hi Twinader, We have only few images which we uploaded in the Instagram, hereafter we may upload new images.

  • $10 shipping for a t-shirt…
    *accidental neg

    • -2 votes

      Shipping is $9.49 for 1 or more than 1 Quantity, We don't charge extra irrespective of quantity. Some companies will charge extra based on the quantity.

  • If you are drop shipping (going off someone else's comments) who is your provider?

  • Same as above, posts every week. Products never full price. Using OZB for 100% advertising, not offering discounts.

  • I got three tee shirts from these guys a while back, I was happy with them. I don't know anywhere I would have got them cheaper.
    This present offer isn't their cheapest, that was less than $10. My thoughts are if you're going to pay postage you may as well go for the better quality tee shirt. So where do you get your chosen pic printed on a tee shirt for less than $10? Some complain about being charged $10 postage, well wtf, Aus Post doesn't deliver for less unless it's from China. What is the picture quality people ask? Well it isn't going to be photo quality, it's getting printed on to cotton.

    I took photos of three old very old album covers, did what I could in photoshop.
    I paid a couple of extra $ for a black shirt for the Lou Reed one.
    Exile on Main Street is black and white anyway.
    Let it Bleed is more colourful and it was acceptable.

    Every week I thank Samwise for keeping me up on where Coles is at in its 50% off cycle, though none of it is usually of interest.
    I don't understand this contempt for a guy trying to make an honest dollar.

    I might order a "Stifle Your Mewling" tee.

  • ahhh, I found this on the last day. Trying to get shirt sizes from friends to make an order!!!